Wednesday , May 29 2024

Last Minute Sale

For Friday and Saturday only Extended through Monday, are offering a pretty nice 15% off any order of $100 or more, just in time for any last minute shopping that you need to take care of! As reference, the last date for orders to be delivered before Christmas day is December 22nd, at 4pm EST –  by Express Overnight.

To take advantage of the deal today or tomorrow, use source code 1HOLIDAY15

Alternatively, if you are a Goal Club member, use source code 1PREM1211 to get a free 2-day shopping upgrade!

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. The New CTR Maestri II Black/Volt 🙂 🙂

  2. The Nike lunar gatos I’ve been drewlling for them since they came out

  3. Bryan, I was hoping you could answer my question, or anyone else for that matter. I'm looking to take advantage of the sale at and want to purchase the Nike Laser IV, but I'm not sure which version to buy, the synthetic or kanga-lite? I understand that the kanga-lite is supposed to mimic the feel of real kangaroo, etc., but can you share if there are any differences with the fit (i.e. does the kanga-lite stretch vs. the synthetic or does the kanga-lite fit differently length-wise, etc.). I've searched the internet for days and can not find anything comparing the two fits/versions.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. You would probably buy a new pair of Puma's!

  5. Puma V1.11 SL is your favorite. I'd get pele trinity though lol

  6. brand new pair of adidas predators

  7. The new miCoach's!

  8. This allows you to get vapors for dirt cheap!

  9. you would get some new CR7s

  10. Puma V1.11 is my guess.

  11. With the 15% off I think you would buy some new Puma v1.11 SL's!

  12. Puma V1.11 SL

  13. u would get the new total 90 laser iv in red

  14. I honestly think you would by not a pair of clears, but you would buy some training clothes and or a new soccer ball

  15. Puma V1.11 is your favorite, but then again.. you have it already lol. But having extras aint a bad idea right?

  16. You would get the Puma v1.11 SL!

  17. Ireland home jersey

  18. I think you would get a pair a Puma v1.11 sl's

  19. A pair of Puma V1.11 SL of course!

  20. Some puma v1.11 sl.!!

  21. My guess would be the Puma V1.11 SL. The price ain't so bad for a 15% off.

  22. Cr7 superflys

  23. you would buy a US national jersey/shirt

  24. I think you'd like the new t90s 15% off!

  25. I would go with the new Total90 Lasers. Love the new colorway.

  26. You`d get the Puma 1.11 SL 😉

  27. New cleats duh. If you wanna be specific then CTR's?

  28. You buy me what ever i wanted:)!!!

  29. you would ask the reader to choose what you would buy next using the 15% off.

  30. Ireland jersey is what you would get.

  31. Some new turf shoes for some soccer and running

  32. You would get the t90 lasers

  33. I think you would buy whatever you want(or the puma 1.11sl's)

  34. The adidas euro 2012 official match ball or a pair of umpro gt ii pro

  35. My guess is to go for Puma v1.11 SL new colourway!

  36. I think that you would buy a Robbie Keane's LA Galaxy team jersey for your son Mckinley.

  37. Puma V1.11 SL! (Also a Top Pick Winger Boot…I wonder why haha)

  38. Ireland Jersey

  39. I would say Nike laser IV in the new red white colourway. They look mint.

  40. I definitely think you would buy a pair of the new pele sports trinity football boots size 8.5

  41. The New Ireland Kit is my guess.

  42. Some Puma V.11 SL's

  43. Nike laser IV is my guess

  44. I, personally, think you would buy some clothing and accessories with the deal. You are sent free cleats to test out all the time! So it would only make sense if you got a deal on some clothing and accessories 🙂

  45. you would buy the new Adidas Euro 2012 Tango 12 Official Match Ball

  46. Puma V1.11 SL 🙂

  47. I think you would buy yourself a pair of fresh new PUMA V1.11's

  48. i dont think you would buy another ireland shirt as you recently got a new one. so prob the puma v1.11 sl.

  49. Puma V1.11 SL in a color you don't already have.

  50. Ctr360 maestri ii's in the new loyal blue color way.

  51. Puma V 1.11!

  52. PUMA cleats

  53. The new laser IVs

  54. you would get the new nike t90 laser's with kanga lite

  55. A pair of cleats!!

  56. Mizuno cleats

  57. Puma V1.11 SL

  58. I think you would buy Trusox. You always complain about getting blisters and hotspots when you test your boots, and granted this has only been my experience, but I've always struggled with painful blisters (I emailed you about my problems with the t90's even!) and since i've started wearing Trusox I've not had any issues AT ALL with blisters. It's really amazing how much a difference a pair of socks can make!

  59. Puma v1.11 sl

  60. you would get new socks… no one can have enough socks.

  61. I'll say that you'll problably get the adidas Euro 2012 Tango 12 Official Match Ball with the 15% off.

  62. I believe you would buy Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra FG. They look sick and not really talked about.

  63. you would get Puma v1.11 SL's!

