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What color cleats do you wear?

What do the color of your cleats say?
Do you wear a pair of white, blue or even green cleats? Or are you a fan of the traditional, old school English black ‘clogs’? Well, here is a recap of a recent English study conducted by top sports phsychologists. Find out before you chose you color!!

The Old Pro: Black Boots

– A safe colour and suggests certainty and authority. Always worn traditional black boots, and always will.

The Maestro: White Boots

– White represents purity and light and the Maestro oozes talent and class, and has everything except sweat-inducing work rate.
The Hot Potato: Red Boots
– Red is an intense colour which generates emotions. This fire-brand is impetuous and rash and will make their mark on the game, and their opponents.

The Veteran: Blue Boots
– We look for blue skies, for peace and tranquility. He is convinced that his experience and nous more than makes up for a lack of pace. He switched to blue boots to demonstrate his coolness and calmness under pressure.

The Enigma: Green Boots
– Here is a player who has the manager tearing his hair out in frustration. On his day, he can win a match by himself. One week, storming the barricades; next week, missing in action. Why? Who knows?

The Entertainer: Yellow Boots
– Yellow brings good cheer and optimism. Our yellow-booted entertainer is the life and soul of the team and shows lots of energy and enthusiasm.

The Organiser: Brown Boots
– Our brown booted player will be a smartly turned out defender, unyielding and dependable with a penchant for a sliding tackle.

The Golden Boy: Gold Boots
– The colour of sun brings warmth and wisdom. He is super talented, but he might believe too much in his own publicity.

The Headless Chicken: Silver Boots
– Silver offers light and balance, and he has speed and pace to burn. However he is sometimes known as a headless chicken and his passing can be erratic.

The Eccentric: Orange Boots
– Orange offers freedom and emotional release. Your orange booted player can be prone to impulsive decision making and heart stopping gaffes – the boots express his individuality and desire to be different.

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The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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