Tuesday , January 31 2023

SoccerCleats101 Appreciation Giveaway Event

What a year it has been in the world of SoccerCleats101! Up for grabs today (Saturday, Dec 17th) are 10 prizes that need new owners – I am sure the winners will be happy to take them into their home. The prizes include some firm ground, indoor and turf shoes, as well as a pretty sweet Pele Sports hoodie.

First off, I want to take a minute to thank you guys for all of your continued readership and loyalty to visiting SoccerCleats101. Without you, the site would not be what it is and I would not be able to run it on a full time basis, doing what I love to do most – talk about soccer footwear! Honestly, I wish I could supply everyone of you with a new pair of boots – but obviously that would be impossible. Hopefully you have all enjoyed the past 2 weeks of giveaways and will continue to visit the site – who knows when you will win another giveaway. Plus, you have 10 chances today and 2 more tomorrow……so go get entering!

Ways To Enter:

  • Guess the score of the Blackburn vs West Brom game on the SC101Blog. Those that guess the correct score will go into a draw and 1 winner will be selected at random. note, this competition is closed to entries at 4am PST.
  • Re-post the following message to Twitter:RT to enter the #SC101Giveaway and win new boots today at @SoccerCleats101 More details: http://bit.ly/cJHRmS“. I will be selecting one random winner tomorrow night from all messages that include the #SC101Giveaway hashtag.
  • Leave a comment on this Soccer.com 15% Off post letting me know what you think I would buy with 15% off. Correct answers will go into a draw to win – if only one person guesses correctly, they win automatically! (if you know me you will get this one)
  • Like and ShareThe Line-Up” image that was just posted on the SC101 Facebook page, it features some of the best boots currently on the market – one person will be selected as a winner.
  • Nominate a friend to win a pair of boots – stay tuned to Facebook for the “Nominate A Friend” post tomorrow morning. Once you see it, use the @[name] function to nominate a friend you think should win – and leave a reason why! There will be 2 “nominated” winners chosen.
  • Leave a comment below and tell me what you want to see more of on SoccerCleats101 in 2012. A winner will be chosen at random.
  • Follow along throughout the day tomorrow to find out how to win other giveaways!

You might have noticed that I didn’t list any prizes – reason being I am going to try accommodate the first few winners with shoes in their size. I have a wide variety and it only seems right to try give winners a pair they can actually wear. In saying that, I might not have the right size for all winners – so you might need to win a pair for a friend! Best of luck and I hope you are the one to win!!!

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. More shoes, more review for sure!!

  2. I think with the massive rise in popularity of five and six a side that it would be great if you extended further into indoor and turf as well as futsal equipment and gear. futsal is a great game that made some of the world’s greatest players who they are today and many more people are playing than ever before: thus, a breakdown of indoor shoes Vs turf shoes would be very interesting.

  3. I would like to see some cleats reviewed that are more on the cheaper end. I see tons of reviews that are for shoes that are $150+, but having reviews of some $50-$125 range would be nice to see if spending the extra money is worth it.

  4. I would love to see video reviews on a YouTube channel

  5. in 2012 I would like to see you keep up with your great work and add to the indoor shoes section, because this is still not big in the United States in comparison to other countries such as Guatemala, Argentina, the Big Brazil, and current champions Spain, I think that you could contribute to this sport growing in the US by bringing awareness through your reviews

  6. I want to see more reviews on a wider variety of cleats 😀

  7. i want more leaked pictures of cleats!!!

  8. I’d like to see more cleats by position, I really enjoyed reading those! But keep up the good work!

  9. im a keeper so if more gloves or smocks could be posted that would be awesome

  10. Mercurials!!!!

  11. More limelight on the lower brands of cleats would be nice.

  12. I need some newcleats as my consolation prize after tearing y ACL!!

  13. I would like to see more reviews on lower end cleats to see how they stack up against the high end. (i.e. tiempo flight/mystic, adidas f30)

  14. i would like to see more indoor and futsal reviews

  15. Maybe I have a better chance of winning this time!

  16. I’d like to see more turf shoe reviews and while you do quite a thorough job with keeping your deals section updated perhaps you could include a few more websites. But no complaints here, I love this website.

  17. When telling us about the reviews of the cleats, include the positions there more preferred for or what position they should be used at.

  18. I'd like to see some match-ups between the higher-rated cleats! Compare and contrast two or more similar cleats to emphasize their specificity!

