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Reebok Instante Pro: Ryan Giggs is Reebok’s Prize Asset

How many times in the past have we heard that Ryan Giggs is ‘past it’ or ‘over the hill’! I remember whenRyan Giggs and Reebok Giggs was 29 (around the 2004/05 Premier League Season) people were calling for him to leave Old Trafford, and there was a lot of speculation about Ferguson transferring him to Juventus. That never happened, and Giggs has continued his love affair with Manchester United, actually getting better with age. What Giggs has lost in speed, he has gained in Knowledge, and his new role in center midfield really suits Manchester United at the moment. That was capped off last season with the Premier League Player’s Player of the year award. Since Giggs is back in the spotlight, Reebok have taken the opportunity to run a campaign on him, with the Reebok Instate Pro soccer cleat. Giggs has worn Reebok since he shot to fame as a teenager in Sir Alex Ferguson’s team, and he has never switched to any other brand showing his loyalty and desire to wear the cleat.

In Reebok’s current campaign, they make Giggs out to be in a jail, getting his picture taken for speeding on the soccer field wearing the Reebok Instante cleats. It is a pretty simple concept in terms of advertising, but it works well and is effective. We recently discussed the Instante Pro and also had the opportunity to talk to Richard Wright, Reebok’s director of soccer. Check it out here. I am an admirer of Reebok cleats, and what I like about the Instante’s is the fact that they are lightweight and offers good comfort. What makes these cleats even more special right now is the fact that they are on sale for $104.99 (that is $60 off as of 09.02.2009).

Reebok Instante Pro

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