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Adidas and Pirma – Something Looks Familiar Here!

Regularly, we see companies releasing colorways that are similar to each other – but the latest batch of Adidas/Pirma releases has a very distinctly, familiar look. It could just be timing, but in my opinion it sort of looks like the same designer was used in the creation of boots for both companies!! Check out the below image to get an idea of what I am referring to. Each of the Pirma boots are currently available to buy on

I’ll be honest – every time I hit up the Pirma website, I am tempted to pick up a new pair! Their boot designs are pretty impressive and always catch my attention. Having tested the Pink Monaco III, I have a general idea of how their boots test and although they don’t match the quality you get from bigger brands, they do offer good value. On a disappointing note, we have tried contacting Pirma on several occasions to get more information about their boots – sadly, we have never received a response.

What are your impressions of the similar releases?

Pirma vs Adidas Soccer Cleats

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  1. Something smells like plagiarism …

  2. they copy the big brands to give a cheaper option to the poor kids in south american countries. It's for a good cause

  3. I like the last pair. I mean adidas releases the electric color way and nike release a similar one. every company does it. I actually think the purma electric ones look exactly the same which is sorta awesome in a way

  4. Yah I would expect some guy trying to sell these on eBay thinking they are adizeros or something.

  5. I have noticed these alot on the first division Mexican league and thought I was the only one! But yeah these are obviously trying to mimic Adidas. But like James_G111 said Nike and adidas always do it, just not as obvious and noticeable.

  6. wow that is rediculous! hah

  7. I looks like someone is trying to jump on the band wagon. I wonder if there are any possible legal issues afoot.

  8. If you have any questions regarding Pirma, you can contact us at 773-791-2670.

  9. yo creo q no tratan de copiar ninguna de las dos marcas pero en todos los tenis es comun q existan estilos similares a otra marcas de todas maneras las dos son marcas originales asi q no ay problema son similares pero no asy para q digan q cipiaron y la mamda

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