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Stuffitts: A Prevention For Smelly Soccer Cleats?

Over the past few months, we have been searching for different solutions to the very unsavoryStuffitts Promo problem of smelly soccer cleats. After seeing our last few reviews, the team over at Stuffitts contacted us and sent a few pairs of their product to test out. ‘Stuffitts’ are odor and moisture absorbers that are shaped like feet and slip into your cleats. They are the creation of Mike Huebner, who while running marathons in 2007 decided it was time to create a solution for his smelly runners. Before getting into the review, here are the basics you need to know about Stuffitts:

  • Shaped like feet, and slip into your cleats.
  • Dual Wick Fabric has a two layer patent technology that absorbs moisture.
  • Comes in 3 colors (Black, Red and Blue) and 4 sizes (small, medium, large, XL).
  • Filled with Eastern Red Cedar.
  • Outer cover is removable for washing.
  • Work as a ‘prevention’ for smelly soccer cleats.

Have you ever spent some time outside chopping wood, or been in a forest where some tree’s have recently beenStuffitts felled? Well, that smell is exactly what you get from these guys. The Eastern Red Cedar is a very refreshing smell, and works in eliminating odors in your cleats before they start. One fear I had initially, was that the smell was going to overtake my whole soccer bag and car. But, I am glad to report this is not so. Even though the smell seems strong (when you bring the Stuffitt to your nose the scent is very powerful) it is not overwhelming when left exposed, and you really can’t smell it from arms length away. Over the past few weeks that I have had the Stuffitts, they smell as new as they did the day I opened them….always a good sign!

I used the large size inserts in my US 9 soccer cleats and they fitted nicely. They are shaped just like a foot, with the main area being tightly compacted. The toe area is more loose and has less filling. This is beneficial as it means you are not forcing the insert in, and if your cleats are a half size smaller the toe area has some leeway to bunch up a little.

The outer cover is made of a dual wick fabric, which has a patent technology that helps absorb moisture. This in turn means that the opportunity for bacteria to grow is substantially reduced. Another cool aspect is the fact that you can Stuffittstake this cover off and wash it. This means it is easily reused in other/new cleats. There is something substantially profound about the red cedar bark used other than the fact that it is rot resistant and holds its scent for long periods! It in fact is extremely absorbent and helps draw moisture from the cleat into the core of the Stuffitt, and this is one of the key attributes of the product. After testing, the Stuffitt has been proven to be 8x more effective in drying shoes than air drying. That is a huge difference!

This in my opinion is the down point of the Stuffitts. To get yourself a pair it is going to cost $24.99. The average price of a pair of cleats is $100, so you are investing 25% to keep them from smelling. For some people (and their parents) this is a worthwhile investment, but for the average player it might be a little above budget. But one thing you should bear in mind is what you are getting when you buy a pair and that is quality that lasts! Since they are reusable, I reckon that the two pairs I have will cover the cleats I review until next summer!

Overall, I have to say that the Stuffitts work as described. My feeling is that they are best used as a preventative measure, rather than a solution to already smelly cleats. They smell uniquely different, and definitely help to dry out cleats after playing. If you play regularly in wet conditions these would be absolutely ideal to help dry out your cleats, meaning they are ready for the next practice or game. When you buy a pair, they come with a removable strap that means you can keep them together and not loose them. I found the strap to be particularly useful when I was drying them out (hanging them over a clothes line). You are sure to see more about Stuffitts in 2010, and I have a feeling they will be a big competitor in the market-space. To find out more, or to get yourself a pair, head directly over to their website

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