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Nike CTR360 Maestri Review

Nike CTR360 Maestri review

The Nike CTR360 Maestri is a boot targeted towards a very specific part of the market – the Playmaker. We watched Cesc Fabregas debuting the boot in total style last October when he bagged 1 goal and 4 assists in Arsenal’s EPL game with Blackburn, setting the tone for the entire range. Add to that the positive performances put in by several World Cup stars that were wearing them in South Africa and there is even more credibility in what they have on offer.

I have to admit, I now regret the fact that I did not bring you a review of these sooner as they are simply a great boot! I put in some extra sessions to get a quick turn around on this review, wearing them in 3 training sessions and 2 games. But as it turns out, it was more than enough time to formulate a thorough evaluation.

For testing, I wore a size 9US in the Team Red/Metallic Gold color.

Focusing on the Playmaker

Nike created an extremely calculated advertising campaign that has played a huge role in the success if these boots. There was definitely a void in the market, with no boots focused on the midfield Maestro, or the Playmaker, before Nike released the CTR360 Maestri. Cesc Fabregas and Landon Donovan have been key figures in emphasizing the player these boots were designed for. And then Spain’s Andres Iniesta really added the icing to the cake by scoring the winning goal in the world cup wearing, you guessed it, the CTR360 Maestri! Oh and Fabregas got the assist. Ultimately, they fit the mold of what a Playmaker needs; something with great comfort and exceptional control that gives the Maestro confidence to create opportunities all over the field.

CTR360 Side view

Breaking In

Right out of the box, these were and are some of the most comfortable boots I have worn. From the first training session, I could tell that they were ready to use in a game. So, without having to think about it, I wore them in a game! The results were all positive, I encountered no blisters or discomfort and felt confident wearing them. They fit amazingly well, and true to size. One of the best things about them is the feel of the Kanga-Lite leather on the inside, especially around the heel area. The leather is super soft, with a very similar feel to the Adidas adiPure III even though it is actually a synthetic leather.

Comfort and Performance

I was surprised with the absolute comfort you get from this boot. From looking at them, I didn’t expect much but what I encountered completely changed my mind! And, as with all great boots, comfort allows you to become a little more confident in your game. Distributing the ball works especially well as there are control pods along the strike zone. Overall performance was also pretty impressive and the boot felt like it was molded to my foot as I moved while on or off the ball. A problem that I have encountered with other boots from Nike is how your feet feel when you try to stop sharply. I didn’t get the same feeling from these. Everything about this category equals positive.

Nike CTR360 Maestri soccer cleat New Nike CTR360


The upper of the CTR360 is created using a revolutionary Kanga-Lite synthetic leather that inhibits the properties of natural Kangaroo leather without the added weight. Another advancement lies in the strike zone, where Nike have placed innovative control pods that are made of a dampening foam, designed to enhance ball control and optimal passing pace. Finally, they have been created with unique cleat geometry and off center lacing, aligned towards the toe unlike other cleats that veer to the outside of the cleat allowing for a larger strike zone.


One negative – the leather tends to scuff very easily. I can’t comment on the long term durability of the boot, but from my experience I have a feeling that you are not going to get a long life out of these. This, of course, is not completely accurate as I have only had them 2 weeks and have no evidence that they necessarily “fall apart”. But from my experience and from what I have seen from similar designs, you will need to spend some time cleaning them after each use to keep them looking good and in tip-top condition, especially if you wear them on an artificial surface. I will follow up on this over the coming weeks.

CTR360 Maestri Boot


After testing, I can tell you that the CTR360 is my preferred choice of the Nike family. In fact, they are now sitting pretty close to the top of all boots I have tested. If you are looking for durability, I don’t think these will be the best option. But they certainly have several fantastic attributes like comfort and total control. In terms of who they suit, I have to say they fit the bill of pretty much any player on the field. I have seen many defenders and forwards wearing them, but ultimately they are most suited to the midfield maestro – the Playmaker! If that is you, then I am confident that they will compliment your game.

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Cool man, thanks for the review!

  2. Great review!! I was looking forward to this 1 as were alot of other people. I have a friend who has had his for a while now, he says durability isn't a problem so I'm gonna get these cleats for my upcoming season.. Now just time to get the money -.-

  3. Thankssssssssssss!! I expected this to recieve the highest score of all boots you reviewed similar to the adizeros! Thanks bryan

  4. Serginho Bertholi

    Do you will test the CTR Trequartistta too? I'm very excited to know, because the're cheaper than the Maestri's…

  5. Serginho,

    I wore them last week for a half hour while taking the pics and they are very similar to the Maestri, well worth the money you pay for them! I will have a review up in around 2 weeks after testing.

  6. hi bryan

    just a questions

    I know the answer to this question because I saw a beautiful shot by tevez with his ctr but i wonder why won't the laces effect the shooting accuracy and power, is there a special feeling when hitting the ball with the laces?

  7. I was looking to buy cleats and have narrowed it down to the Maestris or the AdiZeros, so which cleat do, overal, prefer?

  8. Bryan-

    What is this feeling you get what you try to stop sharply in Nike boots that you mentioned? Even though you said it's not present in the Maestri's, I'm still curious as to what your describing.

  9. Hey Bryan…

    great review I'm trying to decide between these and the predators and was wondering how you felt about striking the ball with this boot and how the comfort and leather compares to the taurus leather used on the predators

  10. Serginho Bertholi

    Thank you Bryan for the feedback… First, congratulations for the blog… i'm always reading the posts, and following on twitter and facebook… I'm living on Ipatinga, Brasil, and i choose Puma v1.08 to wear… but i want an alternative more confortable to use, because the ground of the field that i play is harder in this season (here is winter, low level of rain). I think the Trequartistta's be the better option, observing the "cost-benefit"…

  11. Do they stretch and mold as much as adipure iiis? I've never worn a pair, but i have held them, and it seemed the material was a lot firmer/foamy compared to kangaroo leather.

  12. dude…when i click buy now…none of this colored cleat shows up..im really trying to get it..

  13. DO NOT BUY!!!!!! I've used these for like two months and they were already broken. these cleats are en embarrassment to Nike.

  14. John (From Argentina

    Hi! I need new cleats and I don´t know if buy the Ctr360 Maestri or the Legend III. I have wide foots. The right one its larger and wider than the left one. I´m 8US size. My last cleats were Adidas Predator Absolado TRX (REGULAR leather) and I bought them on size 8 1/2 US (I´m an asshole…I know), and after some time the leather got stretched and they felt so big (Specially on my left foot).

    So, I´ve been reading a lot of posts from this forum and now I have some questions.

    Well…here are my questions:

    – If a buy the Tiempo Legend III, I should buy them with size 7 1/2 US, because the kangaroo leather stretch??? But…wath about my wide foots? Should I get the same size anyway or a size bigger?? Because I don´t want to have my foot knot and after some time, break the cleat.

    – If I buy the Maestri I should buy them with size 8 1/2, because I have a wide foot and the Kanga Lite doesn´t stretch??? Or with buying them on 8US size Im gonna be ok???

    – I like the boot as close to my foot as possible. I like boots that gives you the best feel of the ball ("glove-like fit" it calls??). I like the boot that stays firm to my foot: So..wich one should I buy, Legend or Maestri?

  15. Jacob(from U.S)

    Hi! I'm 14 and in need of some new cleat's. My price range is 0-100$ and my position is mainly defense, but I am very fast so I also play Striker once in a while. My current cleat is the Nike Mercurial Talari V but I'm outgrowing them and I read through this website and was wondering if you could help me? At the moment I am looking at

    Adidas F30 TRX FG

    Nike Total90 Strike111 FG

    Nike CTR360 Trequartista FG

    Nike Mercurial's- Either the Talaria V again, or Nike Miracle.

    Can you please rate them on which is best? I enjoyed the Mercurial Talaria's V and am looking for a cleat that isn't to heavy and also has good touch and power. Thanks!!

  16. To all The people wondering what cleats they should get, instead of posting comments on a specific post, why not try emailing him (Bryan) At [email protected]

    ? That way you'll get a personal response and the post won't get spammed with comments.

  17. hi bryan, im worndering what football boots to get, either the ctr360's or the mercurial miracles? i normally play on the wing, what do you think will be the best option

  18. Jake,

    Both are good options. It depends on what you are looking for. Check out the review of both to see which is more suitable to you. (review scores page)

  19. hi bryan, i'm just wondering whether these are good for a wide fit. I'm 14 years old and im a US size 11, my feet have just stopped growing, so what do you think, ctr 360 maestri or predator x?

  20. How heavy are the maestris? Thanks

  21. Jacin,

    Both the Pred x and CTR360 Maestri fit very similar, good fit for a medium foot.


    Maestris weigh in just under 10oz.

  22. i love these boots tons. but just one question how could i clean them!? i dont want to ruin them

  23. Mario,

    Use a wet cloth to wipe them down, then pat them dry before leaving them to dry in a cool area. Nice and simple!

  24. Do they stretch because i tried on a size 9 and im usualy 8.5. The size 9 has room in the toe but it felt comfortable through the width. the store didnt have a size 8.5 to try on so i was wondering if theyd stretch?

  25. hey bryan,

    i like there a lot and im getting the new black and white ones they just released but does the white color scuff more than the other colors? thanks in advance

  26. Marcos,

    They don't stretch very much. The synthetic leather that they are made of won't change very much.


    I do think the white will scuff more, but make sure to clean them after playing and you shouldn't have a problem. I did find that the team red version scuffed a lot. Great boot though, so don't let that put you off.

  27. i wear a 12.5 in vapors. What size should i get in these?

  28. I was looking at these vs the lighter maestri elites. Do you know if there are any differences in performance?

    I am also trying to decide between these, adizeros (leather), or the puma V1.10.

    I am a winger and do a lot of dribbling, crossing, and shooting, speed is important but touch is probably a little more important.

    I currently had vapor V's and love the touch they have.

    You wrote that the V1.10 have probably the best dribbling touch but the Maestris are more responsive.

    You talked about how you noticed the difference in weight when you tried on the Adizeros (I assume with the V.10s too)


    If you had to pick which would you take out of the three?

    Basically i am looking for the lightest boot possible with the greatest touch for dribbling, crossing, and shooting.

    Thanks a lot

  29. Jacob,

    They fit very similar.


    The Maestri Elite is a little lighter, the question is do you want to pay extra for a lighter boot? All 3 are good options for playmakers/wingers. I found that the Puma V1.10 SL had the best touch for weight, but in saying that the Maestris are a terrific boot for control and the responsiveness is amazing. Ultimately, it is really down to personal preference.

  30. I had a pair of ctr360 libretto for 8 months (i don't know about the maestri) and they are falling apart! The outsole isn't glued to the sole of the shoe anymore, its frustrating because dirt get stuck between easily. (I'm saying this as a goal-poacher) i'm sick and tired of scuffing my shots! but when i shoot with the instep, its pretty accurate. Bottow coner, bang!

  31. Hi Brian,

    I was wondering if these cleats are narrow or wide. I have a narrow foot so alot of cleats are too wide. Just wondering before I bought!


  32. Doug, I have a narrow foot too and they fit me just perfectly.

    I love the control and touch they offer, passing and controlling a ball is so easy. Shooting is another story though, I can always get the ball where I want, but I never have the feeling that I'm really creating a powerful shot, because of the control pods. Is there anyone else how has also experienced this?

  33. Thanks Jan! I'm deffinetly gonna get these.

  34. I have had these for a month and a half now and love these cleats but I am having the same problem that Matt mentions above. The glue holding the sole to the boot is coming apart. The cleats but i hate that they are falling apart.

  35. hey bryan,

    ive had my maestris for about 2 1/2 weeks and i have noticed that along the front inside part of the boot the upper is seperating from the sole. i love the boot but the durability seems a bit sketchy, have you experienced any problems with the maestri?

  36. Pete,

    My pair are personally fine, but according to our professional reviewer, players are seeing an issue (read Alfonso's review)

  37. Hey guys, i have these boots but in the world cup edition, i play attacking midfield for my sunday league team and scrum half for my 6th form rugby team and i have to say these boots are the best boots ive ever worn comfier than predators, provide a better touch than tiempos and as theyre elites there very light. I can also confirm they dont affect your shot you will know when you hit the ball sweatly you can just feel it ive hit some sweet shots in these. Would defo reccomend them if you have the money as they are very comfy, durable and give you a great first touch, Finally these boots fit true to size so if you are a size 9 get a size 9!

  38. hey Bryan,

    I have been wandering I have around $220 to spend on game cleats and I am in a pickle between the CTR360 maestri or the Adidas F50 adizeros which would be the best choice in your opinion. BTW i play outside wing and take a lot of shots. Thank you alot and I really like the reviews

  39. Matt,

    both are great options, I would recommend comparing both reviews to find the most suitable boot for your game. The Adizeros are lighter and better for speed players while the CTR360 is more suitable for playmakers. But you wont go wrong with either!

  40. bryan could you or anyone leave a review on ctr360 elites???

  41. JG,

    I haven't had the opportunity to review them, but hopefully we will have some players reviewing them on Cleatology.com in the coming weeks.

  42. I've had my 360s the ones you reviewed for a while now and they are still good. I recently cleaned them with water and it came out really good looking brand new. The kangalight has really softened which i like a lot. Im wondering if I should get some leather protectant for the kanga-light or will it mess up the leather cause im not sure if its like normal kangaroo leather.

  43. Bryan i was wondering since these arent actually real leather should you still clean them with a regular leather cleaner like chelsea leather food?

  44. Great boots. Very comfortable, great touch, good power, decently light. One negative I have had them for about 1 Varsity season and the bottom plate on both boots is falling apart. Simple superglue fix stopped the problem. I was just suprised at how quick they fell apart.

  45. Evan,
    I wouldn’t use leather food as they are a synthetic material. Simply using warm water and a rag does the trick!

  46. How would you compare the sizing of these to the nike vapor vs? I have the vapors and found a really good price on these but am not sure about the size.

  47. Jonathan,

    I found both to fit true to size so they are a close match.

  48. Ok thanks a lot your feedback is immensely helpful!

  49. Hi Bryan!

    can you do a review on adidas copa mundial some peaple say there are good but i want your oppinon cause you do very nice reviews.Please review them

  50. Magnus,
    There is already a review of the Copa Mundial posted!

  51. oh!

    I didn´t saw that


  52. I loved these shoes. They were great the felt comfortable and really stayed water proof. The only thing was they lasted two and a half months. For 180 dollars they should be lasting way more than half a season. i hope i get some type of refund because spending this much money and getting six games out of them that really sucks.

  53. i wor the nike ctr360 maestri 4 about 2week only and i have wider feet than most people so its little hard for me 2 find shoes but i got them they were comforable i would have worn them longer but i broke my lag in a game so when i got back 2 playing an i got new nike mercurial vapers the purple ones but it was not the same i was thinking it was the broken lag so i put the nike ctr360 maestri and saw it was not me but the shoes so i will never change they are very great

  54. Nice Review Mr. Bryan.. Im looking forward in buying this cleats but i am still uncertain about puma v 1.08 if its better than this.. can you make a review about puma v 1.08 in the near future so that i can compare the two shoes.. thank you and more power!!

  55. i just purchased these from ebay, what are some things i can do as far as cleaning to keep them in good condition?

  56. i dont like the color of the shoes

  57. i was asking should i get these shoes because i got fantastic dribbling,touch,control,shots,speed and passing and also skills.I was looking for comfterball cleats are these good for me?and i heared that these shoes are heavey are they?answer back

  58. they scuff very easily. is there anything i can buy to remove the scuffs bryan?

  59. @ehab,

    The only thing I found that really works is scrubbing them well with a hot damp rag. Keeping them clean is the key to getting good life out of them.

  60. im really interested in buying a pair, but im concerned about the stretch of the cleats? so i was wondering if i should go half a size down or if they run true to size? ive always been a leather guy and know pretty much nothing about the 'kanga-light' upper

  61. @rob

    Order true to size, the Kanga-Lite leather won't stretch very much. It is a synthetic leather that mimics the look and feel of real leather without holding the exact same properties.

  62. hmm sounds good. do you think these cleats can practicallysuit any position?

  63. had a pair of these for about 7 months playing minimum of 4 times a week on grass and turf and after the 7 month the shoes ripped in 4 different spots sent them back to nike and got them replaced. although they ripped they are still my favorite boot.

  64. are these waterproof?

  65. I have rather big feet(US 15), with large ankles. Thank God any soccer shoe fits me…

    These are pretty good shoes but the front plastic part is slowly starting to peel off after about 15 uses.

    Also every time I wear them no matter the socks I get this deep cut in the back of my heel. The top of the leather heel that rests on the tendon on the back of your ankle just digs in and rubs.

    At least on me.

  66. Mr. Byrner-

    I just picked up a pair of these in 9.5. They’re a little tight. Will I get a quarter size of stretch or would these be more like the T90 synthetics that I had?

  67. OMG best boots i have EVER worn in my life!!!!!!

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