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Adidas adiPURE III Review - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

Adidas adiPURE III Review

A week before the end of 2009, there has been a new contender for soccer cleat of the year released: the Adidas adiPURE III. If you have spoke to me about soccer cleats in the last few months, I am sure to have told you about how much I love the adiPURE II, and how I deem it to be one of the best cleats on the market right now. Well Adidas has taken the initiative to update the boot to a version III that boasts some new features without losing out on performance. Over the past month, I have had the opportunity to test the adiPURE III in 3.5 games and dozens of training sessions and here are my thoughts. I was testing a men’s size 9US in Black/Royal White/ Gold.

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What you need to know:

  • Kangaroo leather upper
    Adidas has stuck to using a K-leather for the adiPURE III. People have been questioning why they transitioned to calf leather with the Predator X range, but with applause, I am happy to report that these cleats sport a super soft K-leather.
  • New redesigned tongue
    Adidas has moved away from the wrap around tongue, and back to a more traditional loose tongue. On the adiPURE II, the tongue was attached to the cleat on the inside, while the outside was detached. The adiPURE III is detached on both sides.
  • Off centered lacing
    Just like the adiPURE II, the adiPURE III sports asymmetrical lacing This results in a strike area with a larger sweet spot for clean strikes.
  • Firmer Insole
    This version of the adiPURE boasts a firmer insole that is designed to cushion impact in a more dynamic way. The heel has extra cushioning to allow for softer landings.

Adidas adiPURE 3 Image

First Thoughts

If you are a fan of flashy cleats that offer all the performance of a Formula One race car, then you are probably not going to want a pair of adiPURE III’s. But if you want a classic cleat, that offers the best performance and extreme durability at a reasonable cost, go buy a pair now! Straight out of the box, these cleats ooze class. The K-leather is super soft and extra shiny. They almost look like someone has covered them in dubbing (leather food).

Breaking In

Not the smartest thing in the world, but I took these cleats out of the box and straight to a match! After testing the adiPURE II, I had a feeling that these cleats would break in easily, and they did! Thankfully, the soft K-Leather moulds pretty easily to your foot, and the sole plate is flexible enough hat it didn’t cause any foot discomfort on day 1. After a month of testing, I encountered absolutely no blisters, and didn’t experience any areas where the cleat was tight. For this review I was wearing a size 9US, and the boots fit true to size. If you are normally a size 9, then these are the right fit. Another aspect that really helps, and is something that Adidas also deployed in the Predator X design, is a ridged area on the inner heel of the cleat. I think this is a genius move, as it allows the cleat to grip to your heel and not move, thus lowering the opportunity for blisters to occur (as long as the boot is not too tight!). You can see what I am referring to in the image.

adPURE III insole

Performance and Durability

I found these to perform really well. They break in easily, molding to your foot from day one, and they last because of this. I have had a pair of adiPURE II’s for the past 5-6 months, and they are my go-to boot when I need a trusted pair. Right now, they are still as good as new (except for some scuffs on the white area) and the leather is softer than you can imagine! Although I have only had the adiPURE III for about a month, I can tell they are going to offer the same lifespan. And that is a key attribute to any new cleat! I also like the new tongue, even though I had no problem with the tongue on the adiPURE III. The new tongue makes you feel like you are wearing Copa Mundial or older classic cleats!


Adidas has altered the design of the cleat. Most notable is the addition of three white strips on the inside of the cleat. On the adiPURE II, there are no white strips on the inside. For me, this is an upgrade in terms of looks. The sole of the boot has also been changed, but the only players that will see this are the ones you leave eating your dust (if you are a goalkeeper I doubt anyone will see it!!) Other minor changes include the area around the cleat opening, where the color design has been changed and a new gold version of the adiPURE signature placed on a black background instead of white.



Again with the laces! In the past few weeks, I have reviewed cleats with laces that I deem to be too short, what is this all about? When I tie my laces, I need enough to wrap around the bottom of my cleat, it seems that this might be going out of fashion, although I have no idea why! One other thing is the insole. I was a huge fan of the adiPURE II insole that offered a much spongier feel, which I found to be extremely comfortable. In saying this, the firmer insole in the adiPURE III is very effective around the heel area. Maybe a blend of both in future releases?


My opinion of this cleat is pretty obvious; I like them a lot! But, case in point is your taste and what you are looking for in a cleat. The adiPURE III might be more appealing to the old pros than the younger generation who crave the lighter more colorful cleats on the market. Either way, the adiPURE III can not be beaten in terms of quality and value for money. Adidas have used this release as more of a design upgrade than performance upgrade, simply because they know that in the adiPURE III they have a cleat that already offers the best on the market! Expect to see the likes of Kaka and Frank Lampard taking to the field in these over the coming weeks.

Search for remaining pairs of adiPURE III at eBay.

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About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Boots look good, but aesthetically the adiPure IIs without the stripes in the instep look better.

    I wouldn't say short laces are a negative cause I can't see them affecting the overall performance of the boot. I used to wrap underneath the back heel studs but realized it had little to no performance as well as sometimes the laces would come "un-hooked". If anything I think adidas lace lengths are consistently wrong. They're much too long after tying them and you're left with a lot of lace even after double knotting.

  2. Eugene,

    Maybe adidas were trying to rectify the problem of long laces by making them short…but they made them way to short lol. We should send Adidas a pic of your loong laces with my short ones and tell them we need some that are in between!

