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Nike Tiempo Legend V Review

Nike Vapor V Review

Nike has left us in wait for a new Tiempo Legend release well longer than we all expected. It was June 2011 when we were introduced to the Tiempo Legend IV, so there was definitely plenty of excitement when we found out the Tiempo Legend V would be dropping. And Nike hasn’t disappointed. This latest release has received plenty of positive attention since release and it brings back memories of a Nike release in the past!

We have had a pair in testing for the past few weeks, although it took a few days to get past staring at the glorious stitching before we were really able to get to work on the review! Here is how they worked out.

The Tiempo Legend V is currently available to buy at

Initial Reaction

Immediately, the stitching captures your attention and is the focal point of the release. Created in the same vein as the Ronaldinho Dois released in 2008. When the R9 Dois hit the market, the reaction was mixed but since they disappeared from the market, fans have been craving a similar design. Nike obliged by creating this latest version that has a lot more technology and a fresh paint job. Feel and touch on the ball is where I’ll be focusing my attention during testing.

Nike Tiempo V Unboxing

Tiempo V Sideview

Breaking In and Comfort

The Nike team has done a great job of creating a well-padded boot that is definitely lighter than any other Tiempo Legend release we have seen to date. At 8.5oz, it is not a speed boot, but they are definitely not intended to be. This is a heritage release so the focus is on providing players with a clean touch in a comfortable package. Has Nike achieved that goal? Well, yes they have!

Lets start inside the boot, where they employ a honeycomb layer between your foot and the actual upper. It feels like a softer version of the honeycomb upper found on the Hypervenom. What it creates is a cushioned feel and sort of nuzzles in around the contours of your foot – one of the reasons that the boot fits tighter than your regular boot. Where the Hypervenom offers a very spacious fit, the Tiempo V is a lot tighter. This can be problematic for players that need a wider fit, so its an important comfort note to bear in mind.

Again going back to that tight fitting upper, the double stitching layer that runs around the forefoot did cause some discomfort. Because of the the tight fit and the fact that it is positioned right along the toe-line, it doesn’t give that little extra stretch through the upper that is needed when you look to make quick, sharp changes. The resolution to this issue is a half size up, read more on this in the “How do they Fit” section.

Then there is the heel that has a slightly unusual feel to it. Up top, they are nice and soft, but down toward the lower heel things are a lot more solid, in effect acting as a sort of heel counter. Wearing them, you can feel the different levels of firmness and I am sure that a lot of players will notice it when putting them on for the first time. Thankfully, it causes no comfort problems and Nike has found a way to combo both very effectively.

Overall, they do the job and are a comfortable boot to wear in long games. But, the important thing is ensuring you get the right size!

Nike Tiempo V Leather Upper

Tiempo V Soft K-Leather

Nike Tiempo V Design

In-Game Performance

Oh how I love the visual design of these boots! It is clean and the cross stitching creates the appearance of a sharp, crisp surface for controlling the ball. That proves to be exactly the case and these are a great option for players who want to keep it simple, get on the ball, and move it around the pitch. The definition created by the stitching is not as prominent as you would imagine. On some similar boots, like for example the latest adiPure 11Pro Samba, the cross stitching makes for a more padded feel. On these, it is a lot more minimal but that actually plays to your advantage as it offers more fee on the ball. The soft K-leather used also works in unison with the stitching to create a very soft and molded forefoot that hugs your foot and becomes really personalized to your exact foot shape over time.

Another new addition is Hypershield technology, which blocks moisture for a snug fit that lasts and allows for a constant touch regardless of weather. This second layer of hydrophobic mesh ensures that the boot dries quickly and absorbs less water than previous leather boots. I did have an opportunity to wear them in moderately wet conditions (some light rain) and even though it is difficult to assess without using them for an extended period where water is prominent, they worked out well. After play, they dried out well without increasing overall weight. This is an area where player feedback would be useful, from those who wear them consistently in rain.

In terms of striking, the results are solid. There is nothing overly impressive but considering they are going to be more of a midfielders boot, it isn’t an area where you would expect them to excel. As a heritage boot, they are on point and allow you to move the ball effectively without feeling the full impact – enough said here!

