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Hot Shot Gels Review

Soccer Hot Shot Gels

With a current trend from footwear companies towards creating lighter soccer cleats, there is a serious need in the market for new products that can help protect feet from impact and tough challenges. So many players get injured from front foot impact, mostly when they come in contact with studs from another players soccer cleats. One product currently on the market that is designed to protect the front of your foot is Hot Shot Gels. The idea is simple, a small gel compound that sits between your foot and the oppositions studs! A few weeks back, the team that have created the revolutionary Hot Shot Gels sent over a few pairs for review. Here is a full breakdown of the product.

What exactly are Hot Shot Gels?
Hot Shot Gel Protection
Basically, these are a rectangular piece of what feels like a quarter inch piece of jelly. They are designed to offer protection to the Metatarsal area on top of the fore foot, from both cleat and ball impacts. The materials used are FDA approved and safe for all to use.

How were they developed?
After working with one of the EFX specialists that worked on the Avatar movie, the HSG team came up with a product prototype that suited what they were looking for.

How do you use them?
Basically, all you have to do is slip them in the front of your boot, either above or below the tongue…..and play! Because they have a jelly feel and a slightly sticky underside, they sit comfortably in place while you wear them.

Hot Shot Gels in Puma V1.10 SL

Testing them out
So, I was lucky enough to be able to test out several pairs over 1-2 months. I figured the best way to start would be to place them on a boot with limited protection – where better to start than the Puma V1.10 SL (seen above). They are really easy to apply, for this review I put them between the tongue and the laces. I found them to be simple to put in place and they stayed there throughout testing without moving. I also tested them on the Adidas Copa Mundials I was wearing a few weeks back, this time between my foot and the laces. Again, they worked out really well, although I found there was more movement when they were placed underneath the tongue.

Do they protect?
My answer is yes, they offer a completely unique level of protection that you are not going to get from a regular boot. They act a lot like you would expect jelly to react on impact, it softens and absorbs the majority of the force. They might not stop you from being injured, but they certainly lower the opportunity. I found the best part was the fact I could wear lightweight boots knowing I was well protected, and I could then interchange the Hot Shot Gels between different pairs of boots. While wearing them in the Puma V1.10 SL, they didn’t remove the lightweight feel but they did give me extra confidence in the fact I had an additional layer of protection.

Do they take away touch?
I found that you do feel less while wearing them, but it is not like these take away all the feeling. The important thing to remember is that the Hot Shot Gels are made out of a jelly rather than a plastic so they still are not stiff, and they still allow you a certain level of feel as the ball impacts your foot.

Soccer Cleat protection

Who do they suit?
They suit all players – but if you are a parent looking to ensure your child’s safety while playing these are a great addition to their game. It is the extra layer of protection that could protect your future stars foot at any moment. I also recommend them to any player who has suffered a foot injury and is looking for an added layer of protection.

They do take a few minutes to get exactly in place. I found that the sticky underside was tricky to move along the tongue – then again this helps ensure they don’t move during the game. Other than that there really are no other negatives to report!

I do recommend these – primarily because of the price. You can get a pair for $10, and having the added knowledge of extra protection for that price is well worth it, especially when you can take them in and out of different pairs of boots! I can assure you that the majority of players who test these out will continue to wear them as they won’t notice much of a difference while they are in. For $10 they are worth the gamble even if they don’t work out for you.

If you have had the opportunity to test out a pair leave a comment below telling us what you thought.

Nike CTR360 Maestri

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  1. How does it feel like when you pass? shoot? cross?

    Looks like a good product

  2. Wow, this may have saved my inclinations towards lighter cleats such as the Adizeros. I have high expectations!

  3. I tested them out this past weekend and the experience was pleasant. I used them behind the socks and they remained in place. They mold to your foot and after a few minutes you forget they are there. Although I cannot assure that they increase the power when shooting, I can say the touch is still there with an added confidence when tackling.

  4. Jeff,

    They don't take much feeling away when you pass/cross/shoot so for the most part it feels the same.


    Nice feedback, sounds like they are working out well for you!

  5. how thick is the gel? 5mm?

  6. Fido, they are about 7.6mm

  7. ooo ok thanks man.. lol though i doubt i can find it in my country.. would be really nice to try it and give myself an excuse to finally buy a "speed boot" hahaha

  8. i was lucky enough to find a UK distributor for these for couple £ less than official site, and bought a pair of these before xmas. I got to use them in a match this weekend due to weather, and they are very good from my experience, was using them with adizero's and they did help ease pain from a couple instances of getting my foot trod on. I would recommend anyone who can get these, they are worth it little protection never hurts.

  9. how much do they weigh

  10. Size wise? What size should I get for size 9?

  11. @Martin

    They are extremely light weight


    Order the medium size

  12. Bryan, I can't find hot shot gels online anywhere, do you know an online retailer where I could find them?

  13. Really nice review. I've heard that these gels also add some extra power of your shot. Is it right? And what size should i get, if my foot size is 44.5 by EU?

  14. Where can I buy them?

  15. i bought a pair love it..and now i want to buy again i can;t find the link??

  16. Good post

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