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Pele Sports Galileo in Chili Pepper Released

Pele Sports Galileo Chili Pepper

The colorway title of this latest Pele Sports Galileo release sums things up perfectly and serves as as back-up for the statement that “Pele Sports know how to create a good looking boot” (thanks Jim.) They are officially listed as a Chili Pepper/Persimmon Orange/Fiery Red – a big title, but something I already know the boots live up to. It is a solid design that is sharp and ideal for fans of many top teams in Europe – it goes with most kits. And who doesn’t love that extra pop of Orange detailing around the ankle lining?

I have had a pair in the Snow White colorway arrive here in Ireland a few weeks back, with plenty of time spent testing them out by both myself and fellow players. Testing has finished, so now comes the write-up, which I am currently working on – to be released by end of week!

In terms of retail, the Galileo comes in at $109.99, which is a very competitive price for what they have to offer.

Chili Pepper Pele Galileo

Officially, these boots come in as one of the “Lightest Mid-tier Boot on the market“, and they feature an all new and ultra durable microfiber upper called Renaissance. There is also a new inner lining called Ripstop which keeps the boot from stretching and helps to maintain shape and stability for the long run.

Stay tuned for full details on performance of the 2nd tier boot!

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  1. Been waiting for a review on these..wanting to purchase em online but still have questions regarding fit..hope to read the review soon!

  2. Wish the came in highlight green, that would be sick! Waiting for the review.

  3. I heard from some people with other cleats made by this company and also from some reviews on other websites that some Pelé Sports cleats have spikes (or whatever they're called) on the bottom that fall off somewhat quickly or at least the spikes falling off before the cleats have been heavily used. Is this true?

    • We can only go off what we have experienced with the range (which has been a lot of wear testing with each release) and no studs have broken off for us. On the original release, we did encounter some separation between the upper and soleplate, but on more recent releases this doesn't seem to be as much of an issue.

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