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adidas X18 Purespeed “Energy Mode” Released

adidas X18 released

With the World Cup right around the corner, adidas has introduced a new speed focused boot to their line-up in the form of X18 Purespeed. Released as part of the upcoming Energy Mode pack, they are available as an X18+ and X18.1 model.

What makes these so unique is the fact that the X18+ has gone laceless. This now means all three key adidas silo’s are available without laces. It is also gives this series a completely different type of performance on-pitch.

Available right now exclusively at

adidas X18+ Purespeed

X18+ Tested

adidas X18 On Feet Stadium

Over the past week, we saw plenty of references the old school F50 series. Although I do see some similarities with the X18 series, these definitely breath their own style and a fresh level of innovation. Lets talk about the X18+ for a minute. It starts around the ankle, where a new low-cut CLAW COLLAR construction is reinforced by a stretch material that secures the foot in place through play, providing increased stability and support. The upper features an unusual pattern that stands out, with a new piece of lightweight technology comprised of speed yarns employed called SKELETALWEAVE. You also get an ultra-soft SPEEDMESH that offers a controlled touch without restricting the movement of the foot.

Something that will make a lot of fans happy is the updated SPEEDFRAME outsole. It features arrowhead shaped studs on the forefoot for optimal traction during rapid acceleration. Up close, you can see that there are little holes just beneath the surface. This is part of a process called drillium engineered tooling, where strategical pieces have been drilled out of the soleplate to decrease weight without affecting the durability of the design.

adidas X18+ Detailing

Sam Handy, adidas Vice-President of Design said:

The World Cup is the pinnacle of any player’s career. The challenge for us as designers is producing a boot which highlights the natural talents of these incredible athletes on the world’s biggest sporting stage. With the new Energy Mode X18+ we have produced something that is really lightweight and minimalist in its design, which removes the barriers between foot and ball while still achieving the elite touch and support at high speed required by the game’s most explosive players. As we continue to innovate in footwear design, we believe this product opens up new potential for players and I can’t wait to see them in action in Russia.

We don’t have long to wait to see the new X18 Purespeed series in action, with a host of Real Madrid and Liverpool stars set to wear them in the Champions League final this weekend. And it is an impressive line-up; Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema, Marcelo, Mo Salah.

Other top stars are also set to wear them in coming weeks, with Gabriel Jesus, David De Gea, David Villa, Diego Costa and Luis Suarez just a few examples.

If you are interested in being one of the first wearing a pair, you are in luck. The entire series is available exclusively with free shipping at Meaning you can ordered and have them shipped today!

Check the entire line-up HERE.

Real Madrid in X18

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