    In my personal opinion, wrapping the laces around the boot pulls it closer to your foot, and that gives it a more snug fit. This gives me more confidence in my boot, and when you feel confident in a boot, you play better! There def is no 'scientific' evidence to back this up, but soccer players since the 1900's have been doing it in England, thus I want to at least have the option to wrap them around.

  3. I felt that perhaps on older-style conventional laced boots that the whole underneath approach probably worked out better but the advent of internal lacing/loop as opposed to say an open Copa Mundial-style lacing made it unnecessary. The lock-down fit of boots such as the Predator X far exceeds anything the Copa could put down. But of course personal preference haha. The one style I never understood was when people laced around the ankles (effectively cutting into your achilles tendon).

  4. Im trying to decide between these , the legends , or the specialis. What cleat would you suggest based on comfort and durability? Thanks.

    P.S.- This is one awesome site!

  5. Bryan,

    Longtime copa wearer thinking of giving adipure's a whirl, but skeptical about the low heel. Afraid that my heel will slip out, did you have any issues with this?

  6. Hey Daniel,

    I never encountered any issues with the heal, and they seem to be the same height as the Copa heal (I think the white color may make it look a little lower). I would recommend trying the adiPURE's as I feel they offer just as much quality!

    If you do get the adiPURE's, let me know if you notice any difference to the Copa's!

  7. Hi Bryan, it looks like you are testing FG boots on AG. What are your thoughts on playing in FG boots on AG? I heard that if the AG surface is poor, performance for FG boots tends to suffer as you lose grip…

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Wei,

    There are currently so many artificial fields in the US that it has become common place to wear FG boots on it. I would tend to agree with the fact that poor AG can damage the boots/cause scuffs etc, and to be honest it will increase the possibility of injuries. Luckily, around my area, most of the Artificial fields are new. Performance wise, I think they FG boots work great and in some case, I would much prefer to wear them than low profile or turf cleats!

  9. Hey Bryan, I just Wanted to know if you prefer the adipure III or predator x's?

  10. Hey, i have copa mundials right now and they are amazing. I saw that these cleats are a lot like the copas, and i was wondering in case I wanted them in the future, how they compare to the copas. I think that i could just buy some longer laces if the laces bother me. Im mainly wondering if you noticed that these have better touch or anything else you noticed. Also, I play defender and i have to do some sharp turns when clearing it up field, so I was wondering if twisting with these blades could cause a twisted ankle. I've heard of things like that happening.

  11. Just got Adipure III 🙂

    they're so comfy, i agree about the insole which seem quite plain and they don't seem to have any cushioning apart from the heel.

    The leather is fantastic! I was looking between these, the Legends and the older Predators, but these just did it for me. They were quite tight when I tried them on my left foot but seem to have stretched a little when I've been trying them around. I can't really say how they feel on the ball yet, but by tomorrow I should know.

    Style wise I love them – simple, classy but not in a way that boasts or brags 🙂

    and yes, the laces are wayyyy too short. I can barely do a double knot for once

    im gonna buy another pair when they get cheaper, cos my mum thought i was crazy spent this much on a pair of boots. i hope these last for me 🙂

  12. Troxell,

    I preferred the adiPURE's. Main reason being they offer superb quality at a great price! The leather is also genuine K-leather compared to the Calf leather on the Predators!


    The adiPURE's are basically an updated version of the nearly perfect Copa's! Once you break these in, they feel very similar. In terms of the blades, they are like any other cleat, you run the risk with any pair…no scientific research to prove the adiPURE's are worse than other cleats, so you are pretty safe wearing them!


    Glad to hear you got a pair and like them. Make sure to leave an update in a few weeks to let others know how they perform in games etc! Hope they do last for you!

  13. Just got Adipure III and it feels incredible. I have usually toenail issues with Adidas because of their almost perfectly tight design (not adidas fault), different from Nike's… Anyhow, with this leather I'm pretty sure there will be no problems.

    All feets perfectly and you can see easily that these are high quality boots. Since the first minute. And I also love the design.

    Don't buy flashy coloured crap. I have nothing to do in front of a good pair of k-leather boots, and it causes a lot of skin problems. I got my feet completely blistered one time in some total 90.

  14. Did you like the adipure II or III better? Was the weight difference noticible? Like if you were to put the II on one foot and the III on the other would you be able to notice? Also i have a narrow foot and the II was made more on the narrow side so it fit perfectly is the fit the same on the III?

    • There is not much of a difference between the adiPURE II and III. They are very similar weight wise, and to be honest the only difference is aesthetically (how they look)!

  15. how does the heel grip compared to the adipure 2? I have problems with the loosness around the heel . Also, is it easier to tighten the laces than the 2?


  17. was just wondering if the adipures stretch a little i just brought a size 8 there a little tight but the size 9 were to big around the toe area thanx

  18. I honestly think that these are the ugliest cleats in the adipure series…

    I had a pair of II's which i am sure are as good if not better as far as performance goes to the III's but waaayyyy sleeker…

    anyone agree?

  19. ayeee i finally have them 😀 thanks Bryan and George 😀

    this one is super super comfortable!!! no breaking in period and blisters!! true to size and the traction are great (although i prefer lotto zhero leggenda n mitto bladed studs, they really have something to accelerate your run).. the outsole are wider than adipure 2 so i can have stability and the perfect snug fit 😀

    haven’t make a goal yet but i did deliver more passing with these 😀

    I bought Lotto Leggenda 1 and zhero mitto (bladed studs) too coz they were in sale. the performance were great and sooo light! but the touch is better with adipure 3. wonder why the new lotto have no bladed studs.

    anyway this is great site !! looking forward to other cleats reviews 🙂

  20. Hi Bryan

    I am really considering purchasing these boots as they are stylish in my opinion and not so cheap looking like so called 'fashion boots' but more importantly I want know how the fit is for other people, I read somewhere that the toe is supposed to be closer to the tip on these boots rather than leaving any room.


