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This Years Holiday Gift Guide for Soccer Players!

Xmas Soccer

Tis the season right? Well this season is all about cheer and tradition. Spread the Christmas cheer and follow up with tradition this Holiday with a fine gift. And the best way to shop for your loved one this season is getting him or her some top of the line soccer-related gifts! These gifts will make you feel almost as good giving as it is receiving when you see the person’s face light up.

Whether it be novelty items, high end boots, or not yet released match balls, check out what’s hot this season. And don’t forget to order some products for yourself!


Top of the Table Options

The top of the table options are the same boots that you see on TV. They are worn by pros and companies spend hours designing and testing them to make them the best boots they release. You will get the highest performance out of these and they are ideal for competitive players.

Mizuno Morelia Neo – Generally, you don’t find the words leather and lightweight associated together. Even more unlikely to be found as a pair are kangaroo leather and lightweight. But that’s exactly what the Japanese brand Mizuno has produced, a lightweight k-leather boot. Although they weigh in at 6.3 ounces, the touch is still very natural and comfortable. Find them on the Mizuno site.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom – One of the most desirable boots on the market currently, the Hypervenom Phantom is designed for agility. With a Nike SKIN upper in a honey comb design, these provide supreme grip when shooting. They are also designed for agility and are the boots you want if you wish to be first to the ball. Find them in a new Purple/Volt colorway at

Adidas Adipure 11Pro – The new version that came with the adidas samba pack is much more geared towards heritage. They feature a more traditional cross stitching and a traditional look. Also, a new sole plate helps with weight distribution and a quicker release. Basically, this is a boot that will is where both speedy and creative players can confidently wear. Check them out at

Mid-Price Options

The mid-price options are great for players looking for durable and high performing boots at a lower price point. Even though some may be take down models of top end models, they are still well designed. The boots in these range also are great options for rec-league or younger players.

Nike Tiempo Premier – With the Copa Mundial jumping in price to a steeper $150.00, the Nike Premier looks to be the go-to option for those looking for class and heritage and a mid-tier price. However, Nike did release some interesting limited edition colorways that are match the colorways of England, France and Brazil. But color or not, the Premier is a high quality kangaroo leather boot that oozes comfort. In addition, the soft leather upper also gives great touch on the ball. Lastly, the wraparound Nike swoosh is final proof that these boots are genuine class. You can find them for $110.00 at

Puma Powercat 1.12 SL – A boot that hasn’t drawn the most headlines recently, the Powercat is a great option that you can find at a desirable price. SL stands for super light and they weigh in at 8.4 ounces, which is around 2 ounces less than the normal version. The lighter weight makes it an even better option for speedy players. It is also the ideal boot for power and play making. They are durable and give you a solid, clean strike. They have been around for a while, so you can find them for decent prices online, but even better prices (search Puma Powercat SL to find them around $70) on eBay.

Adidas Absolion LZ – The Absolion LZ looks very similar to the Predator LZ, and the performance is very similar. The control zones are the same as the ones found on the high end LZ. It features the same traction and it would be hard to tell the difference on your feet. The weight should not be a factor as it is in the same range (around 1 ounce less). So, take “control” and find them on for $70.00 in a Green/Electricity colorway.

Novelty Items

Perhaps boots don’t seem the perfect gift this for the special someone this season. Well don’t worry because Jim has came up with an extensive list of novelty items that may be just right. The list features some out of the ordinary items, so don’t be surprised if you see something on the lines of a giant brazuca ball.

gerrard fathead

5. Fathead Wall Graphic – Who wouldn’t want a two dimensional poster of their favorite player plastered on their wall? You don’t just have to settle on a player however when picking out a Fathead, you can even choose a stadium or club crest. It definitely is a step up from a regular poster. They have a very impressive selection and but they don’t stray far from the more popular players. (Yes, Messi does have a Fathead!)

Find them for $99.99 to $39.99 at

peet dryer go

4. GO! PEET shoe Dryer – Stuffing your boots with newspaper to dry them out can be time consuming. I know that sometimes I would have to do the process a few times if my boots were wetter! For those who play often in muddy and wet conditions this would be a welcome addition to their gear bag.

Find it for $42.99 at

real madrid glass

3. Team Glass/ Mug – You can’t sit down to watch a game without having some sort of beverage at hand. Luckily virtually every team has a glass and mug with their team crest on it so it will be easy to match a fan up with their team. They have Mugs, Glasses, Shot Glasses, Tankards and even travel mugs.

Glasses range from $11.99 – $43.99 and mugs sell at $7.99 – 43.99.

jumbo brazuca ball

2. Jumbo Brazuca ball or Mini – It might not just be me but I find that impractically sized soccer balls are quite fun to have around. One of the biggest collectibles to go with any World Cup has to be the Match ball that goes with it, however I like to get one that won’t see much use so that it will last the years. That is why getting an unofficial sized ball is a perfect addition to any soccer fanatics collection.

The jumbo ball is listed for $300.00 and the mini at $12.99.

Cristiano Ronaldo Signed Gear

1. Signed Gear – This is more for the big spenders and the major soccer fanatics. Owning a piece of signed gear is a huge treat and you just can’t go wrong with it. From Cristiano Ronaldo to Diego Maradona has a treasure trove of signed gear, however Messi and Ronaldo have the most presents in this category for some strange reason.

Signed gear can be found ranging from a pricey $149.99 to $999.99.

Hopefully, this served as a good guide for all of you still undecided over gifts. And remember to order so everything arrives in time for whatever holiday you will celebrate!

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