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The Nike Hypervenom Tier Breakdown


Last week, Nike introduced their long awaited new soccer cleat, the Hypervenom. It is the boot we shall be seeing used by a lot of attacking styled players, such as Wayne Rooney and Neymar. Taking over the T90 silo is a boot not meant for power but rather agility. For T90 users the change might be a bit drastic. Going from a boot built like a tank to a boot that has an upper that looks like a quilted paper towel and probably, when compared to the T90, might seem just as flimsy. But the boot still has alot to offer and is sure to appeal to most every striker.

Let us see what the Hypervenom range has brought us! Something interesting about the tiers is that each boot is under 8oz and they all have the anatomical last Nike have come up with for the Venoms. I really like how they have stuck above 7 oz and below 8 oz with all tiers in this silo.

Hypervenom Phantom

Hypervenom Phantom

Leading off the Hypervenom range we have the Phantom. Nikeskin and a soleplate designed to increase agility is what sets them apart from the vapor. We also see a more anatomical last and more kinisio friendly set up to the boot in general. Like all professional models it has a hefty price tag and it is actually one of the more expensive nike releases. Is it worth the price tag though? I guess we’ll have to wait for a review. It weighs in at 7.2 oz

Retails for $224.99

Hypervenom Phatal

Hypervenom Phatal

Up next we have the Phatal. These would be a good option for those who aren’t fans of the Phantom Nikeskin upper, nike have created a soft synthetic upper called mirage for the mid take down version. Nike have taken a different direction with the upper and have given it minimal texture but in the end making it feel more solid. They have somewhat replicated the soleplate of the top tier version but with lesser materials however. But knowing nike their mid-tier version will be nothing to scoff at if it is the same quality as other mid-tier nike releases. It weighs in at 7.6 oz

Retails for $119.99

Hypervenom Phelon

Hypervenom Phelon

In terms of economic low tier cleats the Phelon has to be one of the most impressive take downs on the market. It is also the lightest low tier you can find. Weighing in at just 7.80z the Phelon is very light compared to other cleats in its price bracket. The upper also has much more texture to it then the Phatal. Good thing is that they also come in turf. Hopefully it proves to be of better quality than the Victory! I’ll definitely look to test out a pair.

Retails for $74.99

Which of the three would be up your alley?

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  1. just bought the Phatals, WOW! awesome boot. I have slightly wide feet too. loving the shape way more than the mercurial. I think people with normal feet will be right at home in these as well. narrow feet might wanna stick to mercurials but I'm not 100% on that since the Nikesskin lining fits so well this may just be a boot for any foot size. I'm loving the synthetic on the phatals. one thing I noticed was how much better my chipping was using these. easy to put spin on the ball too and you can definitely feel the power behind your shot when you get ahold of one due to the super thin material I think. these are easily my favorite boot.

    • Hi Matt, are they good for passing and receiving the ball. It´s the upper grippy. Thanks.

      • ????????????????????????????????????

        • the upper on the phatals is kinda like a matte finish, I wouldnt call it grippy, theres no coating or anything, but i wouldn't say its slick either. just an in between. I havent had any problems and used these in about 7 matches so far. What i do notice is that when i hit a hard shot i can really feel it because they are so thin. I honestly dont feel like all the boots with rubber and other materials on the upper really do much as far as making the ball stick to your feet. like your not gonna bobble a pass with these because they dont have a predator like coating. i can still curve the ball and put spin on it when needed with my phatals with no problem. they are SUPER light weight.

          • Thank you very much Matt, maybe gonna buy them next month, not sure if buy the phatals or trequartistas, what would you guys recommend me?
            Obrigado (thanks).

  2. Thank you very much Matt, maybe gonna buy
    them next month, not sure if buy phatals or trequartistas, what would you guys recommend me?
    Obrigado (thanks).

  3. Hi I'm going to buy hypervenoms my current size is 10 USA or 9 uk should I go half a size down or up please reply ASAP

  4. Hi guys! Does the Phatal pay off against the Phelon? I am on a budget so I need to buy a cheap pair for my rugby matches. Thanks

    P.S is there any big difference in weight?

  5. photos are definitely worth it. I’d get something else before I’d wear the phelons. the phatals on other hand are awesome. I loved them. for Xmas I got the blacked out predator lz2’s but tore my acl mcl lcl the 2nd time I wore them! shoulda stuck with my phatals I guess! hopefully I will be able to play again one day 🙁 don’t take your health for granted.

  6. phatals I meant not photos

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