Friday , October 23 2020

Richard Wyatt

When he's not playing deft flicks and through balls with various 7 a side teams, Richard is either enjoying a good brew or enlightening the world with SoccerCleats 101 and the good ship Twitter. Find him on Twitter if you want to know what a Sweeper/Deep Lying Playmaker looks like!

The Soccer List – The Legend of the Drunken Linesman

Hello and as CBC Radio One host Jian Ghomeshi is prone to saying “Happy Monday”. Welcome to a shorter than usual edition of The Soccer List, thank you International Break! Rest assured SC101 universe I’ll be throwing up a celebratory “Zlatan is in the World Cup” edition Wednesday  morning, or …

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Diadora Italica K Pro MG 14 – Boot Review

Diadora Italica K Unboxed

Diadora are a boot company who’s products I have often liked the look of, but I’d never had the opportunity to get a pair to have a run out in. That was remedied when I received the Diadora Italica K Pro MG 14 (try saying that three times fast) and I …

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The Soccer List – Black Cats at Night? Sunderland’s Delight

Hello or if you’re reading in Australia, G’day! Welcome back to The Soccer List, your one stop shop for all the major (and some not so major) stories from the last week in soccer. So hopefully your cup of tea is sufficiently mashed and we can take a Monday morning …

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The Soccer List – Boots, Blowouts, Blowups and Wizards (Yes Wizards)

Hello, and welcome to the inaugural edition of The Soccer List, your one stop shop for all of the major (and occasionally minor) talking points from the recently passed week in soccer, and on the review front here on the site. Given that this is SC101 there will of course …

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Update – The Joma 2013 Range and a Wee Surprise

Joma Collection

About a month ago the good people over at Spanish outfit Joma sent out their current range of boots which, Bryan has featured on the SC101 YouTube channel. I’m delighted to say that with the exception of the Super Regate, which Bryan took quite a liking too (and I already …

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adidas Introduce Reflective Technology – The Enlightened Pack

Enlightened Boots

If tonight’s Champions League matches seem a bit brighter than usual do not adjust your television sets, you’re merely witnessing ‘The Enlightenment‘. Adidas are debuting the Enlightened Pack, a range of boots that feature reflective exposure. The result is designed to capture and bounce off the light created by floodlights …

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Indoor Soccer Shoes – Finding the Right Performance for the Right Surface

So Fall has dropped, and if you’re a rec player north of the 49th parallel (or in the Northern US), you’re probably in that awkward transition from the outdoor game to the small sided indoor game. Playing multiple nights a week on various surfaces (including court, carpet, and various turf …

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Adidas Nitrocharge 2.0 – Boot Review

Adidas Nitrocharge 2.0

The Adidas Nitrocharge 2.0, is the mid-tier release in the Nitrocharge silo. The concept itself should be up for innovation of the year in the soccer world in my opinion. Thanks to the boss (cheers boss), I’ve been closing out the outdoor season up here in the Great White North in …

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The Hypervenom Gets the NIKEiD Treatment

The Nike Hypervenom has been one of the most talked about releases of the year as it’s replaced the Total 90 series, and almost instantly found a home among attacking players. The crew over at NIKEiD have been paying attention too, and they’ve chosen three players across the range who’s …

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Mizuno Ignitus II KH – The Review

It’s not everyday that a rec league hacker can get his hands on a pair of boots which have been designed to the exact specifications of a World Class footballer! Thanks to my sister who was working in Japan, and brought me home a gift, I’ve been able to do …

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Cleatology – Previewing the Mizuno Ignitus II KH

Mizuno Morelia Green

My sister has just arrived home from a three year stint teaching over in Japan, and in her suitcase was a little present for me, a pair of Mizuno Ignitus II KH’s. Now the timing of this piece may seem a bit off with the Wave Ignitus III having been …

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Boots I Want To See Make a Return

The recent re-imagining by Nike of the original Mercurial R9 (albeit as a colorway of the Vapor IX’s) got me feeling a bit nostalgic about some boots from the last 10 or so years that I’d love to see either re-released or re-worked somehow. After searching through my memory banks, …

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Joma Super Regate: An Innovative Futsal Release

Portillo de Toledo based outfit Joma are known in North America as a brand who offer very good quality mid-tier releases at a great price, but, a company who’ll never be able to compete with the big three (much like the Mexican brand Pirma). While that cursory glance is partially …

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XBlades Legend Elite – The Review

XBlades Legend Elite Soccer Cleats

It’s always an exciting time when a new pair of boots arrives at my house. The arrival of the X-Blades Legend Elite was no different. The Aussie outfit claim to be the first company to produce boots with bladed studs, as a proponent of classic round studs I should have …

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