  21. Will a lighter cleat really make you that much faster? Is it still ok for a fast player to wear a heavier cleat?

  22. So the fitting is the same as the adipure iis? Narrow middle and wide front?

  23. Any idea if adidas is going to release these for indoor/turf?

  24. Hey Marcus,

    These fit true to size, so if you normally wear a size 9, then you should order a size 9 in these.

    The indoor and turf versions are available but are called the 'Adicore III'

  25. Wow that was quick.

    Adicore III instead of adipure? Tricky!

  26. Got them in the mail the other day…Pretty solid boot…Like bryan says they are well worth the money for what you get out of them. Nice boot for us oldschool guys. I recommend these for sure.

  27. I am from Germany and want to buy some new leather boots. I have sensitive feet and sometimes i wear orthopedic insoles.

    So i played only with Adidas Mundial Team and Copa Mundial (on this new shoes i got 2-3 weeks blister on the heels).

    I envisage the Predator X and Adipure 3. Can you help me?

    My profile:

    – I play midfielder.

    – I have mega-powerfull great shoot (but only if the ball make advances to me or bounce).

    – When the ball lie on the ground my shoot sucks (bad technic?!), so i "always" play the ball with half-instep.

    – I love trying to curl/scoop the ball, when i play a pass or assist.

    – I am not good at dribbling, but i have a very good overview, so i rather play the ball.

    I don't care the look, colour, weight.

    I was at the shop to fit the Predator X and Adipure 3. But the bad thing is, you can't test the shoes with a ball (shoot, etc.).


    Fits very well, like good old leather boots. The leather feels very thinly compared to Mundial (risk of injury by shooting?).

    Predator X:

    Fits good, but the leather feels a little bit inflexible (the shopman said it is better leather, taurus leather and it takes a few days to fit perfect).

    The leather feels thicker than that on the Adipure 3.

    But i can't test the ball control. The biggest difference between Predator X, Adipure 3 and the reason for buying: Predator Element, Powerspine.

    – What do you think about the Predator Element and the Powerspine? Only a gadget?

    – Can you shoot with the predator much better, harder or accurater?

    – Can you give the ball more swerve, curl, scoop?

    – Which boots do you suggest me and why? Has the Predator X measurable more advantage?

  28. l really can't decide weather to get copas or these boots ,

    as well as l liked the wrap around tongue is the older version is the new tongue much different?

    • The tongue in the adiPURE III is detached, but it doesn't make much of a difference. I would def recommend these over the Copa's as these are basically the updated version. One of the major benefits to the adiPURE is the fact that the sole-plate is more developed!

  29. I have big problems with the shoelace of the AdiPure III, they untied every vieew minutes. Is that normal?

  30. So i noticed on Soccerbible that Adipure III's have scored 92 goals in la liga as of now , the same number that you scored it in your review.

    just thought id share lol

  31. Thanks bryan l got these shoes 2 days ago over the copas and l couldn't be happier with how they perform,great feel and comfort and loving how they look

    cheers keep up the great work

  32. Have you heard about anyone have achilles tendon pain in these? The heel looks like it doesn't give much support.

  33. So far these cleats have been just as i expected, down right nasty…I've broken them in slowly, juggling the ball,jogging and adding the adidas balsam lightly to enrich the leather. They are mad comfy, ill say that and back it up too. I like these over the legends which was my previous boot and now my crappy weather boot. One thing that i noticed and i'm not sure if this is particular to k leather boots, but it seems that in the toe area, the seam where the leather meets the sole, may be coming apart… Now this is my right foot, my dominate side and the foot i tend to shoot with more. I havent been shooting with these too much as i dont want to stress them out when theyre not fully broken in. I hope they dont split with time, but man, i love these boots…

  34. Hello..i'm from barbados. I bought these boots today..i'm excited..i bought the gold and black ones. I was wondering if sumone can tell me if they played with these on sg before and how was the grip with the fg studs while playing on soft ground..It would b muchly appreciated

  35. Hello, I play midfield on my high school team and defense on my spring team, so I have a medium to wide foot and my vapors aren't working for me I get some blisters but alot of foot pains.

    I was wondering which cleat do you think is better in my situation the Adidas Predator X or Adidas adipure 3's?

  36. Alex,

    Both are great choices and should do the job. I would recommend keeping an eye out for the best deal you can get on either!

  37. hey Bryan

    I wear 9,5-10 adipures II! should I get the same size on these?


  38. Hey Bryan,

    How would you recommend keeping these cleats in good condition? I've read conflicting reports on Leather Food and am not sure what to think about it.

    Thanks for the reviews! This review was actually what made me go with the adiPURE III's. I feel that I should write adidas to give you a commission on that sale or something.

  39. Hey Bryan, just wondering, do you prefer these or nike's ctr360 maestri's?

  40. Jason,

    Thanks for the kind words! Glad that you like the adiPUREs as much as I do!


    adiPUREs are my preferred choice, but with that being said, the CTR360 is also a quality boot and Cesc Fabregas seems to perform well in them!

  41. Hey 🙂

    I have never had a pair of Adipure's but i like the look of the new design. I'm just wondering, that i have wide feet would they be to tight on me? Any recomendation's on new boot's? Thank you.

