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Knotley Laces Update: Speed Laces and More Colors

Knotley Oranje Laces

After reviewing the Knotley Heritage Laces, the first soccer specific laces, back in March, a lot has changed with the Knotley Laces brand and they have added many more options to their product line. I found the laces to be very high performing and at $7.00, they were a very viable option for players looking for quality replacement laces. However, a lack of unique colors and options seemed to hold them back, as they were limited to a mere selection of four colors- Volt, Berry, Royal, and Red. I suggested that a wider selection of color choices and perhaps even unique patterns would help set their laces apart and make them more enticing over regular stock laces.  So what has Knotley done since March to set themselves apart?

Read the full original Knotley Laces review here! Knotley Laces can be found for sale on their website for $7.00.

Knotley Speed pack

A Huge New Assortment of Colors

Knotley Laces greatly expanded their color assortment by adding a variety of 13 new colors that range from simple all black colors to vibrant new orange, purple and light blue hues! The variety that players can choose from now is much greater and players will be much more likely to find that perfect color, as with 17 options now, Knotley has all the popular colors and then some covered. And although there still aren’t any reflective or unique features such as striped or truly speckled designs, the new colors give a lot more flexibility in choices over the original four!

Knotley Lime Laces

New “Speed Laces” Line

In March, Knotley had new “Speed Laces” in the works, which would be tailored to the lighter modern day speed boots. They officially released their new “Speed Laces” around three months ago and the design is a streamlined version of the original “Heritage” lace! Technically, the laces are 4.5 mm, which are slightly thinner than the 6.0 mm heritage laces. However, other than the weight and diameter, they feature the same Traction-Knit yarn and are also water and stain resistant, like the heritage laces. Another thing to note is that the Speed Laces cost the exact same as the Heritage version, which is a plus as often brands will mark up the items that are relatively more exclusive!

Knotley Punchberry Laces

Final Thoughts

Knotley is constantly taking steps to set themselves apart, and they are definitely a viable option for those looking for replacement laces. With their recent update on colors and the addition of the Speed Lace option, there are a lot of more reasons to look towards Knotley over regular stock laces. I would still like to see a reflective option as well as customizable or unique designs, but I feel that Knotley is still making big strides as a new brand and are definitely worth keeping an eye on!

What are your thoughts on Knotley’s Speed Laces and New Colors? Let us know in the comments below!

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