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Tiempo ’94 MID Italian Style – 3 for “23”


Nike has released three new versions of the  Tiempo ’94 MID and they are inspired by Italian footballer Marco Materazzi and they are looking snazzy. You may remember Marco as the man who got headbutted in the chest by Zidane. Outside of being headbutted Marco lead quite a successful career. The design and lay out of these shoes display the driving forces behind Marco’s rise to footballer and eventually his own shoe shop in Milan.

Nike’s Tiempo ’94 MID series is a range of what I would call soccer/basketball hybrid casual wear shoes which pay tribute to the Nike tiempo. A classy leather and suede upper with a very basketball-esque outsole make up the general formula to this modern original.


Tiempo 94 Mid

The three latest additions to the series are all inspired by the number 23 himself, Michael Jordan who inspired number 23 himself, Marco Materazzi. Greatly Influenced by the drive and success of Micheal Jordan Marco took up his number and made strides to make a big an impact on soccer as Jordan did in basket ball. Unsurprisingly Materazzi is also a big fan of the Air Jordan, he even sports a couple of Air Jordan tattoos. The two tone color schemes are inspired by the city of Milan where Marco made his name and opened up shop.

Given the fact that Materazzi was also a Tiempo wearer in his heyday and his passion for Jordan and his Air Jordans it is an obvious choice for Nike to commemorate the two players and the look and feel of their respective footwear in one neat package.

You can find each version right now on




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  1. Can these be used for playing futsal or are they just for casual use?

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