Wednesday , March 22 2023

Just Arrived: Puma PowerCat and PowerCat SL

PowerCat vs SL box

It seems like a while since we have featured a “Just Arrived” post, but I had a little extra time yesterday to snap some pics of the new Puma PowerCat 1.12 and the PowerCat 1.12 SL.

Having explored both fully one thing is clear; there is not much to differentiate both boots! In fact, the only way to really tell them apart is via the name listed on the side of the boot. There is also some slight variation in the colors used on the soleplate…but other than they they are pretty identical.

If currently working on a review of the PowerCat SL and that will feature an in-depth breakdown of what you can expect from both boots – enjoy these images until then!

For those interested, this Metallic White/Orange/Hawiian Ocean colorway is available in both the regular and SL version over on

Puma PowerCat 1.12 vs SL

Power Shooting Zone

PWR-CT 1.12 vs PWR-CT 1.12 SL

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  1. a review? now? Aren't the SL's like a year old?

  2. Man these are identical now, when they first came out they had different heel liners and sole plate material and synthetic's. but it looks like puma has closed the gap for some reason. It doesn't give much reason to buy the more expensive SL's in my opinion

    • hmm i dont think so. I have tried both of them and in fact the differences besides the appearance are pretty clear. On the standard version u get a more secure feel with padded tongue and leather and a thicker sole plate while on the SL they are tripped down quite significantly, a more lightweight feel and a closer-to-your-feet touch are what you get. i prefer the standard version to the SL but in some certain cases the SL would be more useful for me.

  3. Has anyone noticed Cesc Fabregas' cleats have the control/power enhancing zones painted on the upper? Just an observation I've made recently.

    • I wouldn't be surprised, his also has the king finale sole plate, so there probably just full k leather. In the same way fellaini's warrior skreamers are the K-lite version (like Bellamy, Jonas G, and Kompany) but they are painted like the S-lite. It is their way of trying to raise product awareness, when actually Fabregas boots are probably much closer to puma kings in function.

    • It just shows that sponsored athletes don't necessarily like the actual products they are endorsing.

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