Thursday , December 7 2023


Battle-Sox: A Review in Brief

While we tend to focus primarily on boots here at SC101, it isn’t just boot manufacturers who are searching for the latest and greatest technical innovations, it trickles all the way down to the humble sock manufacturers too, on occasion. Enter Battle-Sox a Hong Kong based company who have developed …

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CleatSkins Review – Protect Your Cleats!

While I was at Soccer Nation Expo a few weeks back, the CleatSkins team shared a pair of their patented product for review. After having a chance to play around with them and try them on different cleats, here are my thoughts. What exactly are Cleatskins? Cleatskins is a protector …

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Skunkies: Update and Giveaway

New Skunkies

The Skunkies team just sent me over a batch of their latest updated product a few weeks back – and I am loving the upgrades they have made. For those of you that have not heard of Skunkies, they are a scented insert you place inside your soccer cleats or …

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Hot Shot Gels Review

With a current trend from footwear companies towards creating lighter soccer cleats, there is a serious need in the market for new products that can help protect feet from impact and tough challenges. So many players get injured from front foot impact, mostly when they come in contact with studs …

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Nike T90 Tracer Ball Review

T90 Tracer Image

This past July, Nike released the T90 Tracer ball to be used in some of the top leagues around the globe for the new season, leagues that include the English Premier League, Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Serie A.  It took Nike two years of extensive research to create this …

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Puma PWR C1.10 Ball Review

Puma PowerCat 1.10

Following up on the successful adidas Jabulani review, we managed to get our hands on some other soccer balls to review with the Puma PWR C1.10 being the first. Puma have always been a top brand in terms of cleats and equipment, but I have never associated them with match …

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Dealing With the Problem of Preseason Blisters

With preseason fast approaching, and your new pair of boots ready to break in, there is a must have item that I recommend all players have fast access today – blister band-aids! We have all had blisters at some point in our playing career, and for some reason they always …

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Jabulani Ball Controversy

With all the current hype about the Jabulani, I thought it would be a good time to point out the review of the ball that we did back in January. Goalkeepers seem to be the primary ones discussing and denouncing the World Cup ball because of its unpredictability. After testing, …

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Jabulani World Cup Soccer Ball Review

Jabulani Soccer Ball used at South Africa 2010

I know I usually review soccer cleats, but it was difficult to turn down the opportunity to test and review one of the most talked about soccer balls of all time, the Jabulani. This is the Official Match Ball of this summers World Cup in South Africa, and it is …

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Stuffitts: A Prevention For Smelly Soccer Cleats?

Over the past few months, we have been searching for different solutions to the very unsavory problem of smelly soccer cleats. After seeing our last few reviews, the team over at Stuffitts contacted us and sent a few pairs of their product to test out. ‘Stuffitts’ are odor and moisture absorbers that are shaped like …

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Heel Pain Solution for Athletes

As a soccer player, I have fallen to heel pain and foot injuries on several occasions. A few months back, I featured a post on Recommended Solution for Heel injuries where I detailed a product that worked for me while I was a college athlete and playing daily, Heel that Pain. Well recently, …

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Skunkies: The Solution to Smelly Cleats?

A few weeks back, we put together a post titled ‘Smelly Soccer Cleats: Whats the Solution?‘. In writing that post, I came across a new product called Skunkies, and suggested that they might be worth trying if you have a smelly cleats problem. Well, the inventors of the Skunkies, Jill Levin and …

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FRS Review For Soccer Players

One question I have been meaning to tackle in recent times is whether or not FRS is suitable for soccer players. If you are not familiar with FRS it is the energy drink that athletes like Lance Armstrong and Derek Fisher swear by and use while competing at the highest …

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Recommended Solution for Heel injuries

Many times as a full time athlete in college and as a professional athlete, I found myself with heel and sole pain that I could not shake off. One particular instance was back in college when I landed square on my heel after jumping for a header. I suffered from …

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