Nike has built this boot on the same last as the Hypervenom. What that means is they have looked at the soleplate and used the same footbed to create a comfortable ride. When you flip the boot over, the stud configuration also has some similarities, but they are definitely designed to offer a different type of traction. You get eight conical studs up top and four blades on the heel region. Overall, it helps distribute pressure for a smooth ride. On natural grass surfaces, they feel great and that is where they will excel for players. I wasn’t overly impressed with them on turf as they were a little sticky but they definitely work for players who play on AG. The soleplate itself is very flexible right out of the box and it makes for a boot that can be worn in a game first time out if needed.

Compared to the Tiempo Legend IV

The most obvious difference between the new and the old Tiempo is the awesome stitching design through the forefoot that Nike has gone with. It is not the first time we have seen this style (think back to the Ronaldinho Dois) but it is a refreshing addition that gives the boots a very nostalgic feel. Padding inside the boot has been vastly modified, as per the in-game performance notes above. I preferred the overall fit of the Tiempo IV, but I do appreciate the direction Nike has taken with the latest installment.

Tiempo V Soleplate

Nike Tiempo V Heel Design

Tiempo V Tongue

How do they Fit?

In terms of actual configurations, the Tiempo V looks and measures very true to size. BUT, they have a slightly tighter fit than other boots currently on the market and even the Tiempo IV. This is as a result of the double line of stitching that runs around the forefoot and the extra padding that sits inside. The boot is designed to have a very snug fit and this is enhanced by the stitching. Where regular uppers will stretch out, this specific layer actually keeps the shape of the forefoot very much intact and can be problematic if you are in the wrong size. My advice is to consider a half size up, most players will benefit from the extra space. If you compare them to the likes of the adiPure 11Pro in the same size, the adiPure has a much more natural shape and is effectively a better true to size option for players.

Width wise, they are definitely better suited for those in the medium mold. I’m a medium/wide fit and they were snug through wear. Again, a half size up release a little extra space and would be a better option for wider fitting players interested in testing the range.

As Worn By

There is a wide variety of players currently wearing the Tiempo V, with pretty much every position covered. Players such as David de Gea, Gerard Pique, Kyle Walker, Carlos Tevez and Ronaldinho (to name a few) have been wearing them in the past few weeks. It is the type of boot that has a wide appeal.

Nike Tiempo V in-game performance

Critics Notes

My only major concerns lies in the actual fit of the boot and there might cause issues will players who are looking for a true to size fit. Again, I’d recommend checking out a half size up if possible to ensure an ideal fit. Other than that in the performance category, they are a pretty solid release that shouldn’t cause players any real problems! My other beef is the price, with this current release hitting the $200 mark. What the heck, Nike? We were pretty happy about the fact the Tiempo Legend series was a proper economical option that offered players total value. Raising it to the same price as the Vapor and every other high end boot on the market seems a bit rash!!

Pick up your pair of Tiempo Legend V at right now.

The Skinny Summary

Highlight: A very comfortable boot that will provide players with a clean touch on the ball and an extremely classy visual appearance.
Category: Heritage – compliments of a great looking stitch pattern.
Weight: A commendable 8.5oz – a pretty ideal weight point.
Would I Buy Them: Not a fan of the price increase, but I definitely wouldn’t turn down a pair if they were offered to me. They are a seriously classy looking boot.
Player Position: There is a broad appeal to these boots and they are a decent option for many playing styles. My recommendation would be for midfielders who like to move the ball or for defenders who value getting some touches on the ball.

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. in short: sounds like a fail

    • Pretty much. I will say, it's one of the best looking boots I've seen in a long time (don't care for the colorway shown, however). But, a leather boot that won't mold and costs $200. Why?

    • it is a huge success. my friend is wearing it and though he experienced some tightness like Bryan did, he says that they are awesome. Just for the fun of it, e is now wearing the latest Hyper Turquoise/orange colourway.

  2. I think you may be understating the price issue with this release. At pretty much $200, I don't see enough in the boot other than the inclusion of the Kleather upper to draw me in. When I think heritage, I also think control, and it doesn't look like Nike did enough for me to purchase these. Great review as always though.

