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Lotto Zhero Gravity in Sun Yellow/Mandarin Orange Released

Sun Yellow Lotto Gravity

Does anyone else get an “Inca God” feeling when they see this or is it just me? Yikes! Lotto has released a pretty daring new colorway in its advanced Zhero Gravity range for players to mull over. The Zhero Gravity features the only laceless soccer cleat design of its type and the Sun Yellow/Mandarin Orange colorway combines perfectly with the uniqueness of the release. Reaction surrounding the boot has been mixed. In a normal world, it would be risky for a company to go with such a daring mix of colors – but instead we are in the Lotto world of laceless boots and I am sure they view this design as a success!

The Zhero Gravity Ultra has many positives, including the fact that they have a water repellant upper, feature Twist N’Go stud technology and of course they have a completely laceless design – the only one on the market. Obviously this is a huge plus for anyone interested in the Lotto range. The biggest problem with the release is ensuring you get the right size. Since you have no laces to tighten or loosen the boots, you need to ensure that you have the right size starting out. Lotto has done a lot of work to create a fit that matches several foot types, but I don’t feel like they have covered (or even can) all bases.

Lotto Zhero Gravity in Sun Yellow

Another unique feature about the boot lies along the front of the cleat, where the laces usually exist. You will notice an imprinted symmetrical design that actually serves an important purpose, as it allows the center of the design folds slightly to give you the best fit along the forefront of your foot.

As I have said in the past, the Zhero Gravity is a boot that everyone at least tries once in their career, simply because everyone needs to experience playing without laces. But I don’t consider them to be a career boot and I can tell you that at least half of the people that do try them will not be impressed. Retail wise, these hit the market with a $220 price tag.

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  1. Ooooooh I reallly, it is sunshiny and cheerful

  2. I wouldn't want to spend $220 on these. I would rather have pair of adizeros or something.

  3. dang this are so high on vitamin c
    you could be seen from mars wearing this haha

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