  64. Nike Tiempo IV Elite

  65. You would get some Puma 11.11 sl!

  66. F50 adizero micoach

  67. Ireland Away Jersey

  68. The new Adidas Tango Euro 12 Ball !

  69. you would get puma powercats, of course.

  70. i think you would get a pair of Puma V1.11. but i would use it to get some CTRs though

  71. I think you would get a fresh pair of v1.11 SL boots!!

  72. With 15% off and I were you, I would get a Napoli jersey! I got mine ;oP

  73. The new total 90 iv. Red Challenge

  74. Puma 1.11 sl's

  75. Ireland jersey!

  76. Ireland jersey and new cleats.

  77. I'd have to say with the EURO's coming up next year, and Ireland having qualified, you'd get the new 11/13 Ireland home jersey! Represent!

  78. You would buy the Plum/Windchill/Volt Superfly because it's very very cheap

  79. Nike total 90 IV (challenge red)

  80. I'd say that you're looking to buy a new pair of flats for futsal or indoor. Towards the Winter months those always get really popular as the temperature drops. Dunno if that's as big an issue in Cali as it is in VA, though!

  81. Puma v1.11 SL

  82. You’d buy the Puma v1.11 SL

  83. I think you would buy Umbro Ireland 1/2 Zip Top 2011

  84. total 90 laser iv in red

  85. New puma v1.11 SL's

  86. Puma v1.11 SLs

  87. Some good goalie gloves

  88. Puma V1.11 SL
    or any other puma

  89. After long consideration, I believe that you would purchase the new Ireland jersey. I know how much you talk about Ireland because you are from there, and how you always tend to talk about pro players who are Irish. Good luck with the website and good luck Ireland in the Euro 2012.

  90. Puma cleats to replace your SLs

  91. either a new soccer ball, or some new T90 KL's.

  92. I’m definitely thinking an Ireland away jersey to support Ireland at Euro2012!

  93. The new lasers

  94. The new lasers iv

  95. puma v1.11 sl

  96. Socks. Because, socks rock.

  97. Either puma v1.11 sl, because you were and winger and are never shy to tell how much you enjoy the boots, or an ireland jersey because your irish!

  98. Great deal on the Nike T90 IV Laser.

  99. I would use it to get my 7 year old son whom I coach a new pair of the Laser 90s that he loves. Or a Man UTD Nani jersey as that is his favorite player.

  100. Puma v1.11 sl

  101. haha you'd get PUMA v1.11 SL – Fluo Green/Midnight Navy/White Soccer Shoes

  102. I think you’d enjoy an Ireland jersey, that way you can always support your country at all times!

  103. puma v1.11 sl

  104. Puma V1.11 SL

  105. I think you would buy ‘The new T90 Laser IV (FG) Challenge Red/White/Anthracite – Kanga Lite upper’ becauce you will compare it with T90 Laser IV Synthetic version then post it in SC101website just like previous post The differents between T90 Laser III (Elite) and T90 Laser III (non Elite).

  106. the new ireland jersey

  107. an ireland jersey

  108. I think you would get the puma v1.11 because. you said that “I am an absolutely huge fan of the Puma V1.11 SL! They are the perfect boot for my style of play and meet my expectations as a winger.” And that is why i believe you would buy yourself a new pair of puma v1.11 SLs!

  109. puma v1.11 sl

  110. I think you would buy the new synthetic adipowers that Beckham wears

  111. you would buy puma v1.11 sl

  112. Puma v1.11 sl

  113. you would buy the puma v1.11 sl with the 15% off discount

  114. Your Favorite the puma V1.11!

  115. You'll buy the brand new t90 laser IV KL (kangalite version)

  116. Ireland jersey AND laser IV in red

  117. You would buy the new lasers

  118. Ireland jersey

  119. The Adidas predators

  120. I think you'd probably get an Ireland jersey or maybe some new gear(shin guards,ball,etc). And thanks for having this great giveaway!

  121. An ireland jersey

  122. Nike ctr 360

  123. I think that you would buy the new t-90 color

  124. New Puma v1.11 SL cleat

  125. joma total fit

  126. Some adipower db's

  127. A pair of pumas V1.11 sl

  128. maybe some new cleats like the new colorway in the nike vapour line or other brands. or maybe some trainning apperal

  129. The new puma 1.11 sl and of cours the ne ireland kit 🙂

  130. Adidas adipure 4

  131. Puma King finale

  132. I would buy my brother some new goalkeeper gloves for Christmas

  133. The Nike T90 Laser IV in red.

  134. Ireland Jersey

  135. Nike CTR360 Maestri in Blue

  136. Adidas F50 in black, synthetic

  137. Nike T90 Laser IV in Challenge Red

  138. Nike T90 Lasers

  139. some nice three quarter pants. What true players wear!

  140. nike superfly III CR7

  141. I would like to see some old school kelme’s. Those would make my year haha nothing beats the old school style of those!

