Thursday , June 1 2023

Warrior Skreamer Revealed in Mirage Colorway


Welcome in the latest bold colorway from the folks at Warrior Sports on the Skreamer silo, this one coming in a signature Mirage Grey/Black/Green. Immediately, you will notice there is something very different about this version of Warrior’s Power boot, with an almost camo like design covering the boot.

The design is bold and inventive and very unmistakable, far outside anything we have seen in the range to date. But initial reaction indicates that it is set to receive plenty of positive attention. Again, it illustrates Warriors ability to think outside the box to create a boot that will entertain the mind of soccer fans! The ArrowHead Forefoot Vamp features some deep, dark black color on this version, with the midfoot to backfoot taking in the mixed Mirage Grey print. A hit of Green detailing is added to complete the final look.




Outside of the design, the Skreaker S-Lite is actually receiving a ton of positive attention and high praise. One of the boots advantages is the fact it is promoted as being a Power boot, something the market is actually lacking right now with recent changes in Adidas and Nike strategies. Yet, this boot weighs in at a highly impressive 7.4oz, making them one of the lightest power boots we have ever seen on the market.

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It is the aptly named ArrowHead Forefoot Vamp that creates the boots unique appearance. This is an angled PU injection mold that is intended to provide additional rebound as you strike the ball. It offers players a dominant edge, delivering killer power and ball control. Implanted inside the Skreamer Pro is the unique Arrow Bed Insole, a design component that promotes optimal circulation under the foot while heightening tactile sensitivity. This is strengthened by the boot’s lightweight Thorax Exo-Skeleton cage that protects and shields the mid-foot during play.

For those interested in a pair, December 5th is the date they will be released to market. Any reaction to the design and has Warrior got this one right?


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  1. I own all of the skreamers, synthetic and leather, except the ugly orange and black ones. Very underrated. Overall performance is great and I get tons of looks and comments when I wear them. These are the best looking yet. I will be purchasing a pair.

    • I agree. Totally underrated and a real head turner on the pitch. I was pleasantly surprised with the overall performance of the boot. I actually purchased my first and only pair from Bryan a while back when he was selling the ones he used to review on ebay. Love em. I think I'll be picking up a pair of these

  2. I really want to get a pair of these but it seems like every cleat I like they don't have them small enough for my feet. if anyone know where you can get them in a kids size could you let me kow

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