Wednesday , September 27 2023

Reebok Instante Pro Giveaway

Reebook Instante Pro Soccer Cleat

***Update: Joshua Mintz is the winner of the Reebok Instante Pro with his guess of 21. We had to have a tie-breaker to decide the winner and he guessed 5 Puma shoe boxes (the correct answer was 4 – 2 on the left, 2 on the right (note:t his image does not include all the boxes, best image I could get!)

Giveaway time again – this one will be a quick one.

Up for grabs are the Reebok Instante Pro that I used for testing a few weeks back in a size 9US. Entering is easy all you have to do is submit your guess to the below question in the comments section.

  • How many shoe boxes are currently in my soccer closet?

As a hint, I can tell you that the number is somewhere between 1-40 and it could be a trick question!

Competition runs until this Wednesday morning (March 2nd), normal rules apply, open to US residents only and one entry per person. If two or more people guess the correct answer, a tie breaker question will be asked (how many of the boxes are Puma?) “Like” the post is always encouraged!

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  1. id say 1 box but 40 cleats

  2. 35 shoe boxes!

  3. I'm gonna go with 27 boxes on this one.

  4. 22 boxes

    5 pumas

  5. 25 boxes of shoes

  6. You don't have a "soccer" closet.

  7. Am i suppose to email it tou you bryan? Or am i submitting my answer here?

  8. 26 shoe boxes.

  9. @steve

    LOL – nice try but I do have a soccer closet!! (to keep my wife sane)

    @Min Kim


  10. 5 boxes, but 40 cleats

  11. 31 boxes.

  12. 12 boxes

  13. 37 boxes… and for the tiebreaker it should be whoever answered first. Give the win to your readers that are constantly on the site and enter as soon as the post appears

  14. 1 box, but tons of shoes!

  15. None, you've thrown all your boxes away and your shoes are just lying around the closet

  16. 40 boxes, but you don't actually keep your cleats nor shoes in them

  17. 34 boxes

  18. I think about 5-10 most of them u have throw away 😛

  19. 40 cleats so i'd gues 20 boxes

  20. You have 38 boxes but after Im done winning it will be 37 😀

  21. None!

  22. 2 boxes

  23. 33 shoe boxes

  24. I guess 3… But i think i know why it is a trick question… Shoe boxes not cleat boxes perhaps?

  25. 20 with 4 Pumas.

  26. No boxes.

  27. 40 boxes but not all the shoe boxes belong to cleats!

  28. 10 boxes

  29. You have 0 (Shoe) Boxes.. In your soccer closet. You wouldnt have (shoe) boxes in a soccer closet.

  30. 16 shoe boxes

  31. 423.4 boxes and .12 of them are Puma

  32. 0 shoe boxes

    You have cleats though

  33. dang it im sorry but you have

    3 shoe boxes in your soccer closet, you said it COULD be a trick question not it IS a trick question


    39 shoe boxes final answer

  35. i would say 15

  36. 40-1= 39!!

  37. 15 and 3 are puma

  38. None, you just have the cleats, and threw away all the boxes

  39. no wait, i change my mind. 16

  40. Abasiofon Bassey


  41. 1-40 does not = 39, but rather -39, dumbass

  42. I'm gonna guess 1 shoe box

  43. 0 shoeboxes

  44. 5 Shoeboxes. And 0 isn't between 1 and 40!

  45. I would say 33

    But you've reviewed much more than 40 cleats; dont you keep them?

  46. 20!!!

  47. 38, yes sir. unless you still have the diadora indoor box then its 39

  48. 20 i guess…there too many to count

  49. 39!!!! who actually knows…but 1-40 is worth a try.

  50. 8 shoeboxes

  51. 2 soccer shoe boxes in your closet not counting cleat bags

  52. I am guessing that you have 10 shoe boxes and each box has 1 box inside of it.

    So in other words, that would come to a total of 20 boxes that you've got in your soccer closet!

  53. 0 shoe boxes are currently in your soccer closet

  54. hey bryan… in order to enter this giveaway do u need to have facebook? or any us residents can enter?

  55. You dont have any shoeboxes because you dont keep the boxes, so 0.

  56. does anyone else notice how it only seems the give aways get the most comments?

    im gonna say 4

  57. 25 boxes in your closet inclucing your dancing shoes.

  58. 23 for sure

  59. 22 and a half, cause one got damaged =)

  60. Simple. 0 because you don't have a soccer closet.

  61. it has to be 3. 1 box for each of the new boots you recently received f50, morelia, and oro.

  62. 36 boxes

  63. You dont have a soccer closet?

  64. You keep all your shoes in one box.

  65. I dont think you have a soccer closet. but i would i guess that the boxes are for soccer cleats and not "shoes". but if you call boxes for soccer cleats "shoe boxes" i would guess 24.

  66. 28 because yesterday was the 28th

  67. 6 boxes!

  68. 0 because im pretty sure nobody has a soccer closet?!?!!?!?!

  69. 32 because no one picked this number 😀

    Please tell me its 32 bryan… 😀

  70. 39 cleats + 1 pair of indoor shoes + 1 pair of running shoes= 41 shoeboxes!!!!

  71. bob this is for min

    2 idk y

  72. 0 because I don't know anyone who keeps there shoe boxes?

  73. Andrew Paterson


  74. 0000

  75. 29!

  76. imma have you say 3 because of the three beautiful boots you just recently got 😉