  19. Next year, it would be awesome to see video of the boots in action along with the boot reviews!

  20. I'd like to see more reviews on indoor shoes

  21. I think what would be cool, a timeline of cleat models. Like all the predators over the years.

  22. I think the best thing that Soccercleats101 could do to improve the site, would perhaps be to allow user input. Maybe contests could be held or certain readers can help Bryan write some articles so different opinions can sometimes be seen. Also, it would help just to get a second recommendation or view on the cleat

  23. I'd like to see more technology in boot overviews and reviews.

  24. i would like reviews of products that are performance enhancers like adidaspowerweb

  25. I'd love to see a lot more mercurials!

  26. More cheaper cleats like the adidas F30 and Mercurial Miracles.

  27. i'd like to see more indoor shoes. Love the site otherwise!

  28. I want to see more reviews about indoor shoes!
    Particularly around the time of year is when it is needed most!

  29. I want more leaked pictures of new boots/colorways. Also, more cleats by positions.

  30. I would like to see more video reviews instead of writing reviews

  31. for the 2012 i would like to see some performance video with the cleats. it will help me get a more realistic view of the boot in action especially when u comparing some features with some other cleats.

  32. I wanna see a post where you preview(or review) an exciting match(like El Clasico) along with the cleats line up for that match.

  33. I like to see a little bit more about the materials on the shoes for example which leathers are the best , tell us about the different kinds of synthetic upper and perhaps tell us more about the outsole. Before buying something I would like to know what I'm buying.


    P.S. Happy. Holidays!

  34. I'd like to see some recommendations players tips. I realize that a lot of teams have different playing styles, but some soccer tips or videos to help with maybe your shot, or some tricks, or just things to help your game.

  35. I’d like to see more soccer ball reviews

  36. More indoor reviews

  37. Love all that you're doing so far! The reviews are my favorite and I always check here before considering a new pair of boots. I also really likes the cleats by position though and any more updates on that would be awesome!

  38. I've been playing on a tonne of turf surfaces, so maybe some turf reviews. Other than that, just keep on doing exactly what you're doing Bryan educating the community and I'll be more than happy with my increased knowledge on what to look for in a new boot!

  39. I would like to see some more sneak peak pics of clears and maybe some position specific reviews for clears.

  40. I'd like to see some video footage of you playing/testing cleats… and during the video you can tell us how they feel. Besides, watching you might help improve my game 😀

  41. I'd like to see more about the differences between the tiers of shoes (laser vs shoot vs strike for example).

  42. Ii would like to see more boot sightings and/or giveaways every couple of months or milestones

  43. I'd like to see you try to expanded to more apparel and equipment.

  44. i'd like to see more of the cleats by position i'd like to know some more boots i should wear!

  45. please don't think that i'm mocking your website, but I think you should update the website layouts & design. Another idea would be adding a tab of your youtube videos. I know not everybody likes to read an review, but rather hear or see them through a video. Maybe you could do that to your favorite cleats or so? or most requested? and oh yeah, add a clip of you taking a shot with them. i hope this helps a bit.

  46. Make more videos!
    More SC101

  47. I want to see more more reviews of shoes from the smaller companies

  48. Its just legen..wait for it… dary!!— nuff said

  49. It would be nice if you could tag posts with "wide" for those of us with wide feet.

  50. And id like to see more vids of u and your team talking about the cleats

  51. I would like to see more reviews of boots that are from brands not widely known. Also i would like Nike and Adidas goalkeeper glove reviews. Lastly, More Cleatology and Leaked Pics please!!! 🙂

  52. I want to see more ball reviews in 2012 on SC101!

  53. I would like to see more giveaways:)!!!

  54. id like to see highlights of games you play in:D

  55. More Videos, talking about upcoming technologies, designs, etc. and your team!

  56. i would like to see more updates of boots to be released in the future! Like sneak peaks of boots that will be coming out over the next year.

  57. Besides more cleats I think hoodies and backpacks would be cool to win. Since its getting cold too hoodies would be a plus

  58. I think you should keep doing what you're doing.

  59. I would like to see performance enhancement product reviews and more side by side comparisons between different brands. I also think you choosing your the cleat of the year, or the best boot produced every 2-4months (or quarterly maybe) would be insightful!

  60. I'd like to see more testing videos like the one that you did for the Nike Seitiro ball.

  61. If possible, I would love to see you wearing them in action. Since I've seen only a few of your action shots, and I can only guess how good you are by those few clips, but perhaps a tutorial of moves or training techniques that kept you fit for years! cheers Bryan!

