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Best Leather Boots Under $100

Nike Premier ColorsLeather boots have a reputation as being very comfortable and having a high quality touch. The reliability and consistency also makes it ideal for players who choose not to buy a new pair of boots every season. Therefore, they are a great option for players who need a durable and quality boot for cheap. I am a big supporter of getting older models on sale, so if you have the opportunity to snag pricier models for less I highly recommend it. But if you like the newest models, or simply need a solid back up boot, be sure to read on for a detailed list of my preferred leather options under $100.

5. Adidas 11Nova

adidas 11nova
Adidas did not continue the 11Core when they refreshed their heritage soccer range. That puts the 11Nova as the top take down model in the 11Pro Range. The 11Nova is one of the cheaper options on this list, coming in at $74.99.

The leather seems a bit stiff, but should loosen up and mold to your foot after the first few wears. In the end, it gives you a decent touch on the ball and decent fit. The 11Nova also features the a similar stud configuration that the 11Pro has. In the end, the 11Nova is won’t disappoint, but there are better options for those willing to pay a tiny bit more.

4. Diadora Maracana L

Diadora Maracana L

I had the opportunity to test the Diadora Maracana a few months ago, and it really changed my perspective on Diadora (positively). Although I did find areas that needed improvement, I enjoyed the touch control and how it blended with the calf leather upper. The Maracana L gave great control on the ball and the upper fits very nicely.

The few issues I did encounter were in sizing, weight, and bulky areas (the logo seemed to get in the way), but if you consider the positives, it is hard to not consider the Maracana. Right now, the Diadora Maracana L can be found for $94.99.

3. Puma Spirit

Puma Spirit

Puma’s mid-tier release in the Puma King range offers versatility while still featuring many similarities with the King. It has the same stud configuration, heel counter, and overall visual designs. Puma also claims that the touchCELL helps with control and dribbling. The Spirit may not be as light or have the same high quality leather as the King, but it is still a great value.

Puma’s design and placement of the synthetic regions also help regulate stretching and actually help with touch on the ball. The Spirit can be found at for $84.99.

2. Nike Tiempo Legacy

Nike Tiempo Legacy

One of the best mid-tier releases one the market currently is the Nike Tiempo Legacy. They fall in the “economical heritage” category and do not disappoint. Although they may not feature the same buttery kangaroo leather that the Legend V does, the Legacy is still a good option considering the price difference. Visually, they are almost identical to the Legend, with only slight differences in the soleplate.

For $99.99, you are getting a solid boot that will last you a few seasons. Aside from an interesting initial fit, there are no negatives, and the Legacy offers some of the best values on the market currently.

1. Nike Premier FG

Nike Premier Soccer Cleats

Retailing for $99.99, the Premier was designed to be Nike’s main competitor to the Adidas Copa Mundial which has dominated the market for the longest of times. It has a low profile design that focuses solely on the leather. The upper consists of a full natural leather upper that is unrivaled in comfort.

The Premier also features a quality soleplate and stud configuration. One of my personal favorite features of this boot is the wrap around white Nike swoosh, which shows the boot’s heritage and class. You will definitely see more of the Premier in the future, as it will be a mainstay in the years to come. This boot is also a great option for longtime Copa Mundial wearers to switch into if they don’t approve of the recent price hike from $100 to $150.

What other boots feature great value for money? Let us know in the comments below!

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