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Pele Trinity 3E SHEONE – Limited Edition Release

Pele Trinity SheOne

Pele Sports are going all artistic, and we are glad to be part of the EXCLUSIVE reveal of the new boot. That’s right, we have the first set of images you will see for the boot in the US.

The Pele Trinity 3E SHEONE is a Limited Edition boot and is designed by London based artist James Choules, who adopts the alter ego of SHEONE. Inspired from the New York wave graffiti era of the early eighties, SHEONE has created a black and white upper design in his iconic signature strokes.

In terms of retail, they are currently available at for $199.99 – see more exclusive images and a video of the boots below!

Trinity SheOne

Pele Trinity SheOne Upper

The revolutionary Trinity 3E already possesses impressive tri-technology and the 3rd element, which harnesses the ability to perform a dual task – maximizing a player’s game & speed potential and actually training muscles during play. This has been achieved through extensive research and testing as well as a combination of lightweight materials, unique support and innovative stud geometry.

Below are the main points that you need to know about the Trinity, or alternatively you can head over to read the full review.

    • An all new type of upper called Symbioskin is used on the Trinity. It has been specifically developed just for this boot and is basically a low density, tri-laminate material. Because the material is so thin, you get great feel on the ball.
    • At a mere 5.6oz, these boots are designed for out and out speed, matching some of the lightest boots on the market.
    • Five blades on the front and 3 on the back make for one of the most unusual stud configurations you will ever see.
    • According to Pele Sports, “The extreme position of the rear tripod studs trigger earlier ground contact and stability with high velocity release and the forefoot studs permit excellent traction and explosive acceleration.”

The first important aspect to consider before ordering a pair of the Trinity is sizing. I wear a size 9US and tested a size 9US – they fit a half size long. For the Pele Trinity K, I tested an 8.5US and it offered a much more snug fit. If you are going to buy a pair I strongly consider going down a half size.

Those of you looking to pick up a pair won’t have to wait long – they are currently available for pre-order, $199.99, with orders expected to ship later this month!

Pele SheOne Soleplate

Pele SheOne Up Close

Trinity SheOne Heel

Trinity SheOne Image

SheOne Cleats Details

Upclose Pele Trinity SheOne

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  1. Thats it? I thought it’d be a brand new boot. Not some colorway that looks like a 5 year old splattered paint on it.

  2. Not exactly exclusive Bryan, HypeBeast had it up before you guys! Awesome boot nonetheless, am a big fan.

    • checked their site – they dont have detailed pics of the boots or a video so i would say bryan has the exclusive here!! interesting design, not a big fan though 🙁

  3. That's really nice. Unique look and perhaps extremely comfortable like all the other trinities!

  4. That is one rad design – appreciate the artistic patterns. Extremely unique!

  5. i ordered myself a pair today, trinity 3e is an amazing shoe.

  6. everyone is saying the durabality of the trinitys is poor or is it because they got a duff pair ? _

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