  62. I would love to see some more brands that aren't really household names compared to brands that are

  63. I agree with ezra… indoor reviews and maybe some turf reviews as field turf is becoming very popular in my region

  64. I would like to see a few things.

    Boot battles!! Adidas vs Nike vs Mizuno power battle as an example.
    Turf reviews. Real turf like adi5 and f30 turf comparison.
    One thing I don't see on many sites is apparel review. I know it's soccercleats101 but soccer apparel is important.
    More main reviews from users on where they play and how it feels for them. I know you had a second site doing that but have it on main site focus.

    Either way love you site I visit it everyday.

  65. I would love to know your personal favorite boots the ones that you prefer to wear.
    Great work!

  66. I would like to see more Mizuno cleat reviews!

  67. I would like to see Trivia for boot giveaways!

  68. Like many have said and like I have told you previously i couple months back, more reviews on indoor/turf shoes as well as indoor, futsal and street soccer balls. But besides that this website is soccer wonderland! haha

  69. I'd really enjoy seeing more review videos! The videos give us a full 360 of the boot, and how it looks at different angles and in different lighting environments. The videos are very helpful in my decision of purchasing a boot.

  70. I'ld like to see more cleats that are affordable and yet durable. And also, more information on the difference btween leather cleats and synthetic cleats.

  71. I'd like to see more goals by what cleats ranking for the EPL/La Liga. Also more cleats by position.

  72. some unboxing videos could be interesting while we wait for reviews…otherwise maybe include more reviews of takedown models (such as from the predator or mercurial lines)

  73. I want see more football talking about Soccer Cleats 101!

  74. I would like to see maybe some hands on videos with the cleats. For instance, maybe taking some free kicks with them? Talk about how they feel what what kind of player would the boot be good for. Ex – Forward, Defender, Midfielder, etc.

  75. I would like to see the reviews improved. Don't get me wrong, the reviews are great but it seems like every review is the same thing. It would be great if you went even more in depth for each boot and use different scoring system cause almos all of them are like 91s and 92s. Keep up the great workyo!

  76. I would like to see a 'Wow Factor' in the rating system for cleats. An example would be how you feel wearing the cleats

  77. It would be awesome to see some more video reviews!

  78. It would be great to include why the high end cleats are(or not) worth the extra cost over the lower end styles. I.E. the type and quality of the leather used, how well the sole plate lasts, etc., and why each of these are important. I think most players like me don't mind paying more, but you want to know it's worth it.

  79. i like the giveaways (would appreciate more though if i won. hahah) anyways, more boot-spotting. it's fun to see what the pros like having on their feet.

  80. Soccer ball reviews would be cool and maybe some video reviews!

  81. i would like to see different brands, such as Concord, Pirma Brasil, Lotto, Joma, Reebok, which have lower prices for people who can't afford the really expensive CR7's, AdiZero's, and stuff like that!

    thank you!

  82. more stuff on gear
    +more indoor/street reviews

  83. I'd like to see maybe a few more jersey giveaways in 2012, shorter times between selecting winners, and a more suitable time fore giveaways considering it's tough to check the website at certain times in EST

  84. id like to see comparisons between different cleats and brands

  85. would love to see more variations or turf shoes
    maybe some more video reviews too

  86. Would it be possible to have some youtube video footage of upcoming boot reviews!?

  87. Boot review videos for sure

  88. Great job bryan! Sc101 has grown so much since i joined2 yrs agokeep it up

  89. Boot spots would be good

  90. I'd like to see some comparison reviews between cleats

  91. Want to see more of the vapor 8 when it releases or the puma power cat v1.12

  92. Maybe a new category called "Player Weekend" or "Player of the Month" where you just nominate a player from any league that had an outstanding game like for examples if Cristiano Ronaldo,Leo Messi, Luis Suarez and etc… has an incredible weekend, you just notify us the subscribers about their performance and their soccer boot they did it with.

  93. Austin (@FussballComplex)

    I would like comparisons between similar boots (ie. Legends v. Adipure, Laser v. PowerCats, etc) and sneak previews of boots would be awesome!

  94. I would like to see more comparisons of similar boots from different companies. Like vapor vs F50 and stuff like that

  95. Would like to see comparisons. (speed, power, control)

  96. I want to see some more harsh reviews. More youtube videos would be nice (more about your team and what they wear).

  97. Next year I would love to see more cleat sneak previews as well as cleat dogfights where you pick two similar cleats and see which is better!