  42. Tom: I have the Adipures to donn a fairly wide foot and they fit decent…they may run a little longer but fit well for me.

  43. Hi Bryan

    You gave them a 10 on durability? So are you speaking about how durable the leather is? Because I read here: 'The leather is already coming apart from the sole'

    Because I'm seriously thinking of getting a pair of these but I'd like them to last me a full season, don't want to have to buy them twice to get trough the season 🙂

    So based on what did you give this soccer cleat more points on durability than for instance: lotto stadio primato (which has a stitched sole) or a nike T90 laser?

    Thanks in advance Bryan

  44. Hey Pieter,

    The adidas adiPURE Is def one of the most durable cleats currently on the market. And that is from personal experience in testing them over several months.

  45. Hey Bryan, I love your reviews! I'm getting new cleats so I have a question, which one do you think is better for the money, Adipure III or II? I like the look of AdiPure II's better but I hear that the III's are a little bit better, preformance wise. Also, which one are wider? Because I have medium width foot, and I want to pick the most comfertable one for me.


  46. Zach,

    Both are extremely similar in style and size. My advice is to find the best deal money wise and go for it. Either way you will be pleased with how they perform!

  47. Hello Bryan!

    I found these on sale and I only have one question, do they stretch? I usually wear 8.5 in all my cleats. But I don't wanna make a mistake and have these stretching on me in the long run! Should I stick with an 8.5, or go down to 8? Any reply would be great. Thanks!

  48. Peter,

    Go with your normal size. I normally wear a size 9, and wore a 9 in these. It's leather, so they will stretch a little, but ordering a size down is going to mean they are uncomfortable breaking in. The leather will stretch naturally with your foot.

  49. What is the cleat you use in games, your favorite? I recently got a pair of these. Pretty Sick!!! I am using them over my Vapors and Tiempos. Very good cleat. Before buying, I was a little iffy because I am a player who likes cool designs and these are classic. Overal very, very nice

  50. im going to get these cleats, i wear a 10 but when i was trying them on the man working there told me to get 9.5's because they stretch almost a full size. just wanted to know if they really stretch or if i should stick with my normal shoe size?

  51. Jake,
    The do stretch but not a full size! Go with the pair that feel most comfortable wearing now, they will mold to your feet.

  52. One problem I've had with my copas, is that they stretch so much during a game, I'll be twisting my ankles the whole second half. Have you noticed this happening with adipures

  53. Adipures feel as good the first day you wear them as day 100.

    I have 3 pairs of adipure II’s LOL.

    enjoy ’em

  54. just got mine today in white/blue. love them.

  55. Hello Bryan,

    First of all, your reviews have been very helpful. Second, I've read other reviews of the adiPURE 3 and they have said that they are not durable and barely last a soccer season. Was this true for you?

  56. To Steven: it depends how you take care of the shoe. For example, if u wear them in mud and don't clean them off, the mud can damage the cleat as it dries, seeping into spots. But if u keep them cleaning looking like new, they will last alot longer. Of course you could just be unlucky and get a bad pair. Hope this helps

  57. Danny,

    Thank you. I never knew that cleaning your cleats helped them last longer! Some of my other pairs of cleats have gotten torn up after just one season and I never knew why. I'm going to buy some shoe cleaning things now.

  58. hey Bryan i just started reading your shoe reviews and i love them.

    But i have a question that i haven't been able to get much help on.

    Right now my foot is bigger than size 9, but not as big as size 9.5(i would say 9.3 or 9.4)

    How ever since my foot is so close to a 9.5 anyways my dad says it will probably grow and i should just order a 10.

    Now my question is which would be better? I don't really like playing with a size 10 because f the extra toe space but my dad thinks i should.

  59. Joe,

    This is tough one as sizing questions can become very arbitrary. If you are looking for a long term boot and you are growing quick then a larger size might be more suitable, but if you are serious about soccer and want to move to the next level you will need to look at the short term solution, and that is your right size!

    if you go with a larger size maybe try wearing some extra socks.

  60. Well i'm entering high school next year and will most likely be playing on varsity. i only need the boot to last the whole season+summer.

    How ever if my foot does grow to a size 10 and i play in a 9.5 do you think this could damage to my foot?

    Thanks for responding so quickly. BTW the shoe i'm planning to order is
    I don't really want to spend over $150.

    • Joe,
      You are not going to want to wear a pair that are too small, they will more than likely cause blistering and it would not help your game. Ordering a half size up and wearing 2 pairs of socks might be the way to go.

  61. k thanks for the help, i will consider this when buying the cleat.

    also how long do you recommend i break in the cleat before a game?

  62. Joe,

    Just an idea, since its my understanding that while the Mercurial Miracles are good boots, they're still not top of the line like vapors or superflys. Try to use your growing foot as some leverage with your dad and make a deal with him. Tell him since your foot is still growing you'd like to get the cheaper lower end boots the right size now, and when your foot grows to the next size where you think its going to not grow anymore he can get you the nicer higher end boots since you'll be able to wear them for a longer period of time.

    I've heard the Nike synthetics take a while to break in too.

  63. I was just wondering about how is this cleat when its wet outside. I heard alot of leather cleats soak in alot of water when its raining or when the field is wet. So does anyone know anything about this problem?

  64. Hello, just a few question. personally, for you which is a better boots? adipure II or III? and Adipure II or adizero leather? im a winger and looking for fast boots which can do skills in them. unlike predators

  65. Bala,

    If you are looking for a speed boot the adizero is going to be the best option. The adipure II and III are very similar, both offer great quality and value. The main difference is how they look.

