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Why is the adidas Copa Sense.2 So Misunderstood?

adidas Copa Sense.2

Since their introduction to the market, there hasn’t be a while lot of attention placed on the mid-tier adidas Copa Sense.2. The comments I have heard are geared more toward them being “just another second rate adidas release” than feedback on their actual performance. Considering experiences with previous adidas releases, I can see how fans would naturally take that initial stance.

But, there is something different about these, something a lot more positive that gives them greater appeal to players on a set budget. In other words, I’m here to tell you that they are misunderstood and underappreciated. Here is why you should at least give them a chance.

Get Past The Visuals!

Lets start with visuals, and I think this is where a lot of players have established their opinion by looking at the outside and not what they have on offer on the inside. Lets be honest, I wouldn’t really blame those that have made a decision based on the visuals. They are a slightly odd looking boot and really aren’t that trendy. It has a lot to do with the wavy patterns on the calf leather upper and sitting along the synthetic midfoot area. They actually kind of remind me of the Under Armour Speedform with their articulated toe box. But overall, they don’t really scream cool or trendy.

And here is the part where I tell you to get past the visuals – these have so much more on offer. So, take the look out and listen to how they rate on foot.

adidas Copa Sense.2 feature

adidas Copa Sense.2 Leather Upper

adidas Copa Sense.2 Mid Tier

Great Fit and Feel

First thing, the actual fit. I found these to be a very natural true to size option. Having a natural lacing system that allows you to really loosen up the laces and tongue area provides a little extra stretch through wear, something you don’t get from every collared boot currently on the market. That in itself is an important selling point, providing players with an old school fit that a lot of modern boots are missing. Loosen them up and slip your foot into a very natural feeling upper, with a suede inner lining that creates eom extra grip to keep you locked in. There is also an important level of stretch found in the calf leather upper that allows your foot to really mellow down into a cozy fit.

When it comes to width, they offer an accommodating fit. I wore them in my natural size and the length was pretty spot on, if you like a little extra room then I might consider going up a half size.

Performance On Foot

In terms of playability, I found them to be ideal for wear right out of the box. There isn’t a whole lot of break-in time needed seeing as they entire construction of the boot is geared toward allowing your foot to naturally move inside a pliable shell. Even the soleplate has a natural bend that doesn’t hinder comfort in any way. One of my favorite pieces of these boots is that calf skin upper. It is super pliable, stitched in where the cut line makes a V across the fore forefoot.

adidas Copa Sense.2 TOUCHPOD


Looking at the instep, you will find a feature made synonymous on boots like the Nike CTR360 range; a TOUCHPOD. Oh, how I enjoy a little extra padding along the instep. It is a high touch area that, somewhere you can claim an extra clean touch on the ball and really take an advantage over your opponent. Having it available on a mid-tier release makes for a huge bonus.

Retail Details

And best of all is the price point, with these dropping in at $119.99. In the past, we have seen adidas mid-tier releases drop in closer to the $150 mark, but they have taken more of a Copa Gloro approach with these, keeping them priced in the highly respectable value-for-money range.

Find all the latest Copa Sense.2 colorways available at

Coming from direct experience, here is the deal with these. Initially, I was hesitant to test them out, something that had a lot to do with how they looked. Over the past few weeks, several others pairs have arrived in after these. And without even noticing, I went about featuring them first. Thankfully, I make an impromptu decision to take the Copa Sense out on the pitch and I’m so, so, so glad that I did. I plan to give them more game action this weekend to really get a comprehensive review for them locked in.

adidas Copa Sense.2 Unboxing

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