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Joma Super Regate: An Innovative Futsal Release

The brand new Joma Super Regate
The brand new Joma Super Regate

Portillo de Toledo based outfit Joma are known in North America as a brand who offer very good quality mid-tier releases at a great price, but, a company who’ll never be able to compete with the big three (much like the Mexican brand Pirma). While that cursory glance is partially accurate, it doesn’t tell the full story. The Spanish brand are a major player in the Futsal world, with their Top Flex model. For the coming Futsal season they’ve renovated the Regate silo, and designed it with a specific player in mind. I’ll let the Joma website announcement pick up here;

Super Regate is the novelty of the Fall-Winter 2013 Indoor Soccer Collection. This shoe is targeted for heavier-weight players that need extra protection of their articulations provided by its excellent shock-absorption. This Indoor Soccer Collection’s two main innovations are: the INJECTION PRINT system of the upper and the structure of the outsole’s flexion lines.

Now IF the release rings true, and isn’t just strangely translated Spanish, then I’m actually very excited about this new release. Lamentably, I’m not getting any lighter (I’m not getting fatter either, just to clarify), and I do spend a great deal of my winter playing a pickup version of Futsal (we have to use the retro indoor soccer ball, resembles a large tennis ball), and the pain on my joints is something else in current indoor shoes, so I can’t wait to get my hands on the Super Regate to see if this is the case .

The Super Regate includes some of the same technology which was in the Regate, namely the Salatech upper, which is a combination of mesh and rubber. The mesh allows for maximum breathability and the rubber aids with ball control. Also shared with the Regate is the Establizador system in the midsole which aids in stability. However, in the Super Regate, Joma have added the Injection Print system to the upper, also they have completely redesigned the sole, including flex channels making the boot extremely flexible and improving mobility. Finally in a bit of a surprise they also found a way to drop the weight of the Super Regate down to 8.6oz from the 10.6oz of the Regate.

Joma SR Blue

Side View

The Super Regate comes in three colourways, the first being the reasonably neutral White/Electric Peach/Red/Navy, the second being the striking Navy/Electricity/Electric Peach, and the third in the flashy Electricity/Red/Black. Price wise, Joma has these retailing at $74.99, which considering what Nike would charge for their top indoor shoes is a great value for money when you account for Joma’s Futsal pedigree.

Despite being slated for the Fall/Winter of 2013, curiously, I have found that you can currently purchase them through

Joma Sr Yellow

Joma have also put this snazzy little PR vid on their YouTube page that I’ve leeched for your viewing pleasure:

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  1. I'm looking at getting a pair of super regates. Is the fit similar for other joma models? I am a US 8 for the joma top flex. Should I go with the same size? As I have heard these shoes run half a size smaller or are a true fit.

  2. I am ALWAYS a US 9 in Adidas, Puma and many other brands. Per a lot of online warning about Joma running large, I ordered an 8.5 in the Super Regate. I went through the shoe modeling at and other online retailers and they all put me at 8.5 so I ordered that. It is too big by about 1 cm. Granted, I like my indoor/futsal shoes tight to prevent slipping and blisters.

    I truly believe that the 1/2 size down from Adidas/Puma to Joma is not enough and that you need ONE FULL SIZE DOWN to be comparable. I know this review is in direct conflict with many recommendations.

  3. Hi. What is the benefit if it wear by the non heavy player? Is there any advantage for the normal weight player, compare to the Top Flex, in term of playing performance, running feeling, shooting, ball control and touch?

  4. What is the benefit if it wear by the non heavy player? Is there any advantage for the normal weight player, compare to the Top Flex, in term of playing performance, running feeling, shooting, ball control and touch?

    • There’s no advantage to being lighter in the Super Regate, it is a quality sala shoe. The advantage was that it offered more cushioning for heavier players in the similar way that Nike’s Air Max and Shox (hey remember Shox?!) offered more cushioning for the heftier runner.

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