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Deciding Between the adidas X18+ and X18.1?

Some of you might currently be weighing up the option of buying a pair of boots from the latest adidas X18 line-up. They have become a hot commodity this preseason, leaving players with a decision to make.

Do you go laceless (X18+) or laces (X18.1)? Do you invest in an Elite level boot, or stick with a slightly more cost effective Premium version?

For us, the answer is very simple and there is one version that stands to be a much better option for players in need of a solid performing season long boot. Details below.

adidas X18+ Purespeed Review

But first, lets take a look at both boots and what they have on offer, starting with the X18+ (or check out our review here!)

Of all the adidas laceless releases to date, this is the one that took most guts to create in my opinion. It is bold. We are talking about a 6.7oz speed boot that uses an elastic type material as the only support to keep you locked into the boot. Added to that is the actual cut around the ankle, which is very similar to a standard low-cut laced release.

In comparison, the X18.1 has a lacing system that allows for a more controlled fit.

With F50 adiZero-like vibes to it, the latest X18.1 is the perfect speed boot for anyone looking to take their game to the next level. A SpeedMesh upper offers an extremely lightweight and second skin-like fit with a barefoot-like touch on the ball. The seamless Claw Collar offers a non-restrictive fit around the ankle, allowing you to move freely.

The Verdict

Choosing between both can come down to personal preference and what you expect from a boot. But, ultimately, the X18.1 is a much better boot option. Why? First, the upper is designed to be more supple and adjustable on foot due to the fact that you have laces that can help alter the fit and security offered. With the X18+, the design needs to be ultra snug and the materials more rigid in order to keep you locked down in the boot. 

adidas has done an incredible job with the X18+ in creating a final laceless product that stays locked down on foot, and they do perform well. But the X18.1 just has so much more to offer, including a fit that offers more accommodation to a wider set of players. The m

Finally, price. There is a novelty factor to the X18+ and the opportunity to own a laceless pair of boots. It makes them more appealing, to have something that other players don’t have. But in reality, that is not how it is supposed to play out. As much fun as it is, why do you want to pay more for a boot that is missing a key feature? The ability to lace you boots and create a personalized fit has been an important piece of ensuring you get the most out of your boots. You save money in this case by choosing laces, I’m sorry but that is something that seems kind of daft to me!

Find the entire current line-up of X18+ HERE.

Find the entire current line-up of X18.1 HERE.

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