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Up Close – Adidas X15+ Primeknit, Chaos Plus Perfect Fit

Adidas X15+ Primeknit Close-up

What do you get when you mix adidas most chaotic boots with the best fitting technology in the world? The adidas X15+ Primeknit, a boot designed to break the norm and provide players with a more balanced level of explosive performance.

Between these and Ace15+ Primeknit, the X15+ is more radical, as it takes the range outside its intended boundaries. With the Ace15, you expect an emphasis on comfort, so adding Primeknit compliments the range. The end result here is surprisingly positive and the visual effect created by the upper design is not bad either!

Currently available via

X15 Primeknit

Adidas Primeknit X15+

So, what are adidas saying about their new boot?

X 15+ has a tight knit upper giving the game’s most explosive players a next generation fit by locking the foot down. A new collar and tongue are made from one stretchable piece.

Right out of the box, there really is something special about these. You can immediately see how the knit material sits across the upper. A 3D vacuum skin is placed across the surface to ensure the material is waterproof and has some additional durability properties. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t actually feel Primeknit because it has that covering above it. There is still a very natural feel while wearing them and the entire surface area is extremely pliable/soft to the touch.

X15+ Primeknit Boots

X15 Primeknit Side Profile

X15 Primeknit Upper

While testing the regular X15, I found that they fit slightly tight and ended up feeling more at home in a boot a half size up. BUT, in the X15 Primeknit, I found they offered a more accomodating fit that allowed me to stay in my regular size. Yes, there is a general looseness about the boot when you slip them on, but don’t expect too much stretch from the material over time. The 3D vacuum skin layer acts like a melted plastic would on a knit material, it basically envelopes itself into the fibers and ensures there is not much room for stretch.

With a release like this, you are getting a final product that comes with a slightly higher price tag (doesn’t it always) and you’ll need to shell out $274.99 for a pair. Not the most affordable shoes in the world, but I’d still recommend them as a boot worth experiencing.

If you want a pair of X15+ Primeknit, find them at

Final note, and something just a little different – check out the Fyuse below that gives a more dynamic view of the boots. If it something you guys enjoy, let em know and I’ll continue to add them with boot features.

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  1. I like the new feature.

  2. Its a shame that adidas does not make smaller and larger sizes of their primeknit line. I would love to try a pair but they do not make my size.

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