  98. I would like to see more jerseys to be won 🙂 I like jerseys

  99. More MIZUNO!!!

  100. Aside from all the awesome soccer cleat stuff, I would like to see more interviews. I think your passion for soccer and where your site allow you fuels a more honest and interesting interview.

  101. Great Work on the blog Bryan! I've really had fun reading your thoughts and my favorite series was probably when you took a look at position oriented cleats and which ones would be best for each player. Maybe to end the year you could have an awards winner review with nominations for a couple of classifications of cleats like power, speed, creativity, innovation over this past year

  102. I would like to see other people test the boots, just as a different opinion…maybe let each position test them out, so theres more of a specialized review.

  103. Bryan
    Your website is growing day by day and is great for comprehensive review of the cleats available on the market and I have become addicted to this website ever since I fist logged on.
    I would like to see more 6 or 8 months updates of boots to know how durable they are.

  104. I’d like to see more about general soccer

  105. boot reviews like it is now but i would like to see boot reviews with comparisons i guess.

  106. Wouldn't mind seeing some more reviews but overall pretty good site

  107. The reviews are my favourite, keep them coming!

  108. Id like to see a couple shots taken with the shoes and maybe get some soccer players to test them out for you or something!! Lovin your reviews!!! Dreaming of new cleats!!!!!!

  109. I definitely would like to see more videos posted during review, similar to that of the video of the t90 hi-vis tracer ball you put out a few weeks ago. I think its one thing to read something, but having an interactive visual reference puts you on a higher level. I also really like you having guests come in to give their thoughts, like during testing of the pele sports trinity. Having a diverse ray of opinions from knowledgeable sources in the game adds to the quality of a review. Also, a few how to videos would be nice. Like how to treat leather cleats, synthetic cleats…etc. But overall, great format here on the website, just looking forward to greater steps in 2012 using a other sorts of media!

  110. I would like to see reviews of shins pads and other soccer gear.

  111. I would love to see more connections made between players and the types of cleats they wear. I find it interesting to see why athletes choose the boots they do and what the different technologies do for each player's playing style.

  112. I would like you to continue to include this fantastic giveaway every year!

  113. I'd also like to see reviews on lower tier boots!

  114. Your reviews are always in depth and on point, and I always visit this site before parting with my hard earned cash for a new pair of boots! While I trust your experience and ability in accurately reviewing the newest boots on the market, a voting system where users can vote for their favourite cleats in the various market niches (i.e. heritage, speed, power boots, etc.) would be another helpful addition. It would give users a chance to participate in the review process, and also make it easier for buyers to see what the most popular brands and styles are amongst our fellow Soccer 101'ers!

  115. I agree with Lane, more soccer ball reviews.

  116. I would like to see more goalkeeper reviews!

  117. I would love comparisons to the different ranges of cleats. Like the recommendation of the CTR 360 Trequartista for those on a tighter budget. What I haven't really seen anywhere else is how the lower level cleats in any given range change. When you look at pictures they look very similar but when you wear them or even look at them first hand you can see a ton of differences. If you did some of this leg work for us that would be awesome!

  118. Would love to see some more indoor reviews. Cleat comparisons are also really helpful, especially when determining sizing.

  119. Hi Bryan,
    I would really like to see interviews with boot designers or brand representatives. I feel like it gives another dimension to ones boots if you can understand what went into making them. More information on the "behind the scenes" aspect of what exactly goes into making the boots we wear (conceptual design, prototypes, testing, etc). If this happens I'd also like for you to ask these people what they are thinking when they are coming up with some of these color options and address durability issues that overall seems to be on the rise.
    Thanks for all you do, by far the best boot review site on the net.

  120. I’d say keep doing what you’re doing! These contests helped me find you and I love the site! Maybe add some videos of the cleats? 360 view video?

  121. Id like to see a little more interactive stuff, but I suppose that depends more on sponsors giving you things to pass on. But it’s still fun to leave “captions” or guess out comes.
    Maybe leave a section where we can recommend things for you to try to get your hands on in order to test and review!?

  122. I would like to see videos of you testing the boots out, to go along with your full review post. Like show yourself kicking the ball around, shooting, and just running with them on, so we can see how they move and stuff like that.