  66. Great reviews Bryan, very useful ! grats !!!

    I would like to ask you, in wear US10 in predator powerswerves, and US9.5 in nike lasers II and III.

    What size should i get for adipure III? 10 or 9.5?

    Thanks in advance,

  67. Hey Bryan,

    Your reviews are Great!! TOP CLASS

    I bought the Adipure III but i was wondering, should i use Dubbing (leather food)

    and which leather food do you recommend for the adipure III

    Thanks in advance

  68. kfrix,

    Its difficult to say, I wore a size 9 in all 3 and felt they were very similar size wise. I would personally go with a 10 as they are likely to fit you a lot more like the Preds than the Lasers.


    Dubbing never hurts (like a Chelsea leather food) but to be honest if you just clean them after using and make sure they air dry you will get great life out of them!

  69. Hey Bryan ,

    Im going to get these cleats this weekend , should i get the f50 adizero instead?

    I wear size 13 us , but the guy at the store asking me to buy 12.5 because of the extreme moulding of the k-leather , which size should i get??

    your reviews are great man , thanx!!!

  70. Kaashyap,

    I would say your normal size is the way to go, but if you feel the half size down fits well you should go with them. They do stretch over time, maybe a half size. But, you don't want to be waiting a few weeks/months for that to happen!

  71. Hey brian did you have any problems with durability with these as the months went on? cuz a lot of people say that the leather comes off of the sole plate in a couple of months and I am thinking about getting a pair. thanks in advance.

  72. Hey Jack,

    Pending you keep them clean after wearing you will get a good long life out of them. A lot of the time, the leather will come apart because the boots are not dried out properly after use. If the leather is left wet, it tends to come apart from the sole. So, keep them dry and clean!

  73. Thanks Bryan

    Just to say that you have the best reviews on the web 😀

    and do you know how to use leather food ( Dubbin ) because this is the first pair of leather boots i have gotten and i dont want to ware them out.

  74. Jeet,

    Make sure they are dry and then simply rub a little ball of dubbing over the surface of the boot with an old cloth or rag until it completely covering the surface. Don't leave any blobs of the leather food, the boot should be smooth. Then, leave them in a dry spot where the leather can soak up the leather food.

  75. Bryan,

    I’m in the market for some new cleats, and tried these along Vapor V’s and Predator X’s.

    The Adipure’s felt more comfortable in the store, but I’m looking for a boot where I can really bend a ball and have a powerful shot. Should I go for the Adipure’s, the Vapors or the Predators? Which would you recommend?

  76. Jan,

    Sounds like you should get the Predators, they offer that little bit extra needed when striking the ball. The adipures and Vapor V's are great boots also, but the Predator Zone serves an additional attribute that it seems you are looking for.

  77. Thanks for the quick response. i figured as much. I tried a friends F50 tunits yesterday and did not like them at all. they were lacking in comfort compared to my old Nikes. Are the Predators more comfortable than the F50s?

  78. Jan,

    Check out the Review Scores page to compare both boots.

  79. which cleat should i go for? the adidas adipure 3 or the adidas copa mundial?i play 4 a competetive level and i play in various surfaces?

  80. Hello, i tried size 10 and they fit just right, should i go to 9.5 since they will stretch ? also a couple of my freinds told me that the ankle part stretches out and is usally too big by midseason that you need a new pair? is that true, did it happen to your boots? Thanks

  81. Sam,

    Both are great options, only real difference is that the adiPures are a current day version of the more classic Copa's.


    Go for the 10, if you order a pair that are too tight it is just going to cause problems breaking in. The leather stretches, but not enough to go down a size from the best fit.

  82. Hey, so i tried on the adipures and adizeros today. I tried 10 on both but still had about an inch of space in the front part of the shoe but the sides were fine. Trying on 9.5 there was little room left and tight on the sides on both. Like I said i am size 10 sneakers, but i guess i have wide feet. How much room do you usually leave in the front and based on the info above which ones should i get ?

  83. Andriy,

    Normally, I would want less than a finger width of room at the top of the boot. In terms of width it is a tough one. I wore a size 9US, which I would normally wear, and they broke in really well. It is difficult to give a recommendation, I would personally choose the 9.5 (to keep it tighter and let them mold to my feet) but that can often lead to problems (blisters and cramping.) Whichever one feels more comfortable, I would go with!

  84. which would you recomend as a better buy? a $78 dollar pair of new Tiempo Legends or a $91 dollar pair of new adipure II? by the way your reviews are a great help!

  85. bryan sup

    i play defender alot and sometimes forward for my team

    i currently have the predator x but they or unopened because i was worried i was going to not like them…

    my choices are between adipure 3, predator x, 360 maestri, and t90 laser 3

    what would u suggest…ps i like to move up and down the wing and for the most part play simple and really want to improve my shot


  86. yo sorry i forgot to leave out that i dont care about durability as i go through cleats pretty fast cuz of my foot size

  87. Thanks Bryan, i found them at a store in 9.5 and they felt great and i bought them, cant wait to start training with them.

  88. Michael,

    I would personally choose the adiPure II, very good deals by the way!


    Your best bet is to check out the Review Scores page and read the review for each. They are all top of the line boots!


    Glad you found them buddy!

