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Up Close: Warrior Superheat and that Gold Colorway - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Up Close: Warrior Superheat and that Gold Colorway

Warrior Superheat in Gold

When it comes to deals, we will usually mention the best of the best once or twice before moving on to the next. But this one for the Warrior Superheat S-Lite in the Gold colorway has continued to stick around for the past few weeks, and we actually got our hands on a pair to be able to fully illustrate what they have on offer!

In person, these boots are every bit as glorious as you’d expect to be from images. Not only are they visually striking but the overall feel and performance of the silo is absolute quality. With the impending arrival of the New Balance boot line, the current listing of Warrior Sports boots need to be moved and moved from retail FAST. As a result, prices have been dramatically reduced and that is a total win-win for consumers.

With an original retail price of $200, they are currently listed at an all time low $79 for Goal Club members, with pretty much every size still available – that means over 50% off and a new drop of $10 on recent prices.

We have no idea how long this deal will last, but you can find the Superheat listed here.

Warrior Superheat Unboxing

Warrior Superheat and Soleplate

As is pretty typical with Warrior, they have also introduced us to a whole new dictionary of terminology associated with these boots. Here is your cheat sheet of what is what:

  • Revolutionary TRI-FUSION bonded skin for limitless touch and speed.
  • ORGANITOUCH super-thin outer film for natural feel and close control.
  • NEOWEB mesh base layer with DWR water resistant treatment for lightweight infinite comfort.
  • NANOCRADLE 2nd layer balances efficient support with optimum agility.
  • Superlight TRI FUSION tongue for perfect feel and fit.
  • Membrane HEEL SHIELD for unseen support and protection.
  • SLIPSTREAM lacing system for optimum fit and comfort.
  • FG WAR PLATE – Dual Injected Clawtech blades provide traction and acceleration on dry and firm surfaces.

Warrior Superheat Forefoot

Gold Warrior Superheat

Superheat Upper Design in Gold

Warrior Forefoot Touch and Control

Weighing in at 8oz, this is not exactly a super lightweight boot compared to the market. Although adequate for pacey players, we are in an era when boots need to fall below the 7oz mark to be super light. The inclusion of so much technology increases the overall weight, and that is definitely not a bad thing. In fact, it plays in favor of the Superheat and gives it a unique level of speedy performance.

Visually, the Superheat looks like it fits longer than it does. But it is actually pretty close to a standard length. There might be a smidge extra space, but I found the fit to be pretty ideal with no need to stray from my normal size. I wore a size 9US like normal, and right through testing I was satisfied with how they felt. For players who desire a truly snug fit, considering a half size down might be an option but it is not something I would push as a necessity. Width wise, they do fit a little narrow,  although there is plenty of space inside the boot.

From experience (and our review, the Superheat is a fantastic boot that balances new age design with confident comfort. If you are considering a pair, pull the trigger – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the high-level of performance on offer. Plus, design wise they actually look pretty sweet, the color combo has an extremely unusual pop.

Again, you can currently find these boots listed at

Superheat in Gold

Warrior Superheat Logo

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