  123. As much as I know how good the top of the line boots are, many people cannot spend $200 on nice cleats. Next year I think that you should do more reviews of boots that are lower on the totem pole, such as the puma 3 or 2.11, F30’s or anything else below $100. It would be great for the players who have to buy the lower level cleats to have some reviews that tell them which are better than others. I got Adidas F10’s at the beginning of this season, and if there would have been a review I would not have bought them. They started to fall apart after a month and smelled like mildew with cat pee and foreign cheese.

    The cleats would be on the same review scale, but they would not immediately be at the bottom. Some could be better than superflies on the scale if they have a good value for money. That is what i would like to see more of.

  124. I would like to see more reviews on indoor shoes. I usually have a dedicated pair per season and the worst part is having to return shoes due to sizing issues since I mostly do my shopping online. Maybe if you could review cleats and their indoor counterparts at the same time, it'd be a nice addition. Love the site either way, I get all my information here!

  125. This is a great website and the last three times I have purchased shoes I have only consulted the reviews and nothing else. I have loved all three shoes (Predator X, Diadora Maracana, adiPure IV). That being said, I think it would be nice if the variety of reviews was expanded to include other kinds of equipment, especially goalkeeper gloves. I know goalkeepers make up much less of the site's fans, but the reviews would be very helpful to the ones who are. Keep up the good work in 2012!

  126. I'd like to see some different equipment reviews such as: shinpads, metasox, compression shorts, more running shoe reviews…

  127. Maybe more turf reviews, but otherwise this website is PERFECT.

  128. I'm thinking more reviews of the lower tier boots such as the Glide's for the Mercurial range, or maybe the F30 or F10's even for the Adizero range. Generally all boots have lower tiers and I know for a fact that a lot of people have to buy them instead because they don't have 200 dollars just sitting around.

    And I don't know if anybody else has said this, but more game and practice footage would be amazing. I enjoy the videos you have with FK's and know that you're probably one of the better or best FK takers that I've seen on YouTube.

  129. Expand to talk about jerseys/gear as well.

  130. I know the name is soccer cleats101, but how about posts reviews about other gear. we all need shin guards,under armor and the like. Your reviews are always thorough as well as fair. You doing the "leg work" saves ALL of us alot of time.

  131. i would love to see more footage of you playing and you yourself testing the boots. also more footage of reactions to the people that you know testing boots (like you did with the trinitys) i thought that was very interesting

  132. Since for a lot of us it is now indoor season. I would like to see review on indoor shoes and artificial turf shoes to help me choose the ones possible

  133. I recommend more reviews and head to head comparisons. I also recommend more updated reviews once you've had the cleats for few months. Considering the high prices of the cleats, durability could be an issue for some cleats.

  134. I know that socercleats101 is all about boot wear and gears, but it would be great if you kept a section with the latest football jerseys. Im always a big fan of finding out the lastest football jerseys' of clubs and country federations around the world.

  135. The reviews have all been so great, I’ve used your reviews to help get cleats before and that will not change in the future! Seeing some more play tests on YouTube would be cool, so we can see them in action and on feet. Its always cool seeing a pro caliber player testing out cleats. Also, it would be really awesome to see how some boots hold up after use. Reviews of other gear would be cool too, and maybe even a section where you can give tips and some drills to help out us as players. It would become soccer101 instead of just soccercleats101, haha

  136. More giveaways!

  137. I'd like to see more stories of how Nike, Adidas, Puma, or other brands are helping the world through soccer. Maybe share some articles of even some opportunities in which we can also help people in need through the gift of soccer.

  138. I follow this website a lot and its the first place i come to when i am going to buy cleats. I would love it if you would make reviews for lower class cleats such as f30s or nike victories.

  139. More reviews of more obscure cleats, not just Nike and Adidas size brands. I saw a type of shoe called sems but I did not know whether to buy them because I did not know if they would lasts good while. Maybe a such thing as an extended review, to see as the cleats wear over time. Maybe do a throwback review of old cleats you found somewhere?

  140. Great work on the site, it's gotten so popular now, it's crazy. Congrats! For 2012 it'd be great to see more of the 'value' cleats reviewed [$35-$65] Sometimes you just can't afford the good stuff, and it'd be nice to know how they stack up to the nicer versions, and to other brands in the same price range.

  141. I think you are the best soccer reviewer on the web these days, however, I think you guys could do more interviews. Managers, players, company spokespersons, boot designers, and more are all great people to interview!

  142. i would like to see more giveaways!

  143. What I'd like to see in 2012, please:

    Greater discrepancy in boot ranking! I know most of these are supplied by the companies but it would be great to see a wider range of scores instead of everything between 88-93. I've worn quite a few shoes and in my opinion the range could easily be 68-93.

