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Nike Magista Opus Review

Nike Magista Opus

For many players, finding the right boot post CTR360 has become a daunting task. Nike never directly replaced the control boot, but they did introduce a more dynamic, agility focused option in the form of the Magista Opus. Playing little brother to the Magista Obra, the Opus didn’t receive a great deal of advertising attention on release. Instead, they sat in the background and waited for their moment in the sun.

That came in Brazil this summer, as more pro players chose to wear the Opus over the highly advanced Obra. Why this decision from so many of the world’s best? We tackle that question below as well as fill you in on how they performed as we put the boot through their paces in our comprehensive review.

For those wanting a pair, check the current Magista Opus listings at

Initial Reaction

Out of the box, they are very different to the Obra. The upper has a textured feel compliments of the Kangalite cage (Yellow) that covers the mesh upper (Red). As a boot that was released as a new-age version of the CTR360 Maestri, there are high expectations for what  the range has to offer.

Nike Magista Opus sideview

Magista Upper KangaLite

Nike Magista Obra Details

Breaking In and Comfort

The Opus is very much a no nonsense boot that is designed to perform very efficiently without causing any fuss. That is about the best way to put it! Once you take them out of the box and give them the once over, you will notice that the upper and soleplate are flexible and very much in tune with your natural foot movements. There is a definite sense of quality about the materials used in creating the boot and from the first training sense, I felt very comfortable in the Opus. The lining along the heel is also impressive, as it is soft enough against your Achilles yet it holds your foot firmly in place. Underneath the tongue, Nike also add some memory foam padding that provides a secure, protected feel through wear.

Magista Obra vs Opus

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the primary differences between both boots, all starting with the dynamic mid-cut collar. Then the actual upper of both is completely different, from a Flyknit on the Obra to a Kangalite on the Opus. It is unusual to have a boot released that is more advanced than the high-tier release, but this is the case between the Opus and Obra and it creates a lively debate. Can the Opus be called the high-end release in the series when the Obra is more expensive? The answer is yes, but it comes with a twist. Both boots can be called the high-end release in the Magista series, with each offering its own set of unique characteristics. Just because the Obra has a higher price-point, it doesn’t mean it performs at a higher level than the Opus. It simply means that the Obra was created through a much more extensive process and it offers a unique construction. The Opus is a boot that follows the norm, with solid performance, so to increase the price wouldn’t make much sense.

Another interesting note is that more players at the World Cup chose to wear the Opus over the Obra, something that might be a surprise considering player could decide for themselves. It shows that players at the top level are similar to us in that there is comfort in what we are familiar with. Knowing the type of performance that could be expected from the Opus over the mid-cut collar of the Obra proved more attractive on the world’s biggest stage.

The moral here; don’t jump to the conclusion that the Obra is a better performing boot simply because of its price tag!

Magista Opus Upper

Magista Opus Tongue Design

Magista Opus Soleplate

In Game Performance

The real talking point of these boots is the upper and its unusual construction. Nike use multi layers to create a very effective final product, ideal for clean, natural touches on the ball. It consists of a mesh underlay, covered by what looks like a cage but is actually a layer of KangaLite. There is a purpose to this construction, with the mesh serving as the real basis for the boot, creating a soft feel as you come in contact with the ball. The KangaLite balanced everything and ensures things are more durable over time. There is also a slightly tacky feel to the material that is useful for creative players that like to move with the ball close to their feet. On top of it all, a coating of NikeSkin is added to improve weatherproofing and keep water for retaining in the materials.

So, they are an effective boot when it comes to first touch. But how do they hold up when it comes to striking shots or playing long balls? Given that they are a boot geared toward playmakers and attacking styled players, you’d expect the upper to be a solid shooting boot. Sadly, they slightly lack in that department and the flexible nature of the upper means you take in a lot of impact when shooting. I’d actually take a step back and label these as more of a central midfielders boot, for players that need a more simple boot but with more of a twist. Don’t get me wrong, you will be able to strike quality shots with these, but they just don’t match up with other, similar focused boots on the market.

Nike has also made a unique modification to the tongue, by attaching it on the lateral side of the boot. Rather than having it separated on both sides, they have stitched the inner side to the upper. The reason? I really have no idea and it is actually slightly problematic. It actually causes the tongue on the opposite side to bunch and on several occasions it took time to readjust to make it sit uniformly against the foot. If anyone can think of a reason that it is attached, let me know in the comments below!

In the Opus, you get the exact same outsole found on the Obra, so your turns and grip (traction) will be equal no matter which boot you choose. 8 conical studs up top along with 3 three tiered blades and 4 conical studs on the heel complete a very balanced soleplate, with weight evenly distributed right throughout. Overall, it is a comfortable outsole with none of the studs causing any pressure issues.

How do they Fit?

These are a perfect true to size boot, with a natural length and good width. Compared to the likes of the Nike Tiempo Legend or the Nike Vapor X, these have a much more appropriate shape for players that need a larger fit. Slipping them on, they feel like a wide fitting boot and they about as close as Nike fans have gotten since the T90 Laser was retired.

Magista Opus Heel

The Boot That Replaced the CTR360 Maestri

When Nike announced that the CTR360 range was set to be retired, the Magista automatically jumped forward as the boot set to replace it. But, that is not entirely the case. The Magista Opus is a very different type of boot and they are not destined to complete the prophecy of the control inspired CTR360. There is no obvious technology or control element on the upper, other than the multi-layered dimension created between the Kangalite and mesh layer, so there is a slightly more basic feel to these. Basically, the Opus jumped into the void left behind by the CTR360 series, but to compare both on a performance basis would be very naive.

