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A Heartfelt Transition: The Next Chapter for SoccerCleats101

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This is going to prove to be the most challenging article I’ve posted to SoccerCleats101, but it is one that is well overdue and needed…..

SoccerCleats101 is going to transition into a new phase, a more dormant stage moving forward. My plan is to keep the website up and available as an informational resource on soccer cleats of the past. All of the reviews and stories will be available, but future updates will be more limited. Why? Let me explain.

Back in 2008, I had just “retired” from MLS and was starting my first job with an internet company called Shopzilla. This turned out to be an incredible place to work, so much so that they encouraged me to start a website and learn from experience what it takes to run a website. Focus on something you really like, they told me, so that it is easy to create and fun to write content around. Obviously, I chose “Soccer Cleats“!

In less than 6-months, SoccerCleats101 became one of the leading sources for soccer cleat information and updates. And from there, the journey really began. In the time since – over 16 years – this website has brought me so much joy, allowing me to live as a stay-at-home dad with all 3 of my kids, allowing me to build incredible friendships in the soccer world, and taking me to super exciting events across the globe.

From trips to and Nike headquarters in Portland, to invites to Germany with adidas (one of which was when they announced all of their silos were being replaced!) Champions league finals invites, USMNT games, street soccer events in New York. Every trip provided opportunities to interact with incredible people involved in the industry – all of which I can’t name, but am so glad to have had the chance to interact with.

It birth “The Gear Show” on KickTV with Ben Hooper of Bumpy Pitch – what an experience that was, we had an absolute blast shooting episodes all across LA. Those wore some of the best days! It created an 11vEleven collaboration with the incredible Mat Davis – current owner of Saturday’s Football. Sitting down and building out business ideas with Mat brought out some of the most incredible ideas.

We were part of all the World Cup 2010 events at Nike Montalban theater in Hollywood, including rooftop soccer. When we won that tournie, they treated us to a VIP cabana after the World Cup final on the roof of the W. What a weekend that was!

I always knew this time would come, when I’d have to make some decisions on what to do next with SoccerCleats101. I’m at a stage in life where spending several hours a day creating content, shooting images, following market trends, monitoring website traffic and patterns, just isn’t an option. And if I can’t continue to commit, then it is time to take a step back.

Important to note here – I’ll still be around and sharing information, just in a different way. I’ll continue to post opinions on Twitter and Instagram. And, I’m going to continue writing longer form articles for on The Guide.

Over 16 years, I’ve worn and tested more pairs of soccer cleats that I could have ever dreamed about – I am beyond grateful for everything this website has done for me. All the doors it has opened. All the experiences it has given me learning about running my own business. The freedom it gave me to experience life with my kids at a young age. The friendships. The journeys. Every pair of soccer cleats that arrived at my door – my goodness, the cleats! If I can label this website as a “business partner”, I really couldn’t have asked for a better one.

And thank you guys for your unwavering support through the years. There never would have been a website without your visits, interactions and feedback. I look forward to staying connected and sharing my insights and love for soccer in new ways. Here’s to the next phase of our journey together!

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About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. best of luck bryne with the next phase.

  2. Good luck and thank you.

  3. Dude, best of luck! I’m sorry I never interacted with the site as much as needed, but it’s always been a touchstone for me buying cleats.

    Best of luck in your next chapter of life and I’m really happy to see how your life has progressed.

    Thanks for being part of my life for around a decade 🙂

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