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Pirma Monaco III Review

Pink Pirma Monaco III

The Pirma Monaco III in Pink/Black/White is an extremely unique soccer cleat. To be honest, this review has taken about 3 weeks longer than expected, but primarily because I didn’t want to wear them in games. I am not fond of flashy colors, and especially when they are bright pink. But, out of respect for those who pleaded for a review of them I sucked it up, bought a pair and wore them with distinct pride! Pirma are a name brand in Mexico and have produced some terrific boots in recent times. As of yet, they really haven’t established themselves in the US market. Before starting the review, I was pretty confident that these would offer great comfort and it turned out to be just that way. For testing I wore a US size 9.

Pirma Monaco III Soccer Cleats

Breaking In
As expected, these soccer cleats broke in really well. Unlike many of the top ranges, these offer no fancy additives and are simply designed to fit a medium foot with ease. The sole is decently flexible and they felt super comfortable from day 1. I wore them in training twice before a game, but I could have easily broken these into a game right out of the box. Pirma have chosen a synthetic upper for this version that is not quiet upto the quality of similar leather releases in the range, but they have the added benefit of a textured face. The upper has a layer of what seem to be punched circles giving what seems to be an increase amount of grip. Personally, I felt very comfortable dribbling in them, so there could be something to this! Size wise, they fit true to size. I normally wear a size 9 and this fitted perfectly. With that being said, I think they suit a wider foot much better than a narrow. Overall, they have a similar fit to the Nike T90 Laser II.

Style & Performance
To me these look a little funky. The color is almost a bright purple color and they are very noticeable on the field. I get so many requests from people looking for a pair of the sold out Pink Nike Berry’s that were released last year, well these might very well be a suitable alternative for those folks. Especially with such a reasonable price tag. In terms of performance, I was extremely pleased with these. Although they won’t ever be a go-to boot out of my bag, I would recommend them as a top performer to people who like the style.

Pink Pirma Close Up Pink Pirma Monaco III

The Pirma Monaco III is a very minimalist cleat. You are getting a cleat that doesn’t have any technological advancement, but rather offers comfort and a great value for money. They are designed with off center lacing, meaning you will have a slightly larger strike zone. The sole has a combination of bladed and conical studs, giving you good grip on medium to firm surfaces. They weigh in at an impressive 9.2oz, so they are suitable for players looking for a speed boot.

Pink Pirma Monaco Sole

If you buy a pair, you might want to also invest in new laces. The laces on mine seemed to fray rather easily and they also felt thick compared to those on other boots. They do offer solid value, but ultimately the quality is no where near what you get from a larger brand.

There is no doubt that looks wise, these boots are flashy! I received several comments about how bright they were from opposing players while wearing them, but I am sure there are many of you out there who will love this color. In terms of position, I think these suit most players on the field, but be warned that you need to have some flair in order to pull these off! As reference, there are also other colorways available in the range that might be more suitable (see the full range.) I am impressed with the quality of the boot for its price, if I was to describe them in one word I would say they are “Tidy.”

Pink Pirma Monaco III

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  1. Really good review! I'm with you, pink is a weird color for cleats

  2. hey ive had these for about 2 or 3 months theyre cool really confortable but i dont realy redomend them at least not for every day player like me the cleats last a long time but the top is rather weak the fall apart quick and the pink is falling apart

  3. Hey Bryan,

    nice review. I bought the Pirma Monaco Pro (K-leather) white/green. I must say they are extremely comfortable as the K-leather is super ! The fit is like Total 90, but I stress the k-leather. Try them, you won't be dissapointed.



  4. If you wear a size 9 in Adidas what size do you wear them in prima?

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