  142. You would totally buy puma v1.11 or Adipower predator sl.

  143. adidas adiPure IV TRX FG – Zero Metallic/Black/Matte Gold Firm Ground Soccer Shoes

  144. definately the puma v1.11 sl

  145. The Umbro Ireland 11/13 Jersey.

  146. Nike mercurial superfly 3

  147. You should buy CR7 Gatos indoor cleats, to let everyone know how good it is 🙂

  148. Bryan, iam guessing that you would buy an IRELAND JERSEY. show PRIDE!!!!

  149. adidas adizero F50 (with the microchip)

  150. I would get PREDATOR SL's

  151. But I think you would get a pair of Puma v1.11 SLs

  152. You would definitely get puma v1.11 sl! You love PUMA

  153. You would buy a pair of the new CR7s

  154. I totally think that you want the new Adidas Tango 12 soccer ball that will be used at Euro 2012.

  155. Buying new soccer cleats!!!

  156. A new jacket for the winter

  157. Ireland Jersey!

  158. the Nike mercurial super fly 3 stripe

  159. You'd get the Puma v1.11 SL.

  160. I think you would get a new Ireland jersey.

  161. You would buy an LA Galaxy Keane Jersey

  162. Probably not any cleats, maybe a nice jacket

  163. A training jacket

  164. The Puma v1.11SL cleats, because you liked the 1.10s so much.

  165. I think you would buy the umbro gt ii pro

  166. ireland jersey

  167. A Gift-card, so you can buy more cleats.

  168. puma v1.11 SL for sure

  169. Ireland Jersey

  170. Puma v1.11 SL for suree!!

  171. the total 90 laser iv in kanga lite black/yellow

  172. Puma v1.11 Sl

  173. Ireland Jersey

  174. Ireland jersey, probably.

  175. Nike CTR360 Maestri II FG – Loyal Blue/White/Bright Blue/Total Orange

  176. I think you would get the New Nike Total90 Laser IV KL FG – Challenge Red/White/Anthracit, just because you havent review a Laser IV in Kanga Lite.

  177. Full Ireland kit. Irished out, haha

  178. Puma v1.11 SL, I mean seriously, why not?

  179. new cleats to test

  180. Nice pair of Soccer Socks.

  181. An irish jersey because thats what im getting to show my support for my birthplace.

  182. new ireland jersey and v1.11 sl, your review seemed very positive about them

  183. Nike T90 Laser IV Kanga Lite's and/or some Adidas adiZero miCoach

  184. nike t90 Lasers!!

  185. Nike CTR360 Maestri II FG Firm Ground Soccer Shoes
    Loyal Blue/White/Bright Blue/Total Orange

    these cleats look awesome!

  186. The new Pele Trinity FG Cleats!!

  187. Nike T90 Laser 4 in red.

  188. Definitely an Ireland jersey.

  189. you would buy a pair of Puma V1.11 SL

  190. Total90 Laser IV. the new red ones

  191. Puma v1.11's in the original fluo green colorway to match the motherland!

  192. You have to get the new red Nike T90 Laser IV's!!!

  193. Ireland away Jersey and the Puma V.1.11 cleats.

  194. PUMA PowerCat 1.12 FG

  195. The new umbro gt II pros when they come out.

  196. I think you would want to get the new Nike Total90 Laser IV KL FG – Challenge Red/White/Anthracite Firm Ground Soccer Shoes. Especially because I think your eager to test out the Kanga-Lite leather and compare them to the synthetic ones for you can give one of your amazing reviews to show your fans! (;

  197. Ireland Jersey!

  198. PUMA v1.11 SL!

  199. Puma V1.11 SL

  200. The new Ireland jersey

  201. Barcelona jersey!

  202. Ireland jesrsey

  203. Liverpool jersey

  204. Umbro Ireland Long Sleeve Home Jersey 11/13

  205. New Dark Shadow/Volt Maestri!

  206. Nike tiempo legend elite IV

  207. PWR-CT 1.12!!

  208. Get a new car with 15% off! 😀
    Just kidding, but the CR7 looks pretty nice.

  209. Total 90 laser IV kanga lite or sythetic in any color you seem to like them alot espicially the apadtive shield and how it bends with your foot as you strike the ball and u also like the things on the heel of the boot that stick out. The feel of the ball, the acurcy etc..

  210. The Ireland kit

  211. An Irish national team jersey. maybe even Robbie Keane

  212. I think u would get the new mercurial Vapor Superfly III – Court Purple/Metallic Luster/Magenta

  213. Pele Trinity<3

  214. puma v1.11 SL because everyone who reads your page almost everyday knows it is your favorite pair of cleats! Even though the studs suck..

  215. you would buy some training clothes and or a new soccer ball

  216. I am very interested in the pele trinity

  217. i would get the Adidas F50 Adizero Micoach! it's awesome

  218. Puma v1.11 sl! The perfect winger boot

  219. Puma v1.11 sl

  220. Orange Nike II

  221. new nike colorways

  222. adidas F50 adizero TRX FG

  223. i want some cleats!

  224. gifts for your family that enjoy the game of futbol as much as you. it's about giving like these contests than it its receiving. i'm going with this as my answer for what you would do with 15 % off for yourself.

  225. also $10 overnight shipping or $5 2-day.

  226. The New Ireland jersey sounds good for you!

  227. v1.11 sl

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