Friday , March 24 2023

Up Close With the Pele Trinity SHEONE (+WIN A PAIR)

Trinity 3E SheOne

We are bring you coverage of the all new Pele Trinity SHEONE as quick as possible, with the Limited Edition release already garnering some extraordinary media attention over the past 24hrs. Below is our episode of The Gear Show” detailing the new boots, and a unique opportunity to WIN A PAIR OF TRINITY 3E!

Hit the video below to find out more details about the release, then get your name in the running for a new pair. Great entry question from Ben, by the way!

To read the full release, check out Pele Trinity 3E SHEONE – Limited Edition Release

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  1. Im happy to see a chance to win some free soccer cleats but what ever happened to the puma evospeed giveaway that was on about a month ago?

  2. i would use it as a performance based boot

  3. Nice cleats i would say id rock those on the pitch, they would seem uncommon yet extraordinary

  4. I would use them once as boots to show them off, then i would put them away as art

  5. These cleats are so awesome and I would wear these boots only for very important games to show them off. I would display them after to show the incredible artwork.

  6. I would most definitely wear these cleats… there is no better place to show of a shoe like this than on the feild but more importantly i would take care of the cleat after all it is a limited edition and it would be a sin to trash a pair of boots like these!!!

  7. Boots with so much flair belong on the field giving good performances, adding to the artistry of the game.

  8. Would play on the pitch with them ,. Being a winger creativity is key to my game. The great artistic boot should add flair to my game and benefit me on the pitch. The boots are also designed very well, and I especially love the stud configuration of pele boots as I believe they would suit my style of play.

  9. I'd love the opportunity to wear this boots. They look amazing and they seem to be like a performance enhancer compared to other boots. Especially the sole plate. But id probably use them just for a little then just keep them as a prized possession

  10. Andrew Desaulniers

    Who wouldn't wear these boots at least once? I know I would.

  11. I would use the cleats to play, the pele trinity has been a cleat that has interested me since its release but its too expensive so i cannot try them out. I would definetely play in these cleats, but not on turf because it would scuff too much.

  12. i would use then as a piece of art because an artist put his mind into the the boot and what better way to appreciate his work buy displaying it. but it would be really tempting to play in them.

  13. If I were ti be privileged enough to win these boots I would most certainly use them for my community college team. As a street artist myself I would be able to truly appreciate their artistic beauty and spread Sheone’s story and expressive line-work. The only thing i might change would be a pair of black laces from my other pair of original trinity 3E. The 3E were my main boot but I suffered from durability issues connecting the upper to the soleplate.

  14. its worth buying 2 pairs. 1 to use on the pitch and 1 to keep in the trophy case at home

  15. i pick these cleats any day not just because of pele but because of the art work and design of the boot it enhances so many things together to make a good soccer player into a magnificent soccer player. i would love to get a chance at these on the pitch because of its unique style of the way it looks and the way it was made. i would wear this because even though i have speed i would like to be faster then i already am and leave every player behind. i especially love the thin skin that it has for better shots and to keep tho ball at your feet. if i got these cleats i would grant u so much because i love soccer and i dont know what i would do with out soccer and good cleats.

  16. When do we know who won? I got an email on message on youtube from kicktv saying I won these boots and after 2 months i have not received themor heard from anyone.

    Please let us know!

  17. I would definitely use these on the pitch.

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