Wednesday , December 6 2023

Pirma Monaco III – The New Pink Boot!

Pirma Monico IIIIf you are in the market for a new pair of Pink boots then look no further than the Pirma Monaco III in Pink/Black/White. A lot of people have been looking for a replacement for the extremely difficult to find Nike Mercurial Vapor Berry and even though you are not getting the same technology used by Nike,  I think these are a solid substitute at a much better price. Although the shade of pink is darker, the Pirma version looks more sophisticated than the ‘elegant’ Vapor Berry. The color almost has a tint of purple running through it.

Quick Summary
The range comes in several other colorways that have leather uppers, but Pirma have chosen to go with a synthetic upper in the Pink version. The off-center lacing allows for a larger strike zone while they weigh in at a decent 9.2oz. One of my favorite aspects to this release is how Pirma have stitched Monaco III onto the cleat, just underneath the ankle area. Add to this the fact that you can get a pair for around $70 and they are a pretty decent purchase – that is of course as long as you like the color!

Pirma Moaco III Pink

Pirma Monico III Side

Monico III Sole

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  1. Hey i like your blog but you did a great mistake in this post. The name of the cleats are the Pirma Monaco III instead of what u wrote: Pirma Monico


  2. Thanks for sharing Alan, all fixed!



    I am not a big fan of any fancy shiny colours, but green lasers and these are just amazing. Of course I have seen many tools wearing them on the street, they looked so gay.

  4. Will you be writing a review on this cleats?

    Ive had older versions and they are very durable and quite comfy. I would go as far as saying that Pirma is underrated and could be better than NIKE and ADIDAS with the prices they offer.

  5. just wonder how to get these in ma country :s

    and oh… combination of conical and bladed studs also!

  6. Just ordered a pair today over lunch, and I must say the look pretty awsome, and flashy lets just hope theyre comfy, and have good touch..

  7. Drei,

    Agreed! Make sure to comment and let me know what you think/how they perform!


  9. Bryan,

    I practiced and played a full game in them and they are really comfortable, and have a really good touch on the ball and no blisters. I think the only thing that kinda bothered me was that they are a little tight on my right foot but that's just because its a little wider than my left. Other than that they're a great boot for the price.

  10. @Chester LMAO xD~

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