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Adidas adiZero f50 Released in Solar Green

Solar Green F50

For those adiZero f50 fans out there looking for a fresh pair of boots, Adidas has unleashed its latest spring inspired design, coming in a Solar Green. Over the short lifespan of the current F50 series, we have had several releases that highlight the Ghost pattern placed along the upper. This version doesn’t over emphasis the style, with metallic green blending in with the Solar to create a phantom cloud effect.

At this point, it has become clear that adidas love the performance of their ultra premium synthetic upper, called Hybridtouch. With its very natural faux leather feel, it has become a key part of the adiZero f50 series. It is durable, provides a weather proof barrier with little to no water intake and it plays a key role in the boots lightweight construction. This version checks in at 7.2oz, which isn’t the lightest we have seen in the series, but it is still light enough to be a speed boot.

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Adidas adiZero f50 Solar Green

There are obviously two main talking points with this boot; the DribbleTex upper texture and the soleplate configuration.

On top of the Hybridtouch upper, adidas has added a 3D DribbleTex print. It has texture and actually gives the upper material some additional strength. Note here that in turn, this makes them slightly more rigid to the touch. Scratch that and let me restate, the upper is still very, very soft and flexible but it doesn’t match the feel of the previous adiZero F50 release.

When you consider the style of player these boots are ultimately intended for, improving traction is an important factor to consider. This is especially true when it comes to maximum acceleration through quick turns. You need to be nimble, yet connected to the surface so you can chop and release at ease to get out of tight spots. In the past, adidas has kept it relatively simple with the SprintFrame. This time around, the design has been dramatically warped and now we see an almost two tier tooth system come into play. We are talking sharp teeth designed to really cut the surface, and a lot of them. Toward the front of the boot, you get the primary six blade design, all featured in an almost triangular style. With three on either side of the soleplate, there are half sized teeth in-between. Through the middle of the boot is where it really gets crazy, with an almost spine like system in place.

For those that want this latest colorway, find it at

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