  89. i just bought a pair of 11.5s, black and white. they pretty much fit. tiny amount of room, and i usually wear a 11.5 or 12. when i put them on i can wiggle my ties a bit, but not really my big toe. i feel like i'm pressing into them a little much.

    i'm nervous about soaking them in water, wearing them, and not having them expand at all. i don't want to drop another $120.

    do they stretch?

    i feel there could be more arch support; that it's a little stiff there right now.

  90. Bryan, i have four questions

    1. which leather is softer, the tiempo or adipure?

    2. which is easier to break in, tiempo or adipure?

    3. does the adipure and tiempo leather become softer after broken in?

    4. which softens more after borken in adipure or tiempo?


  91. Bryan, im on my second pair of adipures in the past two months, in my first pair, the leather around my toe began to rip apart from the bottom of the shoe, so i returned them, and the same thing is beginning to happen with the pair i have now. i'm not sure if this is a big problem or what, any tips?

  92. David,

    If they feel too tight my advice is to go for a half size larger, always better to have it that way then suffer with blisters! They will stretch, so there is some hope. It is just a matter of deciding if the pain is worth it!


    adiPures and Tiempo are very similar, both offer good comfort and break in well.


    Depends on the type of surface you are playing on, and how you are striking the ball. Best advice is to get plenty of leather food on there to soften the area around the toe. Sorry to hear about them ripping.

  93. Just a bit of friendly info like I was looking for when I was recently looking for some new boots,

    After being an avid nike wearer I switched allegiances to the latest white with red stud colourway of the adipure 3's. The feel between these and my previous CTR360 maestris and lasers is really noticeable. Both my nike options were quite "baggy" in comparison to the adipures, the adipures wrap around your foot from toe to heel and there is no room for your foot to move around. This gives you great confidence in your footing and makes being able to feel the ball at your feet much easier. As said above by others there is a tendancy for your heel to have some slight up and down movement which caused a blister on one foot but this was probably due to me wearing these for a match after only one training. Tight lace-up should assist this aswell as a proper wear in period. For a boot that hasnt focused on the current industry fad of saving weight these are relatively light even though they have all the comfort and durability incoporated.

    To what some may consider sacrilege I have re- laced my pair with the nike red laces from previous boot and in my opinion should gave been adidas' choice with lace colour, make them not so much golf shoe like and more like a football boot.

    One concern at this stage is the design of a seam which runs from laces to toe of boot, no sign of any issues yet but this creates a small pocket where the leather is pulled in and promotes the edge of the soleplate slighlty which may over time open up with dragged shots etc.

  94. after looking at my very own adipure 3 pair.. what jeremy said about the seam which runs from lace to toe of boot.. hmmm its a possibility but i think dragged shots, kinda rare unless you're mistimed the kick itself. thus far, i think most people will find it more comfortable to hit the ball with the instep. but this is just my opinion 🙂

  95. nicholas de gannes

    i got these boots in the middle of may and the eyelets for the laces started ripping i had a puma v1.08 before the adipure III and i got them in may last year and there are still goin strong and i played football with them nearly everyday

  96. do these boots run wide?

  97. I just bought these cleats in the blackout colorway and I really like them, but I have a few questions. How often should I apply leather food to them? Also, can clear leather food be used on black cleats with out it affecting them? Thanks for your help.

  98. Lucas,

    Cleat leather food can be used on black boots, and I would apply it once a week after you play and have cleaned your boot. Keeping them clean and dry is more important than leather food!

  99. In your opinion, what would be the best boot for a wide foot? would these or the adizero leathers be good for a wide fit?

  100. Bryan,

    What socks are you wearing in the last picture of the review. They look very high quality and am looking to switch socks after being unhappy with Nike's Total 90 line of socks. I have found choice of socks to be critical in the fit of the boot. Thanks.

  101. are these cleats waterproof? if not can you spray them with something to make them water proof?

  102. Daniel,

    I am medium to wide fit and these were comfortable. Under Armour Dominates are safest bet if you are looking for a wide fitting boot.


    I have Nike's on, but the best option to wear is the Adidas Formotion, you can get them online and at most stores.


    They are not waterproof. Some leather food will help keep the leather soft, but ultimately you wont be able to weatherproof them.

  103. Hey Bryan, was wondering, I want to get these boots , i usually play right back or right wing midfield. I dribble often and usually set up shots rather than take my own. I have thought of getting these boots for some time. I have been looking around, can you suggest to me any other alternatives for the same price range? I just looked up the mercurial miracles, i have to admit, i was never a fan of mercurials, but those boots are really growing on me. And are these much different from the adicores when broken in?

  104. Shaun,

    Both the adipures and Miracles are excellent options. Check out the Nike Maestri Trequartista, also a very good option for what your looking for.

  105. One notable thing about these new adiPURE is the Traxion studs. I found these VERY effective compared to the adiPURE II's, where I had the frequent problem of slipping. With the adiPURE III's, I am performing cuts and quick changes of speed and direction alot better and efficiently than the adiPURE II's, which is more than crucial in my defensive position.

  106. Hi,

    I bought a pair of adipure 3's because the adipure 1's and 2's, I thought we're amazing! The adipure 3's lasted me about 2 months at very most. Sole plate was coming away from the front of the foot. I always have this problem, the sole plate either comes apart or the join begins to peel away and I'm left with a hole (This happened to me on Pred X's). I was looking at the CTR's and although an avid adidas buyer, seen that the sole plate comes up more than original sole plates. Does this give more protection to the ripping at the toe and to the sole plate peeling away? I'm using copa's the now, which speak for themselves, bit season starts on Saturday and looking for new boots. I've also noticed that the copa's and adipure 2's seem to have a stud that attaches the sole plate to bottom of the boot, which the adipure 3's don't have. Any ideas or comments?

  107. Hey Bryan, i was wondering whether you would recommend the adipure 2's, adipure 3's, or puma powercats. I really can't decide, and i was wondering if you could give me some advice. I play defensive midfield, if that makes 1 of the cleats more preferable.

  108. Hey Brian, I'm just wondering of the adiPure's have any differance in terms of performance, comfort, fict touch and support when broken in than the adiCore's. I bought adiCore's in July, and the kangaroo leather is great. but thesole plate is a little bit sstiff, and it seem like the studs are placed in more awkward positions. over all I really love them, but are the adi Pure's like them in any way?

  109. Selam,

    Both the Adipure II and III are great options. They have very similar properties, so if it comes down to money go with the best deal, you are getting a great boot either way.

  110. sorry to trouble you again, but yeah, during your experience with both boots, which one provided more comfort? the mercurial miracle's or the adipure 3's?

  111. You gave both the adipure II and III a 10 in durability, but I have heard A LOT of people talking about how the upper split from the sole in a very short time. Are yours still holding up well? Can you give an estimate on how much longer they will last?

  112. Bryan,

    how do i keep my adipure II dry? as in how do you wash your boots and what do you do after the rain? how do you dry them? I seriously need a in-depth answer. so PLEASE REPLY! THANKS

  113. Bryan,

    I was just wondering, I have wide feet, they will be tight to start with, but will they fit wider once they are broken in?

  114. i’m so glad i got these adipure 3s (2010WC-colorway) instead of the puma v1.10s.

    my foot size is a big 10US and i got these adipure 3s at size 10US and they were tight length-wise for the first 3 games that i played in them, but width-wise, they were a bit loose at first but they eventually moulded to my rather-narrow feet and now they’re okay (after 5 games). At first, my laces loosened quite quickly and i had to retie them all the time, but now they’re okay too.

    i never got any blisters whatsover from day 1, although my heel did feel a bit uncomfy (from abrasion) on the first ever match that i wore them in. (i didnt wear them in any trainings / didn’t break them in >>> went straight to a match 😛 ).

    i fell in love with my adipure 3s now 🙂

    Bryan, i wonder when will u get to review a Mizuno Wave Ignitus cuz i’m really interested in that shoe :D.

  115. Hey brian can you please please please write a Copa mundial review????

  116. Hi Bryan, I was wondering if you know anything about the adicore III, the positives and negatives of it. I am thinking of buying a pair but dont know any background information.


  117. Hey this may be a stupid question – but I have a pair of Copa Mundials size 11 and they fit me perfectly. Would the Adipure III size 11's be roughly the same fit for me?

    Let me know, thanks.

  118. Hey i was wondering which do you prefer? the adiPURE II or adiPURE III?

    I need a new pair of cleats and I found a website for both that have my size in stock. I cant seem to choose between the two. Also, when ordering, my normal size is 10 US, so for adiPUREs should i order a size less or should i just stick with size 10 as they will only stretch alittle bit?

    Much thanks guys!

  119. Ricky,

    Stick with the size 10, and both are great options! I would say go for price, there is no difference in technology between both, it is mostly design.

  120. Are these cleats heavy? do you notice the weight when running compared to a lighter nike mercurial cleats?

  121. Rick,

    Weight wise you won't notice the difference – the adiPUREs feel light on your feet.

  122. Is the indoor version same good as this?

  123. Bryan,

    I usually play defensive mid and occasionally defense, and I was wondering whether these would be the best boot for me. I want a lot of protection (I hate getting stepped on hard) and generally like adidas products (I have the old f50s and they are destroyed). I also want to stay under $175. Any other recommendations?

  124. Dan,

    These are a good all around boot. As far as boots go, they offer decent protection! Another option you might want to check out is the Concave PT range, as they are designed for protection.

  125. Hi bryan, i am looking for a solid boot for a player who plays almost everyday, I play center back/mid would these boots be good for me? also i have had copa mundials and i loved those but i was looking for a bit of an upgrade, i have heard these resemble the copas and i wanted your opinion, THANKS

  126. Ben,

    They are basically the new age version of the Copa's, and they perform very well for all players on the field. I also got really good wear out of them, so they are durable enough to last everyday play.

  127. Recently changed from Mercurial Nikes to The adiPure III and felt a big improvement in comfort and I liked the more classic design, great cleats

  128. oh one more thing, with the copas i would tie the boot up really tight so the two edges of the lacing area touched and completely covered the tounge, i was wondering if it would work for these. Thanks again

  129. would u recommend them to a winger or striker

  130. Bryan, i have been thinking about these cleats for a very long while, but am still pondering the CRT360, wich did you prefer? Durability and touch are important. Thanks in advance

  131. hey bryan, nice review!

    I'm getting new cleats soon but I can't decide between these and predator x. I play centre back, right back and centre mid so I need a pretty versatile cleat. which cleats do you recommend I buy?

    thanks in advance 😀

  132. John,

    Both are great options in terms of touch and feel, the CTR360 has the added bonus of being designed for playmakers. In terms of durability, I found the adiPures to be better, and since testing the CTR360 have heard negative feedback from other players on durability (I found they were fine for me)


    Both boots are definitely versatile – the Pred X offers more in terms of protection (if you tackle a lot).

  133. Hey Bryan, i usually play right back or defensive mid-fielder, i have always worn total90 or tiempo's but they always gave me blisters on my ankles even with athletic tape, i switched cleats and currently wear the green/black F50i Adidas and they fit perfectly, but i was thinking of buying these Adipures, would you recommend these?

  134. F50i and adiPures do have a similar shape and fit…so these I would recommend!

  135. hey Brayan,

    so i play both rugby and soccer and i am wondering if these cleats will hold up threw a season of rugby and some casual soccer(i dont play for a team but i might join a summer league this upcoming year) ….the problem is im allowed one pair of cleats each year that cost up to 140 bucks so its either these "top level" cleat or maybe some "mid level" like the t90 strike or pred x absolion.

    also have you ever thought about writing on the difference of cleats like pred X and Pred x absolion and pred x absolado or maybe on the t90 laser, strike, and shoot? i think if you did that it would help a lot of people (including myself) decide wich level of boot is best to get

  136. Hi Bryan,

    I am goin to order a pair of adipure IIIs and want to be sure of what size to get. I currently play with t90 shoot in a size 11US but my running shoes are adidas size 10.5wide. What size do you recommend I get? Thank you in advance.

  137. Jesse,

    Your running shoes are tighter than your soccer cleats? That is a little confusing! The adiPure is going to have similar length to the T90 Shoot but they have very different shapes. To be honest, I would recommend finding a store where you can try them out in order to get the best fit. Sorry!

  138. Hey Bryan, i love your website!

    Anyways i just bought my adidas adipure 3 and i ordered .5 size up, im a 10 (US) and i orderd a 10.5. Its a little roomy but i want it too be tight, how can i shrink the boot by .5?

  139. @Sindri,

    The only thing you can do is wear extra socks – there is no safe way to shrink boots unfortunately (basically, you can't alter the size of the soleplate!)

  140. @Bryan

    Will the K-leather completly mould to my foot? Because i had a pair of Adicore 3's (Gold/Black) in a 10.5 and ive had them for about 1 year and there nice and tight on me. Will it be the same? and will te extra socks hurt feel of the ball?

    Thanks So Much Bryan! 🙂

  141. @Sindri,

    Because the adiPure is leather they will mold to your fit in the same fashion as the adicore. Extra socks will take away some of the feel, but you shouldn't need extra socks if you get the right size!

  142. Hey I noticed at a soccer store that the instep of the shoes leather is a bit stiff than the rest of the boot. I was wondering if it became softer over time because the new adipure IV leather is soft all over, but i like the looks of the adipure III better. So does the leather on the instep become soft or just stays stiff?

  143. @Nick,

    Once you break them in, you will find they are soft all around. They are a great option, especially since you can get good deals on them right now!

  144. is the upper still attached to the soleplate? I've heard so many stories about the shocking durability

  145. I agree with Bryan, I found the Adipure cleats to be soft once they are broken in. I find them to be a very comfortable soccer cleat.

  146. I just recently bought my a pair of Adipure III. I took them out to practice today and they worked perfectly. But then just now while i was cleaning them i noticed that the sole is peeling quite a bit in the area of my right toe. I dont shoot with my toes or anything, so i dont know what happened. is there any way to prevent further peeling?

  147. Bryan

    Have you ever encountered a boot cutting the back of your heel, I think my adipures may be slightly to tight, but I thought I could wear them in. A week in, 2 training sessions and a game and I'm not too sure if their breaking in yet.

    • If they are cutting your heel, chances are they are too tight. When I have a pair that end up being that tight I will try to stretch them as much as possible before wearing them any longer than 10 minute. Wearing them in a hot shower, using a shoe horn to stretch the leather and spending plenty of time jogging in them is your best bet to get them into shape!

  148. i bought these boots 55 weeks ago after reading your review and they are still going strong pretty much the exact same as the day i bought them and only a few marks, i even came back to this review just now and read over it and realised how much i love these boots so i got up out of my room and cleaned them at 2 in the morning haha thanks again.

  149. hey bryan, im an attacking midfielder and im looking to improve my shot. im stuck between the leather t90 or the adipure 3. as a midfielder i need control but i also need a better shot, whcih cleat do you think i should go with?

  150. i want to get these cleats on sale now but i hear from a lot of people that the bottoms detach from the upper. My friend had this occur and i dont want this to happen to me because i am planing on using them for two season.did that happen to you, and how do i prevent it?

    • I found them to be very comfortable, and actually gave them a 10 for Durability. It is extremely important how you take care of them, especially when they get wet – they need to be air dried to ensure they don't split.

  151. just got a pair for 59$, Black/warning,i love these boots, the only boot i would ever repalce these with are adipure IV. i have worn Vapor V's, puma powercat C1.10, and nike total 90 elite, these are by far the most comfortable. if you can find your size, there are some great deals to be had, and i think everyone should use adipures at least once.

  152. hey bryan,
    i wear tiempo 4 in a size 9. i would a great deal on adipure 3s in a size 8 1/2, if a went with those would a get the same fit as my tiempos?

    • The adiPure does fit slightly smaller, so you have a chance of it working out! I can't say they will fit for sure – do you find that you have any room in the Tiempo?

  153. the link to check out the umbro speciali iiis takes me here… please fix i would like to read the review

  154. I actually have liked these the least out of all four models. I think they're flimsy, poorly built, and I find the toe box almost too low for me personally. The leather is of a good standard but almost too shiny, and i cannot stand the lacing system as I think adidas was just asking for trouble with those loops. I did think the heel was a great touch and I appreciate the return of both inside stripes and a loose tongue, but these just did not work for me. I own a pair of the World Cup 2010 editions in black/yellow, FG, and size 13.

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