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Puma FUTURE 18.1 NETFIT Released With “Low” Cut Collar

Puma FUTURE 18.1 NETFIT Review

In conjunction with the release of their tech advanced FUTURE NETFIT series, Puma added a second “top-tier” style release to give players a different type of performance option. The FUTURE 18.1 NETFIT Low offers the same high tech upper with a regular cut ankle line, basically offering a more standardized footwear option with the benefit of NETFIT for a better type of fit.

I’ve actually been pretty surprised that a lot of people haven’t heard much about this release to date, it seems to have slipped into the market without too much attention. But there is a lot to like about these, and they definitely cater to a very specific type of player. Details below.

Find the Puma FUTURE 18.1 NETFIT Low at

Puma FUTURE 18.1 NetFit Low

Puma FUTURE NETFIT 18.1 Upper

Puma FUTURE 18.1 NETFIT Upper

Puma FUTURE 18.1 NETFIT Lacing

What Puma has looked to do with the FUTURE silo is create a boot you can completely customize the fit on. NETFIT is the material that lines the upper of the boot, with specific areas left loose across the surface so you can play around and experiment with the lacing style that you want. This allows for a more adaptive fit to your personal specifications, whether wide or narrow footed, and gives you the ultimate lock-down.

If there is one thing that I’ve quickly learned about these it is just how accommodating they can be. Once you loosen the laces up and pull the tongue up away from the boot, they have a lot of space to offer. Normally, I don’t find myself complimenting Puma on creating boots with appeal to a wider variety of players, but these are a definite option if you are looking for a wider fitting boot. The upper has a nice stretch feel to it, allowing for the natural shape of the upper material to graft around your foot and provide a very natural/comfortable style fit.

Puma FUTURE 18.1 NetFit Low Fit

What makes these different from the highly advertised mid-cut FUTURE 18.1 of the boot is obviously the ankle cut and tongue area. The Low cut version allows for a more classic style feel around your ankle, allowing for more natural movements without any restriction. Some players enjoy a collar, while others want to stay true to what they know.

There is a lot more to cover on these boots, something we will cover in our in-depth review of them – coming up shortly. For now, we wanted to give you an up-close, firsthand look at what they are all about. Let us know if you have any questions about them!

Again, you can check out the Puma FUTURE 18.1 NETFIT Low at

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