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Up Close: Adidas Freefootball Boost, Messi Edition

Adidas Freefootball Boost Messi

Over the past few months, we have seen the Adidas Freefootball range grow exponentially in popularity, with new products continuing to take the line in new directions. One of the most sought after products right now Freefootball Boost, a unique partnership that sees Boost shoes team up for Lionel Messi. Here is a perfect example of off pitch fashion sense combining with one of the best soccer players to ever play the game in the most perfect way. It seems like it is a win-win really.

In order to match the requirements of the games best, these shoes are built with boost technology in the midsole for endless energy return, they feature a leather-like forefoot and a mesh heel that proudly displays the signature Messi’s logo. It is all class with a hint of entertainment thrown in, your boss won’t know what hit him when you start hosting a soccer clinic around the office on a lazy Friday afternoon!

Find the Adidas Freefootball Boost “Messi” at

Freefootball Boost Messi Side View

Freefootball Messi Box

Freefootball Boost  Upper Design

Freefootball Boost Upper

Messi Logo on Boost

The one aspect of the shoe that you might not be familiar with is boost technology – so what is it?

BOOST is a groundbreaking innovation in cushioning. It provides more energy return than any other foam cushioning material in the running industry, combining soft comfort with responsive energy for the ultimate running experience. In the heat, in the cold and after countless kilometers, it performs more consistently and doesn’t lose its cushioning properties like standard EVA.

Freefootball Boost  Soleplate

From a personal perspective, I’m a huge fan of these shoes and what they have on offer. Style wise, they are perfect for everyday wear with an extra layer of sophistication added by the plush, black leather upper. What Messi customization that is on the boot is minimal, just enough to create a connection with the Argentinian superstar without being overkill.

When it comes to fit, they are a snug fitting boot, with the forefoot sitting very low across your toes. I’m finding this pair of 9US very form fitting – in other words, if they were any tighter I couldn’t wear them. Going up a half size wouldn’t be a bad idea, it will give you a more spacious fit, something that will be very welcomed if you decide to wear them as a general shoe ready to jump in a game when needed!

Right now, you have an option of where to secure a pair. They are available on both and for $120.

Freefootball Boost  Heel Design with Messi Logo

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