  3. i was reading the review of the pele sports trinity galileo, and you guys mentioned that a rerelease of the trinity has been made to clear up some durability issues. can you conform this, and if so , then how would the new trinities be on turf?

    • Yes, there was a newer version of the Trinity released. But Pele Sports stopped production mid last year, so there are no "new" versions on the market right now. (ie. it is all older stock)

  4. Honestly I tried these on the other day at a local soccer shop, and I also tried on the Mid-tier Tiempo Legacy. I have to say that the Legacy is actually a better option in my opinion. It has a calf leather upper that is actually really nice and feels almost identical to the Tiempo Legend. It also has the same Hypershield liner. The legacy also uses the same last as the Hypervenom while employing the suede heel liner of the Tiempo Legend IV. Plus it comes in at $99.00 US. Personally I think I will be getting the Legacy over the Legend. To me a boot bag doesn't justify purchasing the Tiempo Legend, especially when they raised the price to $200.00.

    • Nike do a great job with their mid-tier range, so I'm not surprised to hear you see the Legacy as a solid option! Good feedback.

    • I havent had the chance to see either boot based on your abservations:
      Are both the uppers of the legacy and legend equal in thickness or is one of the clearly thinner?

  5. Bryan, how do you dry your boots and what is the best way to do so. Also would you take these over the new Adipures

  6. You might as well get a pair of the premiers which are half the price, lighter, and in my opinion, better.

  7. Tiempo Legend IV was more like : U – in the forefoot.
    Tiempo Legend V is more like : V – in the forefoot.

    Just that inch too tight for my liking.

  8. What size did you wear for review? I’m the same size from the reviews I’ve read so I’m sorta curious.

  9. I have heard other people complain about the leather cracking and other durability issues. Did this happen to you too?

  10. Bryan, you have tried many boots that Im interested in. I personally boots with thin k-leather (previously owned the King Finale SL). Based on yuor experience which boot will provide a better thin k leather feeling Legend V or Mizuno Morelia Neo? if there is another option pls let me know.

  11. I actually think these are the best boots I have tried in a long time for a technical attacking midfielder. First touches feel fantastic, and I found them comfortable once you go half a size up as mentioned. This is speaking from trying the AG version on turf, the grass shoes might be different.

  12. hi, i bought a pair of these boots and im really enjoying them. my only question is where the white and orange meet there is a strip of orange that seems to be a different material. apparently it cracks! i am very worried. You can find this on the youtubers named freekickerz channel. please help

    • I haven't seen this yet and the pair I have are still holding up well. I'm actually not sure how it could crack since it is so soft. It might be related to how they are dried after use in wet conditions – make sure to air dry them and if you have some Vaseline, put it on the area to keep it moist.

  13. Some reviews have mentioned excessive cleat pressure? Did you notice this? I'm really having trouble deciding on my new boot for the Spring season.

  14. Nevermind my early comment, I bought them, and I love them.

    If you can deal with the snug fit (I have a narrow foot and usually lace my boots as tight as possible), then I think they deliver one of the truest touches I've ever gotten. The upper is thin and supple. The padding, which is hardly noticeable, is even throughout, so touches are consistent. I just went through trying a ton of top tier boots, and these were the top of the heap.

    The only potential negatives are that the soleplate for me trends more towards speed than heritage and may not be as comfortable as some players might like, and the price is a little high. I don't know what is a proper price point as it isn't just a k-leather heritage release (ACC, X1.1 soleplate, K-Lite in some areas), but $200 is still steep. I also have no comment yet on durability.

    Definitely worth a try.

  15. Is it likely i can get away with wearing my usual size? I wear an 8.5 in tiempo 4’s and i couldn’t have them any tighter. I was able to try the 9 in the tiempo V as many have said go a half size up but i didn’t feel they were as tight as my 4’s and they felt a lot wider in the forefoot. In your experience, do the V’s stretch a tiny bit length wise after a good amount of use?

    • Because of the front layer of stitching, there really isn't a great deal of stretch through wear. So what you get at the beginning is pretty much how they fit. You might get away with a regular size, but remember that the Tiempo IV had some stretch.

  16. I have a pair of this. US8.5 and length wise, there are just some gap so its consider good fit yet my first and last toe is always cramped. Should I go half size up, the length will not be accurate. Any ways to counter this issue??

