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Why You Shouldn’t Pay $350 For the Predator Mania Remake!

adidas Red Predator Mania

I have a serious bone to pick with adidas, and I’m going to use the latest Predator Mania remake to point it out. As you might have spotted, the Risk Red version of the Predator Mania is available right now as a limited collection release. That is of course, as long as you can drop $350 on a pair. Yes, that would be Three Hundred and Fifty dollars.

Personally, I find that to be a disgusting price point and I’m over these absurd price hikes, the perfect example of fan exploitation. What reasons would adidas have for driving up the price of a boot that hasn’t anything else special about it compared to current market releases? It features a k-leather upper and a modern soleplate, with the iconic design being the focal point. And other than the fact they come in a fancy box, that is about it. Even the actual Predator Zone doesn’t match what was found on the original.

So, that would mean the extra price is either going toward the modern soleplate, the visual design, or the pocket of adidas shareholders. Are the materials tougher to source? Nope. Is it more challenging to make a current day Predator release? Nope. Does it cost more to advertise limited collection releases? Nope.

Mania with Becks

What adidas are essentially doing is marketing a release that caters to collectors or the more elitist soccer fans out there that have more money available. It is absolutely in their right to do it, they make a ton of money after all and that is the end game. But, as a customer and a fan of the brand, it is also very insulting. If they really cared about fans, players and those that want to enjoy an iconic boot release, it would make far more sense to drop the price and make them more available to buy. What impact would this have on the market value of the boots? Nothing! If the design is right, which it is, you are going to still have a rush of fans that want to snag a pair. In fact, you have the potential to reach more fans with a lower price point.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love this design and appreciate the nostalgia that goes along with this release. But, I don’t want to see $350+ becoming a norm on the soccer market, just because brands want to make a quick buck. If you are on the fence on buying a pair, I implore you to skip them and invest your money in more modern boots that cost half the price. Send adidas a message that you want releases like this, just at a more accessible price point for the everyday player.

Thoughts? Anyone with the opposite viewpoint that is happy to pay the $350 for a pair?

Red adidas Predator Mania Remake

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  1. Today Adidas in USA had the 30% friends discount, so I end up paying 265 with tax included, but I totally agree with you. It should had been at $300 retail max.

  2. That price is offensive!

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