Friday , March 24 2023

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Pele Sports Galileo – The Review

Pele Galileo

At this point it has become very common to see companies reducing the weight of their cleats drastically, and now we are starting to see this weight change impact economic and mid-tier options. Nike has even managed to reduce the weight of their mid-tier vapor ,the Veloce, to 7.8 oz …

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Pele Sports Galileo in Chili Pepper Released

The colorway title of this latest Pele Sports Galileo release sums things up perfectly and serves as as back-up for the statement that “Pele Sports know how to create a good looking boot” (thanks Jim.) They are officially listed as a Chili Pepper/Persimmon Orange/Fiery Red – a big title, but …

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Pele Sports Galileo in Snow White

It seems like one of the top options for players looking at the second tier of boots right now is the Pele Sports Galileo. That might seem a little surprising, but the fact that these boots weigh 7.3oz and features the same unique tri-stud configuration that’s found on the Trinity, …

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