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Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Nemeziz

adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360Agility FG

As we work on putting together a comprehensive series of review for the new adidas Nemeziz series (17+, 17.1 and Tango), it seems like a good time to give you some initial insight on what the premium, laceless 360Agility boots have on offer.

There are not many boots that make a significant impression right from first wear, but these definitely do. From the Zebra like colorway to the fact they are made using actual bandages, there really is a lot to figure out about them. Some of you might already be considering picking up a pair, so hopefully this feature proves useful.

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adidas Nemeziz 17+ On Foot

1 – The Fit is INCREDIBLE

Even when you read some of the initial features and reviews of the boots, you still don’t understand what they are about until you experience them. On foot, these are an absolute dream to wear. In the past, I’ve been a huge fan of Primeknit and Flyknit, but these are totally different in an incredible way. The literally mold to your foot as you wear them, without being overly constrictive. Initial reaction; I’m highly impressed.

adidas Nemeziz 17+ Reaction

2 – That Colorway Grows on You

Not going to lie, when these were released I was not a fan of the Zebra style black and white design. In fact, right up until they arrived in I still wasn’t a big fan. Out of the box, they are tough to take images of because the material is so flexible, it basically folds in weird areas. But then you put them on, and maybe it has something to do with the incredible fit, but they actually look pretty slick on foot. You can clearly see the NEMEZIZ text across the forefoot, and the bold solar yellow three-stripe detailing offers some significant pop. I’m stating that from a wearers perspective of course, so it could be different if a teammate was wearing them.

adidas Nemeziz Ankle Collar Cut

3 – This is NOT A Collared Boot

Over the past 24 months, there has been a direct focus from Nike, adidas and Puma to create a collar that links the foot trough leg. Here, adidas has gone with a much different design. The V shape cut on both sides allows the material to sit underneath the ankle bone, allowing your ankle to move more freely. To ensure you get a tight fit, the 360 Agility Bandage is layered tightly against the front of the foot. This makes them a little tough to slip into first wear, but it only takes a few seconds to adjust your foot into place.

adidas Nemeziz Heel Design

4 – Size Wise, They Are Very Accommodating

Since the upper construction is basically and elastic bandage wrapped around your foot, there are going to be many questions about the actual fit. Basically, they are one of the most accommodating boots on the market right now! Whether you have a narrow foot or need something wider, the material is very effective in stretching or keeping its natural shape as you slip your foot in. I’m a medium/side fit and found they were extremely comfortable with no pressure points of note. Naturally wide fitting players will also find them to be effective.

adidas Nemeziz 17+ vs 17.1

5 – Messi’s Nemeziz Are A Little Different

We covered this in detail last week, but Messi is currently wearing a custom 17.1 version of the boot with MESSI placed on the side of the boot where NEMEZIZ is located on this retail version. Currently, you can’t purchase the version with MESSI placed on the side, but that could change as he switches to his own signature colorways in the coming months.

The introduction of Nemeziz means that Messi’s signature PUREAGILITY silo becomes a boot of the past. The Messi name has been dropped and this now becomes a mainstream silo that will be worn by a large number of pro players.

There is a lot more to come on the Nemeziz, including an in-depth review, which we already have in motion. What are your thoughts on the new adidas silo and have they got the design right?

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  1. Hey Bryan, ive been curious since these started leaking months ago as to why the silo is spelled NEMEZIZ but all of the actual brandings on the boots themselves are spelled NEMESIS? Even in this post you comment on the NEMEZIZ text on the bandages, although they clearly aren't spelled that way. Do you have any idea what's up with that? Thanks..

  2. I had a quick question about sizing. In the store I tried both 10 and 9.5; 10 felt better through my mid foot but I had some heel slippage. 9.5 felt a bit tight through my mid foot but no heal slippage. My question is if I go with 9.5 will the shoe stretch so the fit won't be so tight?

  3. Are Nemeziz good for attacking midfielders? Please reply.

  4. How long do you have these boots and how do they perform and feel now comparing to the first time you put them on?

  5. How long do you have these boots and how do they perform and feel now comparing to the first time you put them on?

  6. can i have a free par of any football boots

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