    Just a personal thought. Keep up the good work.

  144. more reviews on all the new cleats coming out for the euro 2012

  145. i want to see more special things like the cleats by position and the which cleat is right for you post that you did. they were very interesting and cool so please do more things like that

  146. i want to see more reviews. thats the best part of the website!

  147. I would love to see more video reviews

  148. more mizuno reviews. i really hope mizuno comes to the united states but until then i will have to just read your reviews!

  149. Video reviews

  150. i would love to see more comparisons between boots

  151. I think that adding more videos with every review would make Soccer cleats101 even more amazing! I remember when you posted the video of you shooting with the new T90 IVs, and it really made the the review even better! It even made me decide that my next new pair of cleats i want is the T90 IVs.

  152. MoRe reviews and another fantastic Christmas Giveaway next year!!!

  153. Just keep up the great work and continue to add stuff to the website and I'll be coming back daily!

  154. more indoor reviews , thanks!

  155. More cleats that's all soccercleats101 is already great.

  156. I would like to see cleats by position for the new cleats and more giveaways.

  157. Maybe the cheaper versions of the expensive boots, that would be great 😀
    also it would b nice for videos of you trying them ou. please pick me haha

  158. Nike ctr360

  159. I would like to see the the boots that already wore out, to see the durability of the boot. If the boots is expensive, then It’s quite interesting.. haha

  160. I would want to see how you can make your shoes life last longer and maybe how you test your shoes. Other than that you doing great. 🙂

  161. Maybe some youth cleats. Hard for you to wear, obviously, but very useful for soccer parents

  162. i would love to see you put up more cleats for positions, i found the last post you put on it very helpful, keep up the good work.

  163. pleas i want a par of surer flys

  164. Bryan,
    This site has grown tremendously since I have been a constant follower of the site (two years ago), and especially the past month since your tremendous giveaways. I would like to see a couple more 6 month after posts, as they are always a good way to see what kind of life you are going to get out of your cleats. Some cleats have a good life, others not so much. It is a major decision for me to know if the cleat is durable and looks good after 6 months.
    Thank you so much Bryan for all of this selflessness, and willingness to share your knowledge on soccer cleats!

  165. I would love to see faster reviews and also reviews from different players/position on the field like a CB reviewing some CB prefered cleats and telling us what he loves in the boot, a CM, a winger an so on. Also videos would make the website better like a video of xavi or beckham taking a free kick or even yourself showing off the technology in the cleats. Also a n upcoming release and potential release dates would be very informational since i had prev bought the old t90's and then the new ones came out and i had no idea. I hope that was insightful and that i finally win a pair of cleats from you lol.

  166. I want to see more reviews on soft ground vs firm ground clears

  167. I would like to see more reviews, especially on take down models, and try to find leaks about upcoming cleats, like soccerreviews, and some videos of you testing the cleat will be above and beyond, good luck in the new year

  168. Soccer 101 should do more than just reviews and giveaways. Start selling cleats, jerseys, and gloves. Also if you could, I would try to get in contact with Mizuno to bring their boots to the American Industry. If you can get them, you would make an absolute killing.

  169. I think some more interviews with Professional players about their favorite cleats, shin guards, etc. would awesome. God Bless & Merry Christmas!

  170. i want to see you play!!!!

  171. More leaked pictures of new boots

  172. Given the relationships that you've developed with manufacturers it might be nice to run a survey or discussion (something like ted conversations might work) on what features the players would want to see in future boot releases. Might be fun to hear some ideas and there is a possibility the manufacturers might pick up some ideas as well.

  173. more reveiws and update the website

  174. I'd like to see more videos on your youtube channel and maybe more comparison reviews. I love the reviews your doing it really helps!!

  175. adidas adipower Predator

  176. more soccer ball reviews

  177. I want to see some of the cleats in action

  178. more video reviews would be pretty sweet.

  179. A Youtube channel would be great so we could see them in action and maybe while you play let others try them on and interview them about the cleats

  180. I would like to see more reviews of position specific cleats.

  181. I want to see reviews on low end cleats.

  182. More variety in the boots, like indoor and lower ended models compared to the elite ones. Cool in game, action pictures maybe to go along with the still before action pictures. I think that is all! Good work, and I look forward to the cleats that roll out in the new year!!! Thanks Bryan!!

  183. Photos of new unreleased soccer cleats!!

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