Critics Notes

Yes, the Magista is a very competent and high performing boot, but there is just something a little too mundane about them. Maybe it is an effect of playing second fiddle to the Obra through release, but the boot just doesn’t inspire. I’m also not a fan of the tongue design, where it is stitched on one side. I’m slightly confused by the design and its positioning adds some slight complications.

For those wanting a pair, check the current Magista Opus listings at

The Skinny Summary

Highlight: Very comfortable and highly competitive performing boot that is ideal for players in need of a pretty simple, no-nonsense option.
Category: Not the most perfect example, but it is intended to be a Control boot.
Weight: A super impressive 7oz.
Would I Buy Them: They are a boot that would fit on many players wishlist, but there are other boots currently on the market I’d want to get hold of first.
Player Position: Ideal for central mids or defensive players in need of a clean touch and lightweight performance.

What is your take on the Magista Opus, especially compared to the Magista Obra? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or you can always find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Thank you for the review! I have been waiting for a review for Magista opus for a while. Thank you!

  2. The maestri III actually has the same tongue design I believe. It stitched to the inside of the boot with an extra piece of lining found inside the boot.

  3. Hi Bryan,

    Would you prefer the CTR360 Maestri III or the Opus? And why?

  4. Is it comparible with the Hyper Venom Phatal or more with the Nitrocharge 2.0?

  5. Don't know which one to go with I want total control. Magista opus or ctr360 maestri iii

  6. You sound pretty disappointed with the Magista Opus, and yet you say they are 'very comfortable', 'lightweight' and that they provide a 'clean touch'. What more can you ask for in a control boot?

  7. Why didn't the blackout magista obra come in an ag version? The black/volt/hyper punch magista was released in an ag version so why didn't it extend to the stealth pack? Do you know when they're released?

  8. But aren't these essentially just a CTR360 Maestri 4? Putting the 'Magista' name aside.

  9. Hey Bryan,
    I might have a toughie to answer here but on a trusted website with a promo code I can get a pair of Opus for $129, I could also get the nitrocharge (last years model) for $119, and last but certainly not least a pair of CTR Maestri for $149, all with free shipping. Based on the price and quality could you list in order which boots I might prefer to buy? Just to fill you in I'm currently transitioning from a full/wing back to a central mid role but may still play defense in the future, thanks for the reviews man, they're super helpful!

  10. Just got these boots and already have blisters. Have talked to others with the boot and they have the same problem. make sure you are not in a rush to break them in

  11. Hi Bryan,

    Why don't you review shoes on their durability anymore?

    • It really varies by review. Some boots work out to be even par without anything of note, while others have a notable durability characteristics, which I will note. And honestly, I only get to test a boot for several months, so commenting on the lifespan of a boot would be unfair for you guys as you are relying on them to last through an entire season. Hope this makes sense!

  12. I play as DC (Forward), what do you recommend Nike Opus vs Adidas Predator?

  13. These are not wide fitting like the T90's. I read this review searching for a boot with the same fit as the T90's and thought I had found them after reading this. Ordered the same size I wear on T90 and they were too tight so sent them back. got the next half size up and still slightly too tight. In the first game I wore them in, I got blisters on both feet in the achillies area from the heel lining. The tongue setup is also odd, very difficult to get it flat
    Took these off after the first half and put on some Predator Absolion, which is a bummer because those are FG as the Opus have the AG plate which is much more comfortable fo r me on the artificial grass.

    Reason why I keep going back to Nike to replace my T90's is for the AG sole plate.

  14. great insight on these boots! what's your best recommendation for a player who LOVED his CTR360s? Our son, now playing at academy level, has worn these boots for years. He's tried several new styles (tiempo and opus) but complains about the touch not being on par w/ the CTR. He's a 6'1" defender and takes all the big kicks during games – has complained that his foot gets sore in models other than the CTR 360. looking to replace his maestri III boots…PLEASE HELP!!!

      • thanks so much for the reply! We've spent hundreds of $$ trying to replace those CTR360s. It's been a consistent battle this past year – his size 11.5 foot takes a beating in the newer models, or the newer models take a beating from his foot. We went through 3 pairs of tiempos this past season and all were cracked and falling apart by the time they hit the trash bin. I wish we had stocked up on the CTRs when they were still around…we would have saved a ton of $$$. thanks again…great website!!!

  15. Hey Bryan,
    I always found the tongue of my other boots to move towards the outside of the foot, due to the natural movement of the foot while playing. Hence, I thought stitching the tongue at the inside of the foot is quite a brilliant idea, and wonder why others haven't done it before. This could be the answer that you wanted. Cheers!


  16. Nike Magista Opus or Adidas Predator Instinct?

  17. Bryan, I am looking to get a pair of Opus's in the Academy pack color way. Unfortunately, my size is no longer in stock. I usually wear a size 10 in Nike cleats which gives me just a little room in the cleat. On, they have a 9.5 and a 10.5 still available. I am ideally going to order the 9.5 but do not want the cleat to be too snug and right. Do you think the change in size would be a huge difference? And should I size up or down?

  18. I was debating on which one to buy which one is better in your opinion the opus or tiempo legend 5

  19. A warning for anyone that want to buy these boots:

    When i put them on for the first time they felt great, the comfort level was very high. I loved everything about the boot. Then i noticed something…The upper toe portion of the boot (the third of the upper, past the laces, over the toes) did not touch my foot at all! I was wondering why some of my touches were off, and then i realized i couldn't feel the ball at all when taking certain touches with that part of my foot (the entire toe box essentially). So obviously these did not work for me because I found this extremely irritating. I would suggest to anyone that wants these to try them on at your local shop before purchasing.

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