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Reebok release the Instante Pro

Reebok Instante Pro BlackReebok have unleashed their latest creation on the soccer cleat world; the Instante Pro. In the Recent Champions League final between Barcelona and Manchester United, Reebok had a player on each team debut their two new color designs. And these players were no ordinary Joe Soaps! Thierry Henry was the Barcelona player, debuting the Black/Neon design, while Ryan Giggs wore the Cobalt Blue/Neon Cherry design for Manchester United. Giggs had a terrific season for Manchester United at the ripe age of 35. In the process he picked up the PFA English player of the year award and has been a focus of the latest Reebok advertising campaign.

The Instante Pro is a cleat that delivers comfort with the benefit of being light on your feet. Although they do not compare in weight to their sister cleat the Sprintfit, the Instante Pro is created using a lightweight Teijin microfiber upper. The outsole has a ballistic mesh Power Unit that allows for rigidity in one direction and flexibility in the other, improving shot power as it does not spring down like other cleats. They are slim fitting, more like the adidas adiPURE than the Nike Total 90’s. A reinforced carbon fiber composite insert in the forefoot compliments the ballistic mesh Power Unit and aids in powerful shots. Inside reebok Instante Pro you will also find an ortholite sockliner with high-density Ortholite padding in the heel for added cushioning. On the outer area of the heel, Reebok have visibly placed their name, allowing players chasing you to see how quick you are! These cleats are currently available at

We had an opportunity to speak to Reebok’s Director of Soccer, Richard Wright who is based in the Reebok Stadium, Bolton, UK. Richard seems very excited about the current release. I asked him what sets this cleat apart from the rest, “The Power Unit on the Valde Pro/Instante Pro sets it apart, giving the player more speed in his shot/pass.” Reebok have put alot of work and effort into creating this cleat, in fact “18 months of design and development from start to finish” says Richard. Having two players in the Champions League finals, and on opposite teams was huge for Reebok “Both played in the Champions League Final and gave us great exposure”, sending the Reebok Instante Pro off to an excellent start. I asked Richard what we should expect in the next few months to which he replied “Well, the Instante Pro will be in the market in July this year, having just been launched at the Champion’s League Final. New colours of the Valde Pro will also be released for the new season in August.” Stay tuned and watch out for more release.

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  1. hey. do you know hoe much these weigh? tnx 😀

  2. I have these cleats but they are SUPER old. they lasted me a long time. i got them in 2010 and i play a lot! the molding is GREAT! it gives you amazing traction on the feild. and ive noticed when i wear these cleats, my kicks are slightly harder and faster thanks to the power unit 🙂 im trying to find them in gold and whit but i cant find them. thats the only bummer. but 5 stars for the cleats! 🙂

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