Wednesday , March 15 2023

Nike CTR360 Maestri II in White/Blue Spark

Nike CTR360 Maestri II White and Blue

The second color to be released in the Nike CTR360 Maestri II range comes in a pretty sleek White/Black/Blue Spark. Hot off the heels of the Elite review, this latest colorway adds another option for players who are considering buying what I consider to be one of the top releases on the market. The only problem I can see with this version is trying to keep the white area clean! (a little bit of elbow grease never hurts!)

Personally, I prefer the Challenge Red version, but I would not say no to a pair in this color! I like the Blue Spark Nike signature tick that sits just along the strike zone. And the dampening pods, which you can see pretty clearly in the top image, come in pretty handy for ball control! You only have to look at the players currently wearing the CTR360 Maestri range to know who they have been designed for – Cesc Fabregas, Landon Donovan and Andres Iniesta are just some of the playmakers who ply their trade in the range.

Nike CTR360 Maestri

CTR360 Maestri II White

White CTR360 Maestri

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  1. HEg Bryan, I was wondering your opinion on this. I'm 14 and love soccer. I currently have the 360 meastri in retro blue/black. I want to explore the other Nike ranges(t90 laser, superfly) to find out which of the three I like more… Unfortunately I do not have the money to buy all these. So I was wondering, which line shud I get? Ctr's, mercurials or t90s. And I play left back/left winger if that makes a difference

  2. To Lane: I think that the CTR's are the best boot for a defensive player, because speed isn't as much of a necessary thing. You need an all-round boot, and that's what the CTR is. The T90 is second best because it has good protection and is useful for playing long passes and clearances. But that's just me.

    And these boots look really nice.

  3. i think if these came 2 tone they could look good. Too many colour combos i reckon!

  4. I just got the trequatistas in the challenge red/white/black. I'm wondering if I should keep these as a training boot and get the blue adipure 3's or just keep these as my game boot. BTW These trequartistas are amazingly comfortable and look really nice.

  5. Hey Bryan, I really like the look of the white with blue spark ctr 360's, but my question is are they going to come out with an elite version? Knowing this will really help with my choice of which boot to get. Thank you very much.

  6. Hello Bryan, I'm 16 and I play competitive soccer. I'm a center midfielder and I was wondering what your opinion is on the what the best boots would be for me.

  7. @Riley,

    I haven't seen an Elite version yet – but I assume it is something that we will see released!

  8. are nike tiempos & nike CTR similar in ways ?

    & would it be easy to adapt to tiempo to CTR ?

  9. I was wondering if I should be these or not but now I'm sure I want them.

    p.s Do you know when Nike will release new soccer cleats?

  10. hey do they have concave pt's in size 13 :O

  11. @Nolan Do you honestly think he has time to look up if a pair of soccer cleats are available for you? Seriously! His wife just had a baby, I'm pretty sure he has a job and he's running an extensive reviewing website!! Go look it up for yourself!

  12. hey i play soccer,
    im not very good,
    but with these boots at least i look good.
    It hurts my feelings that im bad,
    but worse things can happen,
    even my girlfriend knows im shit.

  13. Hi, I was wondering if CTR 360 is a good boot for Strikers as my friends say not to buy CTR360 they said to buy T90 but i want to buy CTR 360 because I think it is going to give more accuracy so I was wondering should I Buy Mercurial, T90 or CTR360

  14. Bryan, I was seriously considering buying these in the yellow colorway. I know this isn't a really important criteria but are the ctr's easy to clean?
    And also, in your opinion, which is better for an attacking mid/forward:
    f50 adizero Prime or ctr360 elite?

  15. Bryan,
    i saw on some websites that they have the elite version of the white/blue boot. however it hasnt “officially” came out has it? does that mean that the products are real or what? heres a link: http://xxxxx
    i see that it has the carbon fiber sole plate, but with a price so low, i really doubt if it is genuine. What do you think? they do look nice though…

    • soccercleats101

      Its not genuine, that site and those that are similar offer boots that are not produced by the manufacturer (ie they are counterfeit. Also, I have removed the URL – don't want it to be promoted)

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