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Pele Sports Galileo in Snow White

Pele Galileo Snow White (b)

It seems like one of the top options for players looking at the second tier of boots right now is the Pele Sports Galileo. That might seem a little surprising, but the fact that these boots weigh 7.3oz and features the same unique tri-stud configuration that’s found on the Trinity, makes them an extremely interesting option with plenty on offer.

Then there is the sharp look, with this all new Snow White colorway suiting up as one of the better looking releases of recent times. Some subtle Blue and Green detailing finishes the complete look. Officially, they come in as one of the “Lightest Mid-tier Boot on the market“, and they feature an all new and ultra durable microfiber upper called Renaissance. There is also a new inner lining called Ripstop which keeps the boot from stretching and helps to maintain shape and stability for the long run.

Another bonus is of course the price, with the Galileo hitting the market at $109.99, which is a very competitive price for what they have to offer. We picked up one of the first pairs from Pele Sports, with plenty more images of the boots below for you to check out.

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Pele Galileo Snow White

Pele Galileo Snow White

Pele Galileo Snow White

Pele Galileo Snow White

Pele Galileo Snow White

Pele Galileo Snow White

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  1. Is the fit on the Galileo 1/2 a size too long like the Pele Trinity?

    • i actually messaged pele sports through facebook and the representative said they do fit 1/2 long like the trinities so you should order a 1/2 down.

  2. Hey.

    Are the width the same as the Trinity Slim or the “normal” trinity??

  3. so the only thing that changes from the trinity's is the weight and the upper?

  4. I see the upper has a texture to it, very interesting. Awesome looking boot for sure

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