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Up Close: Puma evoACCURACY, “MB45” Special Edition


For those that want a boot that provides the same level of performance as the evoPOWER series but in a slightly different package, you are going to want to check these out. Puma just released a revolutionary new boot that has been specifically designed for, and will be worn by, Super Mario Balotelli. We managed to get early access to a pair and wanted to give you an up close look at just what they have on offer.

The Puma evoACCURACY offers a different approach to on ball feel and control for players. What makes them so unique is the quilted style paneling through the upper, without the use of stitching! Puma has basically punched the lining into the upper, creating diamond shaped panels that are intended to create a more personal feel with the ball. When you match that with the vibrant Yellow/Green/Peacoat it makes for a very unmistakable look.

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Puma evoACCURACY Unboxing

Puma evoACCURACY GSF Soleplate

These boots features a lightweight and super soft microfiber AdaptLite upper material that stretches in a longitudinal direction, allowing additional freedom of movement while maintaining support. Combined with the Gradual Stability Frame (GSF) outsole technology, the foot bends with a kinetic motion similar to being barefoot.

What Puma has done with this style of system is create a new way for players to think about striking the ball. It is less about weight and momentum behind the shot and more about how your foot reacts at the moment of impact. It is an unusual approach, but given the popularity of the evoPOWER range since its release, we are pretty convinced that Puma is legitimately on to something!

Puma evoACCURACY Griptex


evoACCURACY GripTex Upper

Puma evoACCURACY Quilted Panels

Then there is the actual design of the boot. As per above, the first thing to note is the quilted style upper design. It creates crafty shadows and a visual effect that mimics older style leather boots.

A fluorescent green colored Griptex print on the medial sides of the boots provides additional grip and control with the ball, and further adds to an accurate and precise style of play in all weather conditions. It doesn’t have a sticky feel to it and is actually a lot smoother than you would expect. As you hold the boot up-close under light, you can see that there is a triangle style print that sits on some of the GripTex panels.

The evoACCURACY also features a color fading effect from the florescent yellow forefoot right through to the white heel. Then a peacoat colored PUMA formstripe sits on the lateral side, with a small PUMA cat logo placed toward the back of the medial side. The finishing touch on this special edition boot is the ‘MB45’ logo that is located on the heel – MB45 being the signature mark of Mario Balotelli of course.

Puma evoACCURACY Color Fade


Obviously, Puma has taken a uniquely different approach with these compared to the evoPOWER. We are going to evaluate that over the coming days/weeks and will bring you more details on what separated each boot from a performance perspective. What I can tell you right now is the fit is pretty much true to size, and they are super comfortable to slip on!

What is your verdict on this design and how do you think they will compete against the market?

For those that want a pair of these special edition boots, find them at


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