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Adidas UCL Pro Void – Official Champions League Ball 22/23

Official Match Ball Champions League 2022

Easily one of the most visually stunning soccer balls on the market right now, the adidas UCL Pro Void is the current official match ball used in Champions League action. What is unusual about it is the fact adidas sort of just dropped it on the market, and we have all silently accepted its arrival.

It actually dropped about a month earlier than expected, and there was little PR behind it’s release. So, unless you are playing in Champions League, you have left to figure out for ourselves exactly what it has on offer. And that is where we come in to help.

“With a design inspired by the darkest depths of the universe, this adidas UCL Pro Void Ball has been created to help European soccer’s finest players sparkle on the pitch.”

Adidas UCL Pro Void Match Ball

Performance wise, the most important thing to note is the star-shaped grip texture that is only found on this ball. We are talking a full splattering of signature UCL style stars, ensuring you know what you are working with. It provides an enhanced level of touch and control, adding a unique tackiness as you look to get quick touches in tight spaces.

The design on the ball is really incredible. At a distance, it looks almost 3D, with the star ready to jump off the ball if you have the right glasses on. But, instead it is actually an intricate series of color blocks, all strategically positioned to create the effect. I’ve no idea how long the design took to piece together, but it works in the most incredible fashion. I still find myself sitting and staring at the design, silently applauding the team that created the visuals.

The ball has a seamless surface for a more predictable trajectory, better touch and lower water intake.

Stamped with FIFA’s highest rating after tests on circumference, weight, rebound and water absorption.

This match-quality soccer ball is the one you see on the pitch in UEFA Champions League group stage matches.

Find the adidas UCL Pro Void available at

Adidas UCL Pro Void Soccer Ball

Adidas UCL Pro Void Match Ball Casing

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  1. Wolfgang Dobberstein

    Gibt es diesen Ball auch in der Größe für Kinder (bis 12 Jahre)?
    Preiskategorie wäre interessanr.

  2. Wolfgang Dobberstein

    Gibt es diesen Ball auch in der Größe für Kinder (bis 12 Jahre)?
    Preiskategorie wäre auch interessant !

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