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Special Edition adidas X Ghosted+ Peregrine Speed

adidas X Ghosted Peregrine Speed

It was a release that came and went before we ever had the chance to get to know them – the adidas X Ghosted+ Peregrine Speed. As far as limited edition releases go, these were pretty spectacular with the fastest animal on the planet meeting a brand new breed of speed cleat.

Inspired by the lightning-quick peregrine falcon in attack mode, these unique adidas X Ghosted+ displayed an eye-catching pattern right across their lightweight upper. That upper is composed of three super-lightweight layers, the Mirageskin upper stabilizes your feet with a vacuum-fit experience. This actually lets players feel the air sucked rapidly out of the boot when worn, creating a super snug fit that supports explosive moves thanks to its proximity to the contours of the foot.

X Ghosted+ Peregrine Speed Firm Ground Cleats Silver

X Ghosted+ Peregrine Speed Firm Ground Cleats

Peregrine Speed adidas X Ghosted

Underfoot, there are a lot of changes that will get fans excited. adidas is introducing carbitex speedframe – a dynamic carbon plate. This innovation was crafted via an open source approach, and harnesses the extreme power and performance of carbon fiber but in a flexible form. X Ghosted is the first football boot available at scale with the integration of a dynamic carbon plate. adidas also worked on improving the stud configuration and came up with a toe spring, allowing on demand lineal bursts but also providing the support for explosive agile movement.

When they were released in December, they sold out in less than an hour, leaving us with little opportunity to take a deeper dive into what they had on offer. Here, we take one final look at some images and relive the incredible design. If you are looking for pairs, eBay is probably your best bet to find a pair – at a pretty overinflated price!

If you want to wear X Ghosted+, check the current line-up at

Limited Edition adidas X Ghosted Peregrine

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