  17. Does the upper k-leather crack? I am planning on buying the Legacy’s or Legends and need to know which is a better deal. Or should I just wait for the Magista to be released?

  18. Would these (Tiempo Legend V) be a good option for a tall pacey striker? Tossing these up also with the Evospeed 1.2, Adizero F50 and Hypervenoms. Feedback would be nice, thanks!!

    • In terms who they are targeted for, I'm sure tall, pacey, strikers fit the bill! The other boots you have listed are more heavily advertised to attacking players, but if you are comfortable with the look and feel of the Tiempo V, then absolutely wear them!

  19. i just bought these boots couple of weeks ago..and i wear it once…i find out that a bit of the leather started to tear around the edge of the sole plate…i just wonder if it's just the painting (orange paint) or the leather itself actually teared??..can somebody answer this?

    • I have the same problem. Wear my shoes 2 times. Now wondering if my shoes can survive after a few more matches or should I glue the torn leather part to the sole plate. I think i will glue it. Dont feel comfortable leaving it there. My shoes could be history after a few more

      • i glued the torn part and it's fine..i think the innovation that nike create for this legend v seems killing the quality of the tiempo itself..comparing to the legend iv which is far better in term of durability of the leather…thick leather compare to the legend v..even legend v was lighter than legend iv in term of weight…

  20. Hello,
    Im currently playing in leather adizeros,before i played in hypervenom and vapors. I am little bit scared they will not suit me in terms of playing :/ do they feel heavy on the pitch? any more experience on AG? I am pacey winger

    • it feel comfortable…very soft touch on the ball..well it's not heavy but because it was made by a leather..u may feel a bit hard to run/sprint..comparing to the synthetic boots..but for me, it still reliable boots for a pacey winger (esp receiving the ball and making a cross)…

  21. Usually I wear a 9UK-43 Euro which is 28cm. But Nike seems to have a different sizings. Their 9UK is 44 Euro, 28 cm and 8.5UK is 43 Euro 27.5cm. I've already bought Mercurial & CTR size 9UK. The Mercurial is very loose at the heel & CTR is slightly loose.
    I've tried Tiempo V IC size 8.5UK. The heels are ok but the forefoot are tight. Will the stretch & expand & become comfortable later on?

    • sure it will stretch…don't worry about that..i've tried tiempo V and IV…and my advice is to pick the Tiempo IV…it is more comfortable than tiempo V…trust mould ur feet..

      • I agree with you. I prefer tiempos IV. the fit perfect. In V my normal size is too tight and half size up is too big.

  22. I have always admired the tiempo range because of the forgiveness the leather gives me, i do have wide feet, always worn previous models with no problem after break in and the copas have next caused me an issue, by your review would you advise swaying away from this boot

  23. Bryan, I am debating between these and the premiers. any thoughts on performace difference? I was leaning tiempo based on the sole plate but based on these comments it actually sounds as though the premier may be a better boot. thanks!

    • Both are solid options, but I'd actually go with the Premier – better value and top notch performance. The Tiempo V is a great boot, but it doesn't provide any significant level of difference to what you get from the traditional Premier release.

    • Great boot except the silver on the tongue began to peel had to send back as a defect

  24. Are these or the adidas predator instinct's more comfortable?

  25. I’m 10.5 in my left foot and 10 on my right, don’t know what size should I get since I own the adizero f50 trx fg 2012 in size 10 U.S. Need some help asap!

  26. As a player with narrow feet, I’ve had problems with adizero’s with them being a little too wide and movement of my forefoot causing blisters. Will these be more suited to my foot shape or is sizing up still advised?

  27. Defiantly get a half size up.

  28. i got the 70 something dollar version of these and although i was worried about them being to small, they stretched out beyond what i wanted them to. they stretch. they also feel really good on my thin ass foot

  29. Hi all, pls help!

    When choosing the size of a pair of tiempo legend v, with NO socks, how much space should u allow at the toes and heels? Tq

  30. How would you say the durability is. Do you think it would be ok to use the FG Tiempo on an AG surface or would the leather get ruined and ripped up? I'm afraid the tips of the shoe will get badly damaged from the abrasive AG surface.

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