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adidas GLITCH18 – Available In The US?

Glitch to US

Over the past two years, the adidas GLITCH series has proved to be the perfect testing playground for adidas to showcase some incredibly unique designs. From wild reflective colors to synthetic and leather uppers; the possibilities for players to display their own personal styling are endless.

For fans in the US, they have been hard to come by seeing as they are only readily available in Europe. But, I’ve been saying for a while that this is bound to change, adidas at some point has to introduce designs to the buyer friendly US market. Everything released here sells in force, limited edition glitch skins would be no different.

And now we can report that as rumor has it, they are coming real soon, as in this Summer. A telling sign is that fact adidas has created this page.

adidas GLITCH in the US

What Do You Need?

To become a GLITCH player, you first need to create your own Starter Pack. This gives you one Inner Shoe and two Outer Skins, so you can mix up your style as soon as they arrive. In adidas own words “A modular football boot with an inner shoe & changeable skin. Create endless looks & performance edges without ever losing the feel.”

How Does It Work?

GLITCH offers enhanced fit like no other cleat. Consisting of an interlocking Inner Shoe and a laceless Outer Skin, GLITCH cleats give you greater ball control and the ability to change up your look whenever you want. Just whip off the outer, and pull on another in its place. Taking the outer casing on and off is actually pretty easy to do also, with a ton of demos online providing step by step guides to how its done.

How Are They Sold?

This is where GLITCH is very different. It is not a release you will find at retail, with adidas deliberately focusing on mobile and influencer-led social activity, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Facebook etc. The goals is to tap into a digital audience, a new demographic that is hooked on social media, and big on mobile usage.

The GLITCH app is the only place where you can get hold of your Starter pack. Not online, not in stores: all things GLITCH are released exclusively via the mobile app. We imagine the app will hit US shores some time this Summer, possibly right after the World Cup.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Considering the fact they come with no advertising spend, their popularity is incredible. The below video details the project perfectly and gives some perspective on how impressive their introduction has been!

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