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Senda Vitoria Futsal Ball – Feature Review

Senda Vitoria Futsal Ball Review

Futsal is one the fastest growing sports in the world, and at the same time the game is still relatively unknown to many soccer fans. Getting the right ball is not always easy, as many stores do not carry them. But a few brands are fully embracing this fast paced, 5 vs 5 version of the beautiful game, educating players, and making top quality futsal balls.

One of them is Senda Athletics, which is the official ball partner of U.S Youth Futsal, the largest US Soccer-affiliated futsal organization in the United States, overseeing more than 100 local leagues in 30 states across the country. Senda offers high quality futsal balls with great value(s), and I have been testing their new Vitoria Futsal Match Ball on my Monday night games for the past few months. It has quickly become a team favorite and is the primary ball on the pitch through games!

Senda Futsal Vitoria Ball

Senda Vitoria Fair Trade Futsal

Visually, Senda has gone with a bold Scarlet Red color as a highlighter on the white casing. Black is added to create a dynamic effect, and it all comes together in a well orchestrated fashion. Signature key features are added in typical fashion, like the trifecta text of “Respect, Joy, Community” just above the primary logo area.

In terms of tech, the Vitoria Futsal Match Ball features an innovative “DuoTech” construction, combining stitching and bonding for extended durability and higher performance. Senda is one of the first brands to bring Duotech constructed ball into the market , and I recently covered this technology on a review of their Valor Outdoor Match Ball.

What is a Futsal Ball?

Let’s look at the two main aspects that make a futsal ball different. First, let’s start with LOW BOUNCE. Because futsal is played on hard surfaces, it is played with a low-bounce ball that keeps the game close to the ground. Second, let’s talk about the SMALLER SIZE. The ball size is reduced so players can develop a better control of the ball and make better passes and kicks in a smaller court. The smaller ball increases soccer ability that when players make a transition to soccer from futsal, they distinctively recognize their increased ball handling abilities.For soccer lovers, futsal can save you from a rained out session since it can be played both indoors and outdoors ( on ANY hard surfaces). Because futsal is played in a smaller court, players are forced to move constantly and get a lot more touches on the ball compared to outdoor soccer.. The speed of play also enhances quick decisions and also encourages constant teamwork. The best part of futsal is being creative. It is proven that futsal players touch the ball 600% more than soccer players, (WOW, imagine that!).

Senda’s unique value proposition is perfect for players who want a differentiated product with great value, and that contributes to making the world a better place through the game we all love. The Berkeley based brand combines premium quality products with fair trade certification which guarantees improved working condition for workers and no child labor. It is a great alternative for players who are not afraid to set their own path, and who are serious about futsal.

The Vitoria Futsal ball is available in the Official Futsal Size 4 and at $39.99 offers a great option for players and coaches looking for a quality and consistent product with great value. You can check out more about the Vitoria Futsal DuoTech at sendaathletics.com.

Senda Vitoria Futsal ball

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