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The Best Limited Edition Cleats of 2023 - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

The Best Limited Edition Cleats of 2023

The Best Limited Edition Cleats of 2023

As we take a stroll down memory lane of this past year, it’s clear we’ve been on the receiving end of some truly spectacular limited edition cleat releases. Honestly, it’s hard to recall a time when we’ve been so lavishly treated with an array of glorious remakes and special edition cleats that celebrate the beautiful game. This year was all about that perfect blend of style, cutting-edge technology, and peak performance.

So, let’s dive into the world of top limited-edition cleats from this past year. This is a list of the pairs that have boosted player performance and made fans and players alike turn their heads in awe on the soccer field.

adidas Predator 30 FG

1 – Adidas 30 Year Predator

Released: December

Talk about a trip down memory lane! As my personal favorite of 2023, the Adidas 30 Year Predator exudes a profound sense of nostalgia paired with contemporary flair. For those who remember the original Predators, these cleats are a delightful homage, reigniting memories of past glories on the soccer field.

What sets the 30 Year Predator apart is its revival of the iconic Foldover Tongue, a feature that’s not merely functional but also a symbol of a generation’s scoring prowess. This time, it returns with enhancements – softer, adorned with rubber fins, and a tongue strap offering personalization in style. It’s a perfect blend of the old and new, capturing the essence of the Predator legacy while adapting to today’s game demands. And then there is the exclusivity factor, that limited edition piece that makes them an even hotter ticket. With only 1994 pairs available, paying tribute to the year the first Predator debuted, each pair is a collector’s dream. They come in a premium box, embellished with a gold commemorative plaque that highlights the evolution of the Predator series.

Nike CTR360 Maestri remake 2023

2 – Nike CTR360 Maestri III

Released: June

This past summer, after several years of shouting for a re-release, Nike finally dropped a CTR360 Maestri III remake. The excitement was palpable, and rightly so – they sold out almost instantly! It was a moment of triumph for fans who had been passionately and patiently awaiting their comeback.

Performance-wise, Nike kept things similar with the same kanga-lite upper that was a hallmark of the original design. This ensured these cleats continued to offer the ideal combination of comfort and durability. But the real ace up their sleeve was the retention of ACC (All Conditions Control) technology. This feature, crucial in the original for its adaptability in varying weather conditions, ensured that the new edition stayed true to its roots of versatility and high performance.

The buzz around their release was not just about nostalgia; it was about quality. Nike managed to strike the perfect balance between preserving the essence of the original and introducing modern enhancements. The result? A cleat that flew off the shelves as soon as it was released, solidifying the CTR360 Maestri III’s legacy as a fan favorite.

3 – Adidas Copa 11Pro

Released: October

I was tempted to rank these higher, but the limited availability in only Toni Kroos’ size 8.5US dampened the initial excitement. The 11Pro edition elevates its own legacy with a premium leather upper and a fit that molds impeccably to the player’s foot, ensuring unparalleled comfort and an exceptional ball feel. It’s the perfect amalgamation of classic design and contemporary innovation. These were created to Kroos’ own preferences, it not only retains the classic allure of the 11Pro but also incorporates his specific request: a soleplate from the adiPure III, a beloved 2009 release.

One of the key aspects of the release was the distinctive colorway found on the original, the ones we have seen Kroos wear over the past decade. Just quality!

Nike Phantom Thunder Pack GX

4 – Nike Phantom Thunder GX

Released: December

The Nike Phantom Thunder GX, the most recent release on our list, immediately catches the eye with its striking bright purple upper colorway. It’s a design that doesn’t just stand out; it demands attention. Tailored for players who dominate the field with their presence, these cleats are a testament to speed and agility. The lightweight material and aerodynamic shape of the Phantom GX are engineered for players who thrive on being quick and nimble. This design ensures that players can accelerate rapidly and change direction almost instantaneously, making it an excellent choice for attackers who need to outmaneuver defenders with ease.

But the real showstopper lies in the details – specifically, the heels and soleplates. Here, lightning graphics dance across the surface, embodying the energy and dynamism that the Phantom GX represents. It’s not just a design choice; it’s a statement. Adding to its cutting-edge features is the introduction of Nike Gripknit technology. This
innovation involves a blend of high-tenacity yarns combined with a special treatment to create Gripknit. The result? A cleat that interacts with the ball in a way that’s just right, offering the perfect amount of stickiness for control without sacrificing the freedom of movement. This technology is a game-changer, providing players with a level of ball control that’s as precise as it is intuitive.

Lotto Stadio OG II 50 Years

5 – Lotto Stadio OG Gold 50 Years

Released: October (in the US)

I grew up wearing Lotto Stadio, so this is an instant personal addition to the list compliments of their absolutely spectacular Gold leather upper. Lotto is hitting the nostalgia button hard as they mark their 50th anniversary, and they’re doing it in grand style. To celebrate this golden milestone, they’re reissuing one of their most iconic boot silos – the Stadio OG Gold 50 Years – and it’s nothing short of a masterpiece.

Crafted with precision in Montebelluna, the heart of Italian sports craftsmanship, this limited edition is a testament to Lotto’s enduring style and innovation. It’s a rare gem, with only 50 pairs available in the U.S., each individually numbered to underscore their rarity. Draped in a sumptuous gold k-leather upper with eye-catching black glossy accents, these boots are a visual treat. The mirror-effect gold outsole, matched with black studs, is a celebration of the meticulous artistry that is a hallmark of the brand.

BUGATTI x adidas X Crazyfast Boots

6 – Adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti (*BONUS)

Released: November

In an incredible fusion of sports and luxury, the collaboration between BUGATTI and adidas gave birth to the adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti – a limited edition release that became the talk of the town and sold out almost instantly. Limited to just 99 pairs, these boots became a spectacle of speed and exclusivity.

What made them even wilder was the fact that you could only get them by auction! This unique approach to distribution was not just a sales tactic; it was a reflection of the boots’ extraordinary status, aligning perfectly with Bugatti’s ‘Form Follows Performance’ philosophy. You’re not just getting a high-end fashion piece, you were also getting a boot that fits perfectly into any exclusive collectors’ collection.

Designed around the X Crazyfast laced boot and embodying the essence of Bugatti – swift, sleek, and rare. The heart of this creation featured adidas’s cutting-edge Speedframe soleplate technology, mirroring the prowess of Bugatti’s legendary W16 engine. This technology promised unparalleled lightness and a rigid plate for swift
acceleration, akin to a Bugatti racing down a track.

Other Notable Mentions:

Nike Air Zoom Mercurial XVV

Innovative and sleek, the Nike Air Zoom Mercurial XVV stands out with its advanced Air Zoom technology, ensuring unmatched speed and responsiveness. Its eye-catching design and superior comfort make it a top choice for players looking to elevate their game.

Nike Tiempo 10 Golden Touch

The Nike Tiempo 10 Golden Touch combines classic elegance with modern performance. Featuring a luxurious golden design and premium leather, these cleats offer unparalleled touch and control, making them a must-have for players who value precision and style.

New Balance Starraiser Furon v7

Dynamic and bold, the New Balance Starraiser Furon v7 is designed for the agile player. With its striking look and innovative fit technology, these boots provide exceptional comfort and explosive speed, perfect for players who make quick, decisive moves.


The Puma BMW MMS ULTRA SL is a fusion of sports and luxury, inspired by BMW’s sleek design. These ultra-lightweight boots offer exceptional speed and agility, embodying the sophistication and performance synonymous with BMW.

adidas x PDS Predator Accelerator ’25th Anniversary Edition’

Imagine the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and ultimate retro vibes on a classy pair of cleats. Well, it arrived and sold out last week before we got to take them in. The limited edition adidas Predator Accelerator “Chrome” paid homage to the classic design that put the Predator line on the map, while incorporating modern advancements to enhance performance on the pitch.

AdidasX Crazyfast+ STRUNG

Adidas introduced the groundbreaking X Crazyfast+ STRUNG, merging football with advanced running technology. Featuring the innovative Strung upper technique, first seen in adidas Futurecraft running shoes, this boot promises a new era in soccer performance. The design, crafted by advanced robotics, combines thousands of threads for a seamless, ultra-lightweight upper, ensuring robust support and flexibility. Integrated with SPEEDFRAME and AEROPLATE technologies, the X Crazyfast+ STRUNG is poised to redefine agility and speed in soccer, already attracting top players like Federico Di Marco and Ferran Torres.

Pantofola d’Oro x Panini Lazzarini

The Pantofola d’Oro x Panini Lazzarini collaboration is a nostalgic treasure, blending Italian craftsmanship with the cherished memories of Panini sticker collecting. This exclusive partnership unveils the one-of-a-kind Lazzarini, adorned with over two dozen vintage Panini sticker designs, celebrating iconic football styles. While this unique masterpiece, symbolizing the legacy of two iconic Italian brands, won’t be available for retail, it stands as a testament to football’s timeless charm and the enduring allure of Panini’s storied archives.

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