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Up Close – The Turbocharged Laceless Ace17+ Purecontrol

adidas Ace17+ Purecontrol Turbocharge

We are currently in this weird market stage where boots and new colorways are literally being released before the former version gets a chance to entertain pitches across the country. Take for example the adidas Ace17+ Purecontrol in this Turbocharge colorway. Does it not feel like it was just released? Its official introduction to the market happened on March 31st, basically three months ago. From the complete Turbocharge pack, it was the one that players quickly adopted as their preferred. A wild mesh of Green hues across multiple materials adds a quite dynamic appearance, one that you really need to explore up close to really understand.

Since this is a boot that is still so readily available on the market, we wanted to give them the once over with multiple images from different angles. Earlier this year, we reviewed Purecontrol and were heavily impressed with the performance on offer. Check that review for more details on what you can expect while wearing them on pitch.

If you are considering a pair, find them listed (currently on sale) at soccer.com.

adidas Purecontrol Turbocharge

Purecontrol Turbocharge PURECUT Sock System

PURECUT Sock System Purecontrol

What You Need To Know!

Lets kick this feature off with some of the basics. What exactly is Purecontrol and why does the front of the boot look so different? Well, it has a lot to do with the fact there are no laceless. Yes, this is adidas first laceless boots and it stands out as the best laceless boot released on the market to date. In order to maintain a tight fit, adidas has developed a new type of material around the ankle that keeps the boot locked on securely in place. After all, without laces, you are essentially relying on the structure of the boot to lock your foot in place.

It is an upgraded PURECUT Sock System designed to lock the foot in place that takes on that responsibility, while allowing players to adjust naturally to complex movements. Specially engineered Paiho material around the ankle lining and down into the lacing region (the lime green with black lined stitching) ensures you still get a stretchy feel but without the bulky overload feel.

Oh, and those pull-tabs you see at the front and back of the boot opening; you will be using them a lot! The first time you slip on a pair, it can be a little daunting and challenging. That is to be expected if you have never worn a pair of laceless boots before, especially when they are not stretched out. But, after one or two wears they become super easy to slip on and they continue to feel snug. From my experience, the tougher part is trying to pull them off! After a game, when your sock is a little sweaty from play, they tend to stick to your feet and you really have to tug them off. Of course, this can be seen as a positive, as it means they are even more unlikely to fall off in play!

Purecontrol Turbocharge PRIMEKNIT upper Side View

Purecontrol Turbocharge PRIMEKNIT upper

Purecontrol Turbocharge PRIMEKNIT upper Angle View

Primeknit and ControlSkin

In for adidas to ensure these fit in their intended “control” category, they have used their ultra responsive Primeknit material through the upper, with a layer of ControlSkin placed on top.

The benefit of using Primeknit is that fact it is so pliable, has the ability to stretch and it is super easy to work with from first wear. ControlSkin keeps everything together while providing some additional texture on the ball. As it runs through the lacing region, which it didn’t on previous models, it provides some additional strength and actually keeps the shape of the boot more functional. There is specific zoning across the forefoot, with a smooth region in the middle and angled raised ridges placed on either side – clearly visible in the images above.

Also Available in the Range

Along with the premium tier Ace17+ Purecontrol, adidas has also released a series of other boots in the range.

  • ACE 17.1 PrimeknitRetail: $199.99
  • ACE 17.1 Junior – Retail: $99.99
  • ACE 17+ PURECONTROL Cage – Retail: $179.99
  • ACE 17+ Street shoe – Retail: $129.99

Also worth noting is that right now, every footwear purchase at soccer.com currently comes with free shipping. Huge if you are looking for an extra reason to pick up a pair!

Purecontrol